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Unread 07-16-2013, 12:36 PM   #1096
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I spent the last six months getting in shape for my Sailor Soldier cosplay. I don't really have a particular person in mind anymore, but since I'm planning to do the Super version for another upcoming convention, I'm working on maintaining/improving my physique for the time being.

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Unread 07-16-2013, 11:42 PM   #1097
Waifu Beam
emiya plz
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I have various cosplays that I wanna do that I need to slim down for, but the one I really want to get slim for is Peacekeeper Daisy from the many works of Tony Taka. She's absolutely adorable and I don't want a bunch a flab to be on me as I walk around as her.

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Unread 07-17-2013, 12:23 AM   #1098
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Road Kamelot. seems funny since it's not one that shows skin, but the shirt i ordered is a bit snug and i hate the way my belly looks in it. well, i hate the way my belly looks in general and have wanted to do something about it for a long time, this is just giving me some motivation to do it finally. lately i always dress in flowy tops that hide my waist, it would be nice to not have to think about it and just buy/wear whatever i want because i like it. since I can't get away with big flowy tunics with most cosplays, this hobby will hopefully help
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Unread 07-17-2013, 01:46 PM   #1099
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Though, if I can't get any help in the Construction subforum as far as fabricating this, at least I'll be in good shape... /NUDGENUDGE

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Unread 07-20-2013, 08:07 PM   #1100
McGyver with fabric
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I'm cosplaying Nami from One Piece and I've lost 27lbs so far in order to don the camo bikini. I look better (especially after last year's disastrous Rinoa), I feel better and 1 more month to go and looking good!
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Unread 07-24-2013, 02:05 AM   #1101
Kaileena Sedai
Empress of Time
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Princess Jasmine both the Blue and Red outfits.

You'd think as a belly dancer both outfits would be comfortable for me to wear but alas no. Still working on toning up the stomach for it.
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Unread 07-28-2013, 11:33 PM   #1102
Tiger! Tiger!
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Spike the Devil Man from Dragon Ball. Dieting and lifting.
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Unread 07-29-2013, 12:41 PM   #1103
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Since I'm a guy, by default, I need to have a six-pack for my genderbent Black Rock Shooter cosplay. It's not that important, since although I'll be shirtless, I'm wearing a trenchcoat, but every once in a while, I may need to pose with my bare torso showing as the wind pulls on my trenchcoat. I have some muscles, but I'm not going for the muscular look because I personally think it works better for tall people, and I'm around 165cm. I used to lift weights like any other teenage boy in high school, but after I stopped once I entered college, I was a bit lucky enough to miraculously have a toned, masculine look burdened with a few flab here and there. My weight fluctuates easily, so I started running a few miles every morning, lifting weights at the gym and eating significantly less with a protein heavy diet. I really don't mind this lifestyle
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Unread 07-29-2013, 03:30 PM   #1104
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My first Cosplay is going to be Red Hood:

But he wears quite a bit of body armor. My next Cosplay will be my favorite DC Character Green Lantern. For that I will definitely need a more muscular/trim build. I'm well on my way though having lost almost 40 lbs so far this year. I need to build more muscle though.

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Unread 07-29-2013, 07:19 PM   #1105
Tai Prime
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Since march I've lost 35-40 pounds. I'm excited for Otakon. In 9 days ill be finally able to relax and take a break from my diet. All the walking during the con will even it out. Lol!

My cosplays are:
Friday- female Yukio okamura from blue exorcist.
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Sunday- kikiyo from Inuyasha
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Unread 07-29-2013, 08:14 PM   #1106
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Meiko from Vocaloid
Cecile from Code Geass
Rainbow Dash from MLP
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Unread 08-05-2013, 05:15 PM   #1107
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Harley Quinn

I'm technically "in shape," but I'm trying to become stronger and more flexible for the original Harley Quinn.

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Unread 08-07-2013, 08:16 PM   #1108
Queen of Indecision
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I'm trying to get in shape so I can cosplay the summon spirit Luna from Tales of Symphonia comfortably (I'll definitely be expanding the top portion in any case!).

Quick question for anyone who feels inclined: if you're trying to lose weight/get into shape for a cosplay, how long do you wait before you begin constructing it? My initial con for this cosplay won't be until next July, so I have plenty of time, but I want to be as proactive as possible. I plan on making the staff and moon first while I slim down, but I'm not sure when I should get going on the clothing portions. Don't want to have to take them in once they're made, y'know? Any advice?
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Unread 08-07-2013, 10:29 PM   #1109
CLAMP's Cosplay Slave
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I actually... don't know which cosplay. In general, I need to loose the weight because I feel super sluggish and ugly. I also tend to cosplay very slim, cutesy girls so I need to be in shape; when I'm in shape I actually do have a body VERY similar to Miku's. ^^;

So I'm getting lighter for a cosplay I already have but have no pictures of:

As well as afterwards doing this once I get over my slump:

As you can see; short dresses EVERYWHERE!!! And do not want to blind people with my thunder thighs.
As for what I'm doing? Diet, definatly. Reducing my calories, no snacking, minimal sweets and chocolate. Also doing a workout called Turbo Jam which is a mix of dance and cardio kickboxing with lifting free weights once a week. I'm working out 5 times a week for 40 minutes on average, sometime a little more, sometimes a little less.
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Katsucon 2015:
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Unread 08-11-2013, 08:22 PM   #1110
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I am trying to lose some weight to cosplay Nozomi from Love Live and Chieri from akb0048
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