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Unread 09-19-2010, 01:13 PM   #1
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13-18 Singles seeking date/relationship

Since it seemed no one was going to make it... I thought I'd at least do something to help the others from worrying...

Originally Posted by Mur View Post
I wanted to re-post the "single cosplayer?" thread with a bit more of a focus and straightforwardness. I wish this thread to be for anyone who is single and is "seeking" a date/relationship or something in that area.

That being said, it would be wonderful if we could keep the off-topic posts located in the other singles thread so that it is easier to find people and keep this one just to one post per user. ^^

It would also help if you post a clear picture of yourself in your profile if you have not already or post a link to one in your post. You can also include anything else you you would want to say to express who you are better.

If you wish to communicate with a member who posts please contact them though Private Message and I suggest checking "You can allow other members to send you email messages." under "account options" so you can get notification though your email.

If your status changes and you are no longer seeking please edit your post to change your status.


Seeking (gender / type of relationship):

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Same thing he said, but for cosplayers 13-18.
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O this is very interesting dark . good luck^_^
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Originally Posted by Rosemary_red View Post
O this is very interesting dark . good luck^_^
I'm not doing this for myself... I'm doing it because no one else would and the younger crew was getting mixed up with the older crew...
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Hi im looking for a relationship and cosplayers that will actually cosplay with me.....If your interested plz PM me for more info!!!! XD
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Just copy and past from the last thread then? ._.

Location: OC, CA
Age: 16
Gender: Male.
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Preferably a person of the female variety. Not enough female friends. :P
Interests: I love Anime, Manga, cosplaying, video games (At least until I get a new PS3 T-T), and many nerd activities of that sort. I also enjoy movies and that what not. Reading 'normal' books is okay with me too. I also like to hit the ol' punching bag when I'm not buried in homework. Uhh... What else... Cooking is fun... Even though I'm horrible at it. T-T Oh! I am trying to collect plushies now! And bit of writing and poetry. -feels slightly less manly now T-T-

Summary: I think I'm shy when I first meet people, then I get slightly more annoying and loud as time progresses. People say I'm fun to be with and I'll take their word for it. I think that sums me up pretty well.
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): F) All of the above.
Anime: Anything funny usually drags me in, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Lucky Star, and several others I can't recall. But all time favorite is Code Geass! I love that series! TuT
In 'normal' books, I really only read Stephen King.
Movies, anything that has explosions and makes me go O_O or if it has super heroes I'm good to go.
I LOVE ASSASSIN'S CREED. And Kingdom Hearts.
Tulio, The Road to El Dorado - 100%
Brick, Powerpuff Girls - 100%
Mituna Captor - 100%
Anime Expo line up alright!
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Originally Posted by DarkSuzume View Post
I'm not doing this for myself... I'm doing it because no one else would and the younger crew was getting mixed up with the older crew...
I agree with you Dark. too meny people are geting people are geting relationships with people that are way too old or too young.
Convention list of 2015

Tampa Bay Expo
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Selene Vakarian
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Location: prince george's county, MD
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): girl or boy don care/ friends then maybe later on maybe a boy/girlfriend
Interests: I like anime, being outside, music, cosplay. I like meeting new people, I want to go around the world before I try and become a doctor. I'm shy at first but I'm outgoing after getting to know people.

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Otakon 2009, 2010, 2012
Katsucon 2010, 2011, 2014
Anime USA 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
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insert witty comment here
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age: 18
location: burns flat Oklahoma
gender: male
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): female for a relationship but both male and female for friends
interest: reading, anime, manga, cosplaying, writing, listening to music, video games, movies, like to cook

summary: I tend to be quiet when i first meet people but after a few minutes I'll get over it.
anime: digimon (all series), dragon drive, fairy tail, and others
manga: to many to pick from
when a tree give u a lemon u didn't want its time to find a new tree
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haha whyyyy not?

Age: 18
Location: Orlando, Florida.
Gender: Male
Seeking (Gender / Type of Relationship): Male for relationship(probably not gonna happen just saying) but both male and female for friends.
Interest: Literature, Art, Fashion, Manga, Anime, Cosplay, Video Games, music, Singing, Dance, FOOOOD, animals, theatre, photography.

Summary: I don't want to summarize =[ then nobody will talk to meeeeee

Anime: Pokemon, Trigun, Outlaw Star, Elfen Lied, D grayman, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, Hellsing, Tenshi Muyo, Inuyasha, .Hack, Gravitation, Loveless

Manga: Love Neko, D Gray man
2015 Convention plans:
Megacon 2015
Metrocon 2015
NYCC 2015

Planned cosplays: Wiccan- young avengers
Klarion Bleak the Witch Boy
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Unread 09-20-2010, 09:09 PM   #10
Y.ummy A.nime O.n I.nk XD
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Age: 14

Location: The good old boring Kansas

Gender: Female

Seeking (Gender / Type of Relationship): Male or Female for either ^-^ (friendship or relationship: whichever option you feel like choosing)
Interests: hmmm...I like Art, Theatre, Cosplaying (duh), Music, Reading, Softball and Track(I ish an otaku that plays sports...go figure =3 ), and many more random things I can't think of right now (i might edit this later and change it)

Summary: A summary? really? that makes no sense...soooo all you are getting out of me is... I luvesez playing my guitar!

Anime: D grayman, Hellsing, .Hack, Gravitation, Loveless, Bleach, Zombie Loan, Highschool of the Dead, Zero no Tsukiama, Witchblade, etc.

Manga: For manga I like so many and have read sooo many that I can't remember all of their names...
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Location: Florida
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Friends; girls or guys! Relationship wise, guys, but I'm not really interested in a relationship at the moment haha. XD
Interests: Cosplay, graphic design, fandom stuff (fanfics, LJ communities), music, singing, art, acting, books, shiny things.

Summary: I am...a person? I go to a lot of cons, and I try to talk to people on cos.com beforehand, but I always fail XD. So hopefully I'll see some of you guys around!

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (I'm doing like, tons of cosplays from this series next year XD), Kuroshitusji, Hetalia, D. Gray-man, Eureka Seven, Tsubasa Chronicle, .kobato, Sengoku Basara, and tons more. Oh, and I really like Star Trek. As in the old-school, 1960s original series.
conventions & events for 2013:
star trek premiere | minicon | the fantastical tea party | mizucon | florida supercon | chibi-pa

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I cannot believe I'm doing this but...
It's so freaking hard to find fellow cosplayers around my age where I live other then my best friends and a couple other friends ._.

My photo

Location: Lower mainland, BC, Canada.

Age: Fourteen, but I tend to act older then my age.

Gender: Female, but I tend to crossplay.

Seeking (gender / type of relationship):
Basically just finding friends would be incredible. It doesn't matter what gender, just having more cosplay friends would be so nice! All I really have are my best friends, and two friends from film camp.

Though, if I could find someone to actually be with and cosplay couples and stuff... I wouldn't mind that at all. I've actually been dieing to cosplay Naruto and Sasuke as a couple but I don't have a relationship. I'm bi-sexual so either female or male would be fine. I just want my Sasuke <3

Favorite Media (anime, manga, movies, games, music or TV):
Over all, I would say I like music the most. Manga, video games and anime are pretty close to being my favourite though.

Anime; Strawberry Panic, Pokemon, Naruto (Although, I like the manga better)
Manga; Naruto, Yotsuba&!, Shonen Jump, Shoulder a Coffin - KURO
Movies; *brain fart on anime movies* I like... August Rush and Fight Club? :3 And Tim Burtin rocks my world. Same with Harry Potter <3
Games; Final Fantasy XIII, and all the Zelda games. Complete Zelda nerd.
Music; Vocaloids, FFXII soundtrack, NeverShoutNever, Tokio Hotel, Ai Otsuka, Home Made Kazoku, Lily Allen, Katy Perry (Guilty pleasure XD )
TV; Uhhh... I watch MTV when I'm completely bored but that's it really.

My main cosplays so far are Link from Zelda and Naruto.
I plan on doing something Strawberry Panic and Final Fantasy XIII at my next convention hopefully.

I currently only cosplay in Vancouver, BC and down in Washington at Seattle conventions.

Cosplay, Conventions, Manga, Anime, Music, Video games, Reading, Writing, Sports (Baseball), Cooking, Traveling, Photography, Film making, Drawing (Though I'm not that good.) Uhmmm... I can't think of anything else right now. I blame tiredness XD

So... Me in a nutshell. Well, I'll tell you this; I hate writing about myself. It makes me feel self centered. This whole question thing was so awkward for me. Anyways. I am a cheerful, bubbly person. I'm one of those weird kids you worry about because it seems like I have way to much energy and/or I've lost my mind. I don't mind though. I'd rather be like this then a downer. I've been there, done that. Being sad isn't fun, so I try not to be. Although, I can get pretty serious when I want to be. I'm a listener, a shoulder to cry on and an understander. And even when I'm all hyped up, I tend to act much older then I really am. It's confusing, I know. But when is life not?
Uhm.. Again, I don't know what else to write? :3

My cosplaying.
I read a manga, play a game or watch an anime. I see a character I like. I study the crap out of that character. I cosplay them. The end. Nothing really changes my thoughts about cosplaying a character. My sexuality, my gender and my age don't influence my choices at all. If I think I can pull off a character that I just so happen to like, I'm going to cosplay them. I mean, after all... isn't cosplaying just supposed to be fun? Although, I have noticed. I tend to crossplay. I don't know why. I guess I just see myself more of a boy then girl? Either way, most of my cosplays are guys.

If you just read through that all... I give you props and a huge hug.
Also, sorry I wrote so vaguely. I'm tired from work and fighting off a cold right now.
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Future Conventions
San Diego Comic Con '12
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My DeviantART (:

Proudly one of the three main stars of the documentary "My Other Me".

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Red face

Might as well right? I need to find more people to cosplay with in my area! XD!

Location: NY, Long Island..You know, Next to Plum Island((Where the first Zombies will be!))
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Male or Female for friends but for a reletionship a Male.
Interests: Video game...Big video game nerd! Zombies, Invader Zim, Music, Cosplaying, Talking in character...At anytime. Even if I ain't in costume! XD! Talking. I talk, Alot! Filming. Make music videos...Hmm...Going to Conventions, HALLOWEEN!! ! Candy...Uhm...Being strange...and Hyper!! Cooking, Harry Potter. Video games..Oh wait...I said that...Uhm. Movies...GLEE!! Reading, Drawing, Youtube. POKEMON!

Summary: Well. I'm Jessica, I am a big video game nerd so if you have a game that you think is cool don't be afraid to tell me about it! I may just cosplay as one of the characters if I play it and love it. I don't really watch Anime, and most of my friends do so I kinda feel like the odd one out when they are always talking about it, so I would like someone who likes video games and books too! I love Pokemon. I love to cosplay and I always talk in character even when I am not in costume for it. Odd I know, I am always singing and acting. I am a bit sarcastic, and alittle chubbier then most girls, I don't mind though because it makes me...Well...Me! <3 I love Alice in Wonderland, It is one of my favorite books and movies, Same with Harry Potter. I am in love with conventions after going to my first one last year! Uhmmm What else...I am a nerdy person and I am always listening to music. I talk a lot about video games and I love Yaoi! <3...Yeah..Thats me I guess! Oh and I am a big Zombie Freak!

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Movies: Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, any Zombie movie out there! Outsiders, The Crucible. Uhmmm...Zombie Land!
Books: Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland((Through the Looking Glass)), Night, Executioner, Outsiders...Uhm...Yeah XD!
Anime: Oruan Host Club, Fruits Basket, FairyTale, Hetalia((Sp?)), Air Gear. Like I said, I don't really watch anime. Or read it.
Games: Team Fortress 2, Silent Hill, Mortal Combat, Soul Caliber, Little Big Planet((Yes I know)) Fable, Fable 2, Left4Dead, Left4Dead2, Portal, Dante's Inferno, Dragon Age, Harvest Moon, Just about all the Sonic games, Guitar Hero, Batman.
T.V: GLEE! and all of the Food Network...I don't really watch TV XD!

So yeah! Pm me <3
MEDIC!! Me and my buddy Keith one time...

Check me out on youtube ! http://www.youtube.com/user/xxNeonSporkxx?feature=mhum
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Location: Bay Area, California.
Age: Thirteen, turning fourteen next month.
Gender: Female.
Seeking: Female or male, for both friendship and relationships. Though friendship is more likely.
Interests: Cosplay of course. Anime/manga for the past four years, though I did like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Tokyo Mew Mew in my elementary years. Roleplaying, photography, literature, soccer, visual kei, and writing.

Currently, my favorite anime/manga is Naruto and Bleach. I'm reading Death Note, planning on reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn! next. My favorite books, beside manga, are Harry Potter and anything related to the Tudor era. My favorite movie is The Little Vampire, without a doubt, I used to rent that every weekend I could. Watch it multiple times that same night. I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts and Harvest Moon, when it comes to videogames. I've been thinking about playing the old school Final Fantasy, too. As for TV, I tend to like anything involving crime, and MTV shows that aren't stupid. C:
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Location: Northern Ohio



Seeking (gender / type of relationship): relationship:female friendship:both , not looking for a relationship but open to one.

Interests:working out, wrestling, watching anime, reading manga, beasting it up on xbox, hiking, survivalist, shopping, cosplaying, erm... posting on these wonderful forms , and building computers.

Summary:I am 6"2 205 lbs. i spend my days in an all boys catholic school so I don't really get a chance to make many friends and i don't have any female friends. After school i workout for an hour, make my way home and watch anime. that is my incredibly boring life.

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

anime-I like currently the origional naruto series, Bakemonogatari, b gata h kei, nyan koi, kanokon, also ive seen the flcl and deathnote series like 30 times over.

Books: ermm... of mice and men, milkweed, ...i dont know anything my school forces me to read ^^

television-lost , supernatural , the office, hells kitchen, solitary, monk, family guy, american dad, kenny vs. spenny, its always sunny in philidelphia, house, modern family.

music- muse, hypercrush, pendulum, the prodigy, any techno. any metal.

if you wish to contact me you can do it here or
skype: bryceyoung7
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?...3857142&v=info
fyi i dont look like what i do on my facebook i took that photo like a year ago, just too lazy to change it....edit:changed it today .

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