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Emi Hana
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Family Affair Weirdness

Alright, I know this kinda sounds odd, but I feel kinda weird - like I should be wearing a Fit-Bit. This past Thanksgiving my dad, mom, and I went to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving - I only deviated from my low-carb diet for 2 days, but I'm back on-track.

While we were waiting for our meals to come, I noticed my dad wearing a Fit-Bit. Apparently, he got told to lose weight - just like the various doctors told my brother. Now both my dad and brother have Fit-Bits and are on orders to lose weight.

My mom is Type 2 Diabetic, and because she takes her medicine and watches carefully what she eats, she didn't have any problems. I deviated and had a burger with fries for Thanksgiving. Again, not good, but I'm back on-track.

The problem is, with both my brother and dad now owning Fit-Bits and orders to lose weight, it just feels - well - odd. Not so much that I'm losing weight - I've dropped 20 Pounds in 3 Months - it just feels like I'm the only one doing something about it without the aid of "tech."

If you want an honest opinion, I don't feel the need for a Fit-Bit, but it just feels so odd that I'm the only one in my family not losing weight with aid of something technological.

Does this sound weird?
Losing weight for Cosplay...
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For them, it might just be a tool to help keep track of exercise and calories burned. You seem to be doing that yourself, and if remembering/working through that math is helping you stay on track, that's awesome. It might just be the case that the rest of your family doesn't feel the need to/doesn't want to devote brain space to keeping track, so they let the fitbit do it for them.

So TL;DR, don't feel weird-- people exercise and keep track in different ways and using all kinds of toys, and if not using anything is working for you, that's fine! But hey, you can always try the fitbit yourself, and if it doesn't work for you just go back to what you were originally doing.
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