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Thinking Passionately
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How nice~ I felt too young to post on the other thread, this was a good idea.

Location: East coast of Canada (think deer, not polar bears!)
Age: 15 (September, hurry!)
Gender: Female~
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Generally friendship from both sexes, though it would be nice to have a male friend - I haven't had one since elementary. Relationship wise, male, but I'm not seeking out someone at the moment.
Interests: Improving & learning more about cosplay - it's something that I've become quite passionate about and can talk about it for hours when given the chance! I also love my dogs (greyhounds~), and do enjoy a nice chat about canines. Food is definitely my priority in life, sweets in particular, and so I walk a lot to work off the overload of calories! > A < I love reading, and am very open to all genres! Lately I am focusing on expanding my manga collection, however. I like writing, and have been trying to get a pen pal for the last 6 months, but each one has fallen through (not replied... /sob/). OH - I love NicoNico singers! My favorite would be Gerorin~ However I'm trying my best to listen to many, many more talented singers & become their fan! I also really like Zebra, Hashiyan, and Jigiru! Vocaloid music has really taken over my iPod!

Summary: Ah... I used to be very shy and quiet, but since entering high school and attending drama class I've really opened up and have a lot more energy! So please PM me, because I love a nice chat! Oh, just to add, I am OCD (me & Kidd, we're such a pair! I like numbers that can divide by 3 and 5...), and have slight uh... qualities? OTL Well, I guess it's a part of my personality and I hope we can get along! Especially if we have something in common! PM pleeease~ * A *
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): Alright, just a small list...
I barely watch any TV, gaming is mostly Pokemon, though I'm slowly going to other genres (Rune Factory: Frontier! is so much fun!), anime is anything that I've come to love from a manga (I don't watch much of it anymore, I like to buy the boxsets), manga... Oh dear. Let's say, tons of shoujo, a bit of shounen (I'm really getting into this genre), some shounen-ai n the side and lots and lots of bishies. OH - and cute kids. I'm a sucker for young children in manga... Right now some of my obsessions are: Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume, Blood Lad, Skip Beat, Soul Eater, Dengeki Daisy to name a few. I will definitely blab on about more series if you inquire! > A <
Thank you for your time!
Animaritime '11:
- Yako Katsuragi (MTNN)
- Possibly a cow kigurumi? or something like that...
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Miki Shake &amp;amp;amp;lt;3
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eh i normally don't do this sorta stuff, but it would be nice to find people who have the same interests as me or even possibly cosplay wit me ... since NON of my RL friends are interested in this sorta stuff.

Location: Canada , Ontario . 30-40ish minutes from toronto
Age: 16 , 17 in july
Gender: female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): females & males , buuut if i'm looking for a relationship{probably not} it'd have to be more of girls over guys. i do consider dating guys, but i am very picky with guys, since i am more fond of women over men. >:
Interests: Anime/Manga , Cosplaying , Lazying around , Hanging out with friends , Reading , Etc.

Summary: Well i'm a seriously shy person at first, not so much on the internet, well kinda but IRL i'm like MAD shy. But once i get more warm/open to someone i'm more hyperish, talkative, and more open. I'm completely canadian, and i only speak english and baaaad french{barely}. I am attempting to learn Japanese, and i am really interested with their culture. I love animals, i am not a vegetarian, but i do love animals, but big dogs scare me to death. I'm in my 3rd year of high school, personally i have not met anyone in my school that share the same interests as me, i realize that there are possibly more people in my school that do, but i'm a shy person what can i say D: . I can get a bit insecure sometimes, but doesn't everyone? :/ Too lazy to type more, if interested in become friends message me! c:

Favorite Media:
CardCaptor Sakura
Sailor Moon
Spirited Away
{Cannot think of any other ones on the spot}

Harry Potter

Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Star Ocean
In-Progress Cosplays ~
AnimeNorth 2012 ~ Love Ward Luka Megurine 5%
AnimeNorth 2012 ~ Madoka Kaname 0%
AnimeNorth 2012 ~ Stocking School Uniform 0%
AnimeNorth 2012 ~ Sailor Moon 75%
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Location: LaGrange, Indiana but I go to Michigan and Texas for family.
Age: 15!
Gender: Female!
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Either female or male, doesn't matter, I welcome friends but I'm desperate for a girl/boyfriend.
Interests: Cosplaying, anime, writing, drawing, making videos for youtube and editing pictures. I love techno, dubstep, a little bit of hip hop, pop, punk rock and a little bit of country, I also love screamo, some rock and punk pop. I have a wide variety of music genres XD I also like classical. Edgar Allan (Allen?) Poe is my favorite poet (and I don't even know how to spell his name...). And I love to read ^_^
Summary: I'm a shy person but after a while I will get crazy hyper, I get bored and entertained easily, I'm obsessed with Toph/Zuko being a couple from Avatar (Last Airbender), I have natural brown hair but it's usually dyed (except now, I'm growing it to donate), I have blue/green eyes my clothing style is strange but I usually wear pajamas since I go to an online school.
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club, Ultra Manic (manga), Junjou Romantica, Avatar: The Last Airbender (I know it's not an anime), Make 5 Wishes (manga), Elfen Lied, Tales of Symphonia, Tokyo Mew Mew, Gravitation, Okane Ga Nai and Love Hina. There's probably more but I can't think.
House of Night, Twilight, Harry Potter, TTYL, Series of Unfortunate Events, Sarah Dessen. Currently Reading: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for school.
Harry Potter, Twilight, Resident Evil, The Uninvited, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Sucker Punch, Series of Unfortunate Events, Bandslam, School for Seduction, Let the Right One In, The Wolfman, Beastly, Summer's Moon (AKA: Summer's Blood).
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Just Dance 2.
CSI: New York (ONLY NY, I dislike the others), Good Luck Charlie, Wizards of Waverly Place, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Big Bang Theory, True Life, What I Like About You, Degrassi: The Next Generation, South of Nowhere.

I think that's it XD Well, I gave you a lot, but there is more :P

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Dude ur pics r sooooooo cute, I just had to say it lol

Originally Posted by refianku View Post
oo I wanna give this a try!!~ ^.^

Location: U.S, New York (rochester area)


Gender: Female

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Guys and girls for friends but relationship wise it'd have to be females ^.^

Interests: Cosplaying(who would have guessed? XD), going to anime cons, writing, playing my bass and guitars, playing sports, hanging out with friends, making amvs, making cosplay videos.

Summary: I love meeting new cosplayers at cons especially. I'm very outgoing, fun and no one ever seems to get bored when I'm around, I love all my friends to death! ♥
Cosplaying+Anime/Video Games=Life
I'm athletic, fun to be around and I always try to put a smile on other people's faces, even if i can't put a smile on my own
There's really no other way to describe to myself. If you wanna get to know me or have any questions for me then just message me~ It'd probably be the best way to find out what surprises I'm full of XDD

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

Anime: I've seen soo many series. Ask me about any and I've probably seen it but here's my top 5 anime series!:
1. Fullmetal Alchemist(both original and Brotherhood)
2. Bleach/Junjou Romantica
3. Ouran High School Host Club/Naruto(both original and shippuden)
4. Saiyuki series/Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)
5. Code Geass/Koisuru Boukun

Books: I mostly read manga, especially yaoi series but I have read other good series like the chronicles of anicent darkness, harry potter, darkside series, the seer series, guardians of ga'hoole series and yes, even twilight but I'm not one of those obsessed fans of it. I more of make fun of it than I do praise it XD
Manga I've read/still reading:
Koisuru Boukun
Hey! Mr. Class President
1/2 Prince

Movies: Basically anime movies like Fullmetal Alchemist: The conquerer of Ishbal, Bleach: The diamond dust rebellion and memories of nobody, the gravitation movie, Karas:The Prophecy, Final Fantasy:Avent Childeren and others that I can't remember XD but I do love watching comedy movies, especially Adam Sandler movies XDD

Games: I've played Kingdom Hearts I, II and chain of memories, shining force exa, lost magic, pokemon, halo, ddr, guitar hero, left for dead

TV: Basically stuff on cartoon network, and adult swim but i do like degrassi, glee, the L word and some stuff on disney channal

That's pretty much it ^.^
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I'm the HERO~!
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Posts: 22
Location: New Hampshire (around the Portsmouth Area)
Age: 14 (My birthday's in December )
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Cool guys. My life has been entirely devoid of such things. (But girls are utterly welcomed as friends <3)
Interests: Cosplay, Anime, drawing, Reading, Writing (both creative writing and poetry), History, Languages, Culture, Singing, Acting, Music (I play guitar and some piano), videogames (more nerdy ones like Mario and Pokemon. I extremely dislike war games. Their concept just kinda irks me. :/)
Summary: Hmm...well I'm generally a shy person around new people, but once I become comfortable, I'm a total spazz (just ask my cousin ) I have a bit of ocd... (out of place noises bother me and my drawings' eyes, legs etc. must be as close to perfect as possible... :/ Sorry, it's just me) I also have minor anxiety issues and have a huge fear of airplanes (despite my want to travel all over the world) and roller coasters. I have a diva/attitude 'problem' and am pretty useless in everyday chores (I do not know how to even change a lightbulb :/)) I'm generally a really fun person, though and would really love someone who could help me surpass my problems...
Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Hetalia (my all time fave), Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Soul Eater, Black Cat, Hell Girl, Durarara!, Loveless, FLCL, others I can't remember...
Books: Harry Potter, Pretty Little Liars, Unwind, Daniel X, umm... I can't really remember my other favorites...
Currently Reading: Eon by Alison Goodman & Hero by Mike Lupcia
On my list to Read: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, & Leviathan by Scott Westerfield
Movies: Harry Potter, others... -blushes- I can't think of any right now...
Games: Pokemon, Mario stuff, Kingdom Hearts (358/2 Days), Lux Pain
TV: I don't really watch much...I watch Glee and Wind at My Back re-runs... Oh! I LOVE say Yes To The Dress <3 <3

Well that's me... I'll put some pics of me on my page...I guess...
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Black Gold Saw
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Location: Virginia (Hampton Roads)
Age: 15, 16 on June 5th.
Gender: Female~
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Female or male for friendships, I'd love to make new friends. For relationships, I'd also prefer either gender, but I'm not that enthusiastic about starting another relationship. I don't mind if you ask, though. c;

Interests: Drawing, writing, cosplaying, anime, & singing. I like to play a few sports, but I prefer videogames & the internet. History, english and psychology are my academic loves, if there is such a thing. Learning about other cultures is fun, too. I like hanging out with friends & having cosplay/sewing slumber parties. They're the best. X)

Summary: I'm pretty bashful at first, but once I find something I can relate to you on, I instantly change in personality. XD Aside from the shyness, most of the time I'm a really exciting person to be around. I've got light tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. I look hispanic, but in actuality, I'm a mix of asian, white & african american.

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

anime - Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler is my current obsession. Other than that, I like Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, Durarara!!, Code Geass, Death Note, Soul Eater, Ouran, Sekaichii Hatsukoi, Junjou, Puella Magica, Aoi No Exorcist, Bakuman, Nabari No Ou, Shiki

books - The Luxe, Vladmir Tod, Pretty Little Liars, Harry Potter, Wicked, Gamer Girl...er. I like a list of classics, but I can't seem to remember the names of them. Or anything else, really.

games - kingdom hearts, professor layton, final fantasy.

TV - I don't watch much T.V...erm. Glee, Psych, CSI, Law & Order, Justice League/Unlimited, Young Justice, possibly every cartoon that ran on cartoon network from the years 2004-2006.
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Knight of Time
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Might as well join in! Feel free to PM me!
Location: Fremont, CA
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Seeking: Female. I could use some cosplaying bros, just not relationships with them
Interests: Programming, philosophy, game creation, cosplay, dancing (not the more formal types, more along the lines of the faster, rhythmic ones), gaming, anime, drawing, sculpture, swimming, acting, puzzles, photography
Summary: To start, I'm fairly tall (6' 2") and on the slender side. I try to be as comedic as possible with hits and misses flying everywhere. I come off to others in many different ways: some say I'm caring, others say I'm intimidating. Obviously they haven't seen a third of me. I can be a bit spontaneous and wanting to live it up on the edge, which tends to work out quite a bit. My vocabulary is rather expansive, which can bother some and delight others. I am a die-hard Pokéfan, but never let that get in the way of anything new. I'm always open to new things. Heck, if it weren't for my friend suggesting Angel Beats!, I would've never found one of my favorite Animes! I always tend to focus on details, so if I see a stray hair on my shirt, it'll drive me mad until I take it off. I am usually friendly to strangers, even if they don't have a good impression with me since I deeply believe in second chances. Some call me fatherly since I do like to rush to people's aid when necessary. I love days with fair amounts of emotion and/or action/adventure, it makes my life seem like an ongoing TV show.
Anime: Bobobo-Bo Bobobo (looooong time ago), Angel Beats!, some minor amounts of Naruto
TV: Modern Family, The Middle, 30 Rock, Community, The Voice, Glee, The Office
Games: Pokémon, Mario if some new game comes out, Donkey Kong, can't think of others
Movies: Inception, Dinner for Schmucks, Thor, Star Trek (new one only)
Books: Scattered science fiction

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King of Braves
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why am I even here oh well here goes
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Seeking: Friends. Male or female. I'm not really for a relationship right now, but if one came to be, then female. Owning a giant robot is definitely a turn-on.
Interests: Drawing, anime, good movies, kickin' it old school, cosplay, video games, vintage things (preferably 80's), music, the Internetz, Vocaloid, old video game consoles, and Other.
Sumshizzle: Just running ALL THE TIME. Hahaha, just kidding. I'm not athletic at all. I do Tae-Kwon-Do though, so that's cool right? But seriously, I get honors at school and like to throw references to pop culture into EVERYTHING. I'm generally fun to be around if I know/like you. If not, then you'll get some light banter but that's it. You get little for disrespect, grasshopper. I don't like tsunderes, but I do like deers. But not elk. Elk are my enemies. I make sense about 50% of the time and tend to shout when I'm excited which may or may not be good for my health. I think I'm pretty funny at times, but when I'm stressed I get sad and start to brood over the nature of the universe and the collective human psychology. But I have a short attention span so I forget most of that when I'm happy again. I also like to do Super Robot poses sometimes. Nothing gets you outta bed like pulling a Mazinger.
Anime: Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Cowboy Bebop, Durarara!!, Gaogaigar, Shin Mazinger Z, Mazinkaiser, The Big O, Lucky Star, Soul Eater.
TV: Haven't done THAT in a while, but I guess...I got nothing.
Movies: Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Terminator 2.
Games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokemon Ruby, Sonic Adventure 2, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Street Fighter, Blazblue (when I don't screw up).
Books: I read enough at school thank you very much.
For the Future:
MLP FIM-Male Applejack - 3%?
Team Fortress 2-Soldier - 0%
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Hugh Hons AwaY!!!!!
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why must all you girls live so far west or north.
Next cosplays:
Hakumen (blazblue)
Darth nihilus (star wars)
Law (one piece)
Lets rock out until another con[/size]
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Knight of Time
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Originally Posted by Meta77 View Post
why must all you girls live so far west or north.
Telling me that, all of the ones that live in California are too far south. Please will someone near San Francisco step forward?
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Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Gender: Female

Seeking (gender / type of relationship): relationship: Male. ^-^ Friend or relationship, and girl friends!

Interests: Cosplaying, sewing, music, learning new things, working out. :3

Summary: I'm pretty shy at first, but if you talk to me I will talk to you! I'm pretty fun I guess, I'm almost never mean to anyone, and I definitely don't bite. ^-^ I'm a dork and sometimes I make stupid jokes, I dunno. I'm a good listener and a talker if you really get me going.

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): I'm really into Neon Genesis Evangelion right now, uuum, I really like Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Bleach, Gurren Lagann. I love love the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series. Um, I love scary movies. ^-^

Message me or something. :3
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single >.<

Location: Maryland So I do go to Katsucon and Otakon
Age: 17
Gender: Genderqueer...need a definition?...neither man nor woman (genderless, agender)
Seeking (gender / type of relationship) either I love guys and girls also serious and friendship.

summary: *waves* Hello, My name is Courtney >.< I am painfully shy, all of my relationships have ended horribly, I just can't seem to make them work. I make people angry at me, I'm still learning so please give me time. I need someone who is paitent and will help me grow. Someone who will talk because I'm to shy to do so -///- I express myself through art, and never finish things/train of thought. I love txt faces because I feel like the can show what I can't say. I always put effort forth but you need to as well I don't bite, unless provoked.

Interests: way too many anime manga thats a given um, I love weapon making (for cosplay) reading poetry and listening to music, if you want to know specifics ask me and I love yaoi...if your a sephiroth cosplayer +100 points in my book

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV): Kingdom hearts, final fantasy, and black butler


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What is this tomfoolery?
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Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 19
Location: Idaho
Age: 16, 17 in like two days
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Either, I don't really care about that
Interests: Cosplay, creating games and stories, reading, hiking, photography, philosophy, history, drawing, gaming

Summary: I'm pretty shy until I get to know you, but ask any of my friends and they'd laugh at you for calling me quiet. My personality can come off as caustic, as I have no tact at all, but I never mean anything spiteful. I tend to use a bit of an expanded vocabulary sometimes, which can put people off BUT OH WELL. I prefer spontaneity to plans, though this never turns out well. I'm interested in just about everything, and very few things bore me, though I tend to obsess over one or two things at a time (right now it's Pokemon and Homestuck.)

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Anime/Manga: Tactics, Panty and Stocking
Books: Harry Potter, Dragonfly, The Book Thief, fantasy in general
Movies: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, X-Men, ect.
Games: Pokemon, Oblivion, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Banjo Kazooie, Dark Cloud... the list goes on.
TV: I don't really watch much.
Other: Homestuck

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A Hoot!
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Join Date: May 2009
Posts: 290
Location: New York City
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Seeking (gender / type of relationship): Male, and preferably a short-term and not long distance relationship; Male AND Female friendships, long and short distance
Interests: Drawing, reading, listening to music, video games, anime, manga, anthropology

Summary: I'm a short, and somewhat shy girl. Because of a recent incident with a former close friend, I've been having trouble(s) opening up to new people. I'm not mean, but I'd like to be treated nicely. As far as relationships go, I like to talk a lot. So if you're the talkative type, that's good! I like anime, but I like a lot of other things, including current events.

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):

Anime: Hetalia, Durarara!!, KHR, Eden of the East, Deadman Wonderland
Books: Mockingjay series, Animal Farm, Harry Potter series, Howl's Moving Castle
/Manga/: Heart no Kuni no Alice, KHR, Kimi ni Todoke, Watashi ni xx Shinasai!, Hiyokoi
Movies: King's Speech, Fight Club, Hangover, Summer Wars, American History X
Games: Portal 2, Kingdom Hearts II, Pokemon White, Star Ocean
TV: South Park, Justified, Deadwood, House M.D.
NEXT: Otakon 2014

Friday: Hiroto Kiyama
Saturday: Yuki Judai, Hinata Shouyou/Hiroto Kiyama
Sunday: Hinata Shouyou

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Join Date: May 2011
Posts: 55
Location: I'm near Milwaukee, WI. (I don't want to disclose my exact location to everyone. xD)

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Seeking: I'm looking for either friends or a love interest. I'm pretty sure I am pansexual, so I will be open for girls, guys, f to m transgendered, or m to f transgendered or anything you can think of.

Interests: I love to draw, cosplay, watch anime, mow lawns, listen to music, dance, and hang out with my friends.

Summary: Hmm. I am 5 foot 9 inches and about 135 lbs with a slender body? Heh~ I'm not too good at describing myself. ^^'' Uhh, I wear glasses and have short-ish black hair. I'm very eccentric and flamboyant. My personality really depends on my mood, but 95% of the time, I'm bubbly, hyper, and willing to talk to nearly everyone. You'd really have to get to know me to know my personality. XDD (I also overuse smilies. ^_^)

Favorite Media (anime, books, movies, games or TV):
Games: Final Fantasy, Disgaea,
TV: Chuck, America's Got Talent
Anime: Vampire Knight, Black Butler, Lucky Star, Spice and Wolf, Junjo Romantica, Loveless, Burst Angel, Nabari no Ou, Death Note, Vampire Kisses, Gravitation.
Movies: The Crow, The Fifth Element, Howl's Moving Castle
Cons 2011:
- WasaubiCon
- Geek Kon

Cons 2012:
- Anime Milwaukee
- Kitsune Kon
- No Brand
- ACen ?
- Anime Iowa ?

Wasaubicon Costumes
- Soubi Agatsuma (Loveless)
- Meg (Burst Angel)
- Hiroki Kusama and Akihiko Usami (Junjo Romantica)
- Itachi Uchiha and Rave Itachi (Naruto)
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