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Totally Not Kira...
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...I guess I'll join in. ^-^

Location: Florida ._.

Age: 15, 16 in February

Gender: Female

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Girls or boys for friends and boys for something more ^^

Interests: My intrerests involve writing, playing video games (Sims 2, Kingdom Hearts, Portal, etc.), Cosplaying, Playing children's card games, watching anime, reading and making a complete idiot of myself to get a laugh out of everyone. ^^

Summary: Hi, I'm Zaki (pronounced like 'Ryuzaki' without the 'Ryu') I think I'm awesome...and I need someone to cosplay as Light for my cosplays. L gets really lonesome cosplaying alone ;w; Heh, well I'm really funny and random and I just love to make people smile so...yeah. That is I ^^

Anime: Hmm, well I really like Death Note <3, Kuroshitsuji, Code Geass, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Nerima Daikon Brothers, Pandora Hearts, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Soul Eater, Naruto, Hetalia and that's all I can remember ^^

Video games: Sims 2, Kingdom Hearts (all of them), Final Fantasy, Persona, Portal, and Assassin's Creed

My Cosplays:

L Lawliet, Misa Amane, Gender-bending Light Yagami - Death Note

Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji

Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater

Len Kagamine - Vocaloid

That's it for now. So long 8D
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Join Date: Nov 2010
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Location: California

Age: 17(18 in Feb.)

Gender: Androgyne(I see myself as both male and female.)

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Well I've mostly dated girls for the past few years and I would like to start a romantic relationship with a male instead.Open to new friends of both gender,or anything in-between as I am pansexual.XD

Interests: Cosplaying/crossplaying,roleplaying,playing video games,reading,hanging out with friends,having photoshoots,attending conventions/gatherings, dancing along with other interests.

Summary: Let's see...I can be pretty shy at first but if it feels right I usually grow comfortable easily.Especially at conventions I tend to be pretty loud and carefree.I'm a animal person,adore canines the most of all.I'm not a violent individual,just enjoy the genre in games to relieve stress.XD Over all I am quite the hopeless romantic and always have a shoulder for someone to cry on and ears open to listen to problems. :3 What else..?I love the rain,always calms me down.Don't know what else to put other then I'm leaning more on finding someone I can see at LEAST once a month.I've come to realize when it comes to dating someone I need to be in their presence every now and then.I do love to cuddle,hold hands,ect.,but that would be hard to do if I never saw the person I'm involved with right?XD

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho,Bleach,Cowboy Bebop,Death Note,Full Metal Alchemist,Beyblade,Gundam,Naruto, Hetalia,Dragon Ball Z.

Books: The Hungry Games,No Second Chance,A Child Called It,The Outsiders,Shiver,Linger.

Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Games: YYH,DBZ,Crazy Taxi,Devil May Cry.

Tv: That 70's Show,George Lopez,Family Guy.

My cosplays:

Naruto: Sasuke Uchiha(Chuunin Exams;Shippuden Version 3;ANBU)

Death Note: Matt;L;Light Yagami

Code Geass: Shirley(green dress version)

Bleach: Orihime Inoue

Gundam: Heero

Kingdom Hearts: Christmas Town Riku;Christmas Town Sora;Formal Riku;Formal Sora

Starfighter: Formal Cain

Gravitation: Erie Yuki

Durarara: Shizuo;Izaya

South Park: Craig Tucker;Kenny

Kuroshitsuji: Bardroy

Hetalia: Casual America

That's from the top of my head.XD

Note: You may call me Michi or Cole. :3

EDIT: In a relationship.

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Only half sane.
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Join Date: Apr 2010
Posts: 246
Location: NW Suburbs of Chicago

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): I'm welcoming both genders for friends

Interests: Cosplaying, Reading novels and manga, watching anime, Tennis, Archery, Airsofting, gaming, playing instruments.

Summary: Hi, my names Kaylee. All of the things above are things I love to do ^^ I am also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and Hapkito. I play the tenor sax, piano, violin, clarinet, bass. I'm a big Vocaloid lover too x3

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

There is actually to much anime and manga to list ^^' I might forget some by accident..but the ones off the top of my head are, Kuroshitsuji, Ouran, Junjou Romantica, Tegami Bachi, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, Black Cat, D.N.Angel, Fate/Stay Night and Dengaki Daisy.

My favourite books are, the Eragon series, the Septimus Heap series, Gone with the Wind and Gamer Girl.

My favourite movies are, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Hes just not that into you, Valentines Day, Eagle Eye.

My favourite games are, MW2, Skyrim, Fire Emblem, League of Legends, Reach, Mortal Kombat 9, Megaman and many others.

I would love a PM or sommat ^^ Have a good day~

You can also contact me by my deviantart (I check that more often): www.aesir0vidar.deviantart.com
Current Projects:

Naoi Ayato- Angel Beats!
Yuri Lowell- Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
Ezreal (Default skin)- League of Legends

XBL: Fimbulvinter13
Skype: Fimbulvinter13

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That one chick
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 483
Location: Dallas/Fort Worth
Age: 13 (14 in July)
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): either gender for either relationship ^^
Interests: Drawing, writing (poetry mainly), singing, sewing, doing anything artsy really, reading manga, watching (If I have the time for it) anime, playing video games
Summary: quiet around strangers, hyper around close friends... umm.. I try to be really nice but usually when serious things are happening I get really quiet and something might slip out but um... I don't try to offend people. I draw a lot... I don't think I ever go a day without drawing. arrrrrrrrrt <3 =3=
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

Death Note
School Rumble

lately I don't have a lot of time for anime so I watch the shorter ones or the ones that come on television (Funimation, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, 4kids... you know.)

Absolute Boyfriend
Fall in love like a comic
Fruits Basket
anything I pick off the shelves... I read A LOT of shoujo because shounen anime and manga seem to take forever with the arcs and what not. I like yaoi and yuri but don't read or watch it, except for on like... fanfiction.

Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy XIII (never finished it... ;.
list goes ooon... not a big fan of shooters however. too much of an adrenile rush...
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I might as well join in

Location: Florida
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender/type of relationship): both genders for friendship and male for dating ^^
Interests: drawing, reading, writing, singing, acting, watching anime, playing videogames, cooking, cosplaying, dancing

Summary: let's see...what should I write... well my name is Carolina, brown hair, blue eyes, 5'2" tall (I know I'm really short ;-; ). I love meeting new people, although I tend to be rather quiet at first. I love to draw. I haven't done that many cosplays due to my lack of money ;-;
Favorite media (anime, books, movies, games, or TV):
Death Note
Elfen Lied
Cardcaptor Sakura
Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji
Soul Eater
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Ouran High School Host Club
Lucky Star
The World God Only Knows

Death note (again <3)
Fruits Basket
And pretty much anything I read....including yaoi

Memoirs of a Geisha
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Pearl Harbor
Appleseed Ex machina
Lovely Bones

Dead Space 1 and 2
Bioshock 1 and 2
Kingdom Hearts II
Final Fantasy VII and XIII
Crisis Core
Dead Rising
Little Big Planet
Eternal Sonata
Uncharted 1 and 2

And I'm pretty sure that's it, PM me !~

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I guess it wouldnt hurt~

Location: : New York, Westchester

Age: 18~

Gender: Male~

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Anything for friendship. Bur a relationship it has to be a Female~

Interests: Well. I play videogames alot. So I like people who like videogames. I love L4D series. I play it almost everyday~. I like to cosplay alot. Ive been cosplaying for over 2 years now! I love Manga, Also anime but not as much~. Favorite manga is Hitman reborn~

Summary: I am really easy going. Its very hard for me to get angry. I am very outgoing. I am known to hav ea very "Bubbly" Personality. The only thing is I have a Weird Accent ( I am from Argentina xD). I am very romantic, but not afraid to express my feelings infront of other people. ^3^. I can also be very serious when times calls for it.~

Katekyo hitman Reborn
Fullmetal Alchemist
D Gray man
(Much More)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Trinity Blood
Deadman Wonderland~

Video games:
Persona 3/4
Kingdom Hearts

House. MD.
Future Cosplays...

TYL Lussuria: 100%
Gokudera / Hitman Reborn: 100%
Dino Cavallone / Hitman Reborn: 90%
TYL Squalo / Hitman Reborn: 100%
Kadota Kyohei "Dotachin" :100%
Axel / Kingdom hearts 2 100%
Coronel Mustang / Fullmetal Alchemist 100%
Hidan / Naruto 100%
Volkner / Pokemon D/P 100%

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Unread 05-09-2011, 07:17 AM   #37
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I've got this profile on the other thread, but I figured I may as well post it here, too.
Although, with me being only the second Brit, I may not get much. Ah well! Worth a shot.

Location: NW of England, but I'll be moving to Birmingham this year for university.
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Female/Casual Dating (Maybe long-term if it kicks off.)
Interests: Writing, Reading, the usual manga and animé. I'm a fan of video games and table-top RPG's, though in truth I've never had the opportunity to play 'em. I have the codices, though.

Summary: Well, where to start... I guess hello would be a good idea! So yeah. Hi!
I'm a student of English Lit/Lang at college, and I'm an avid writer outside of college. I'm applying for a position as a video game journalist at GamerNode.
I love good company. Be it friends or otherwise, I love spending time with people, especially if they enjoy the things I do. My ideal relationship would be one where we could sit together and just enjoy each other's company, be it chatting or gaming or writing or... just about anything, really!
I'm quite the con-goer when I can reach them. I go to Telford every year, and I also attend Tokonatsu. Sadly, I can't reach London MCM, but I'll be heading to Manchester MCM, too.
I generally wear Visual Kei and Punk outfits to conventions and cosplay meetups, but I have a Persona 4 cosplay; the Yasogami uniform.
Uhm... in a relationship, I'm dependable and respectful, and really just... expect the same from my partner. I'm new to this kind of thing, so I don't really know what to put.
But, yeah. That's me. I guess.

Favorite Media:
Animé -
Summer Wars, The Karas, Darker than Black.
Manga -
Bleach, Rosario+Vampire, Black Cat
Games -
Tekken, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Gods Eater Burst
(There are more, but those are my favorites.)

Uh... well, that's it, I guess. Feel free to contact me through pm's, 'n' all that jazz.
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Join Date: May 2010
Posts: 75
Location: LA, CA
Age: 15
Gender: Female, but I crossplay a bit
Seeking: Female or male for relationship and friend
Interests: Anime, manga, cosplaying, drawing, reading and not just manga
Summary: I'm shy at first and like most I gradually progress to being myself and maybe a little annoying to people idk
Favorite media(anime, books, movies, games): hmm, well I like Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Black Butler, Vampire Knight and well since I can't remember all right now, I like anything that catches my attention and that includes movies and books.
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Uses galaxies as shuriken
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Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 1,223
Location: Washington State
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Either or/Short term
Long term friendships
Interests: Besides cosplay? derp. Sewing, cooking, drawing and RP

Summary: I'm a senior in high school and I'm off to college in a few months to major in psychology. I love animals and I'm pretty chill. I'm really shy until I get to know a person, too.
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): Gurren Lagann, FMA, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Soul Eater, Zelda, N64 games, Pokemon anything, Jak and Daxter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and wearing my sunglasses at night.
Upcoming Cosplays for 2011-2013

Otakon 2012
Red Dress/SMS Klang Klang, Kida, Micro Klan Klang, Aisha Clan Clan, Ms.Fortune

Toki Wartooth
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Boo! Wait, you're dead.
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I shall give this a go, lets see how it turns out. Hah.

Location : Brooklyn, NY. (I may be moving to Georgia for College in 2012)
Age : 17
Gender : Male
Seeking : Either for friendship, but for a relationship, females only. As for the dating, I'd prefer it to be within the New York state. I'm not into long distance. Casual dating. If it works, we'll continue, if not, it's fine.
Interests : I'm in an cosplay forum. Kind of obvious huh? =P
I want to be a video game designer, so I draw a lot. I cosplay, and I cook for fun now and then.

Summary : I can't say much else aside from what I said above. Hm... I'm going to major in game design and possibly economics.
Favorite Media : D.Gray Man, Death Note, really, too many to list.

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west coast warrior
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Join Date: Feb 2011
Posts: 72
location: vancouver BC
age: 17
gender: male
seeking: ladies for a relationship, but i would love cosplay friends of any gender.

summary: i am new to cosplaying, i havent gone to a con yet but i'll be attending cos and effect this summer XD. i work for honda power sports and un crate bikes. PM me if your in the area or if you just wanna chat.
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I may try this...
Location: Around Washington or Or.
Age: 15
Gender: Female..
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): I'm not pickie on gender for a friendship. For a relationship part.. I'm Bi >.> so again with the whole I'm not pickie again.
Interests: I listen to music, danceing (but so great at it thought), drawing. I can cook but some people are scare of it T-T. I cosplay when I'm not buried in homework and other stuff.
Summary: I'm shy but once I get use to new people, I'm really a chatter box. I have a accent so it could be alittle problem for some people to understand what I say. I'm also that laid back type person. Could be funny at some time or plain out weird.. Oh yeah, when you first see me (If you ever meet me in person), you may think I'm a guy at first due of my being of mid-built (just a head-ups thing).
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): I'm into WW2 movies, I love watching Hetalia, Naruto, death Note, and more but not in the mood to write more of it. I'm a video gamer so I basic play some game ranged from cute to horror, in my spare time. I'm a book worm, so just listing all my fav. books will make me sound like a bored person..
~~~~~~~Costumes I'm Working On Right Now~~~~~~~
Russia/Finland from Hetalia; Axis Power
Few unknown costumes in work
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Posts: 31
oo I wanna give this a try!!~ ^.^

Location: U.S, New York (rochester area)


Gender: Female

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Guys and girls for friends but relationship wise it'd have to be females ^.^

Interests: Cosplaying(who would have guessed? XD), going to anime cons, writing, playing my bass and guitars, playing sports, hanging out with friends, making amvs, making cosplay videos.

Summary: I love meeting new cosplayers at cons especially. I'm very outgoing, fun and no one ever seems to get bored when I'm around, I love all my friends to death! ♥
Cosplaying+Anime/Video Games=Life
I'm athletic, fun to be around and I always try to put a smile on other people's faces, even if i can't put a smile on my own
There's really no other way to describe to myself. If you wanna get to know me or have any questions for me then just message me~ It'd probably be the best way to find out what surprises I'm full of XDD

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

Anime: I've seen soo many series. Ask me about any and I've probably seen it but here's my top 5 anime series!:
1. Fullmetal Alchemist(both original and Brotherhood)
2. Bleach/Junjou Romantica
3. Ouran High School Host Club/Naruto(both original and shippuden)
4. Saiyuki series/Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
5. Code Geass/Koisuru Boukun

Books: I mostly read manga, especially yaoi series but I have read other good series like the chronicles of anicent darkness, harry potter, darkside series, the seer series, guardians of ga'hoole series and yes, even twilight but I'm not one of those obsessed fans of it. I more of make fun of it than I do praise it XD
Manga I've read/still reading:
Koisuru Boukun
Hey! Mr. Class President
1/2 Prince

Movies: Basically anime movies like Fullmetal Alchemist: The conquerer of Ishbal, Bleach: The diamond dust rebellion and memories of nobody, the gravitation movie, Karas:The Prophecy, Final Fantasy:Avent Childeren and others that I can't remember XD but I do love watching comedy movies, especially Adam Sandler movies XDD

Games: I've played Kingdom Hearts I, II and chain of memories, shining force exa, lost magic, pokemon, halo, ddr, guitar hero, left for dead

TV: Basically stuff on cartoon network, and adult swim but i do like degrassi, glee, the L word and some stuff on disney channal

That's pretty much it ^.^
Signature too long. Please see this thread for details.
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Unread 05-14-2011, 07:32 PM   #44
nom nom nom
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Posts: 345
i guess ill give it a try

location:canada,new-brunswick(moncton area)



seeking(gender\type of relationship): guys and girls for friends and also for a relationship(i don't care about gender its not about whats outside but whats in the inside.i also would not mind a longdistance relationship as long its not on the other side of the planet and we get to see each other sometimes.i also mostly prefer girls that are alot tomboy.

interests:cosplaying,sports,anime,reading,piano,ma king cosplay videos(im right now looking for a group to make a serie with me.)

summary:hi well my name is danika im 5'1"feet tall.Many of my friends say that i am very nice i can also be very shy at times but u will notice since i love to express myself alot if i am sad everybody will know since i am a very happy personne.my favorite color is yellow(not thats its important)because it fits perfectly with my personallity.i play sports like voller-ball,tennis and ringette(it is like hockey.)i love to help others and i have a big imagination.i am also creative i love art and reading .im always there to help if theres a problem so u can count on me.i am a big yaoi fan and i am looking for a riku(kingdom hearts 2) since i have my sora cosplay and its my dream to do this couple.i am a very honest persone and u can tell me anything i would never tell anyone else.i am mostly a little mature for my age but i do love acting childish.i guess thats it^^

favorite media(anime,books,movies,games,tv):

anime: ouran high school host club,skip beat,pandora hearts,zero no tsukaima,gravitation,junjou romantica,tora dora,elfen lied

books:im french so i read alot of french books but i also read alot of manga and right now im reading harry potter

movies:i love pirates of the caribbean,harry potter,narnia,august rush, nightmare before christmas and mostly disney movies

games:i am fully addicted to kingdom hearts (1 and 2)i also love harvest moon,and rune factory(never tried final fantasy but it looks fun)and pokemon.

tv:cake boss,america's funiest videos

thats it pm me if interested

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I don't do this kind of stuff buuuuut:

Location: Oceanside, California
Gender: Female
Seeking: Male/Female (Friendship more than relationship)

Interests: Cosplaying/crossplaying, hanging out with friends, writing novels/fanfiction, eating, taking pictures, swimming, etc.

Summary: Hi! I'm asian! I'm shy at first and it'll probably take a while for you to crack me open, but i want everyone to smile~ I'm kind of like Italy mixed in with France from Hetalia (honhonhon~)!!! You could say i look ordinary, but then i tend to get weird/perverted/loud. I daydream/don't pay attention alot and like to make movies! I like to laugh and make others laugh :3 I love any types of music and play keyboard and clarinet! Im just weird like that =7=

Music: Escape The Fate, NeverShoutNever, All Time Low, Muse, etc.

Anime: Hetalia, Blood+, Ranma 1/2, Bleach, Vampire Knight, Soul Eater, Kuroshitsuji, etc.

Books: The Hungry Games and Harry Potter

Movies: Harry Potter series, Spirited Away, etc.

Tv: Tosh.0, Regular Show, Adventure Time, NCIS

My cosplays (upcoming and finished):

Kagome-Inuyasha (shrunk)

DeviantArt on my signature =^_^=
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