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joint support - glucosamine + msm

Take it, people keep talking about supplements and many fail to realize importance of joints. It's great if your muscle grows and your losing weight, but remember you should be taking supplements to help strong joints as well as your bones.

If your taking whey or casein protein or drinking enough milk you should have no problems with calcium, but remember joints are very sensitive if you don't workout properly and your joints will be stressed during a workout.

I'm seeing more and more importance of joint supports as I see idiots taking PH (pro hormones) which basically is a cheaters way which is a legal substance through loop holes in the system which turns INTO steroids inside your body. after a 7-10 days 1 pound of muscle a day is normal.

If you don't realize how much 1 pound of muscle is imagine slapping a 1 pound (16 oz) piece of steak on your chest. Although since people often won't know how to maintain it and will have possible side effects like pre-mature balding, testicular shrinkage, clogged arties, increased head size, roid rage, gyno (man boobs not firm pecs but soft breasts like a woman) also possiblities of shutting down your endocrine system if you take it under 21 meaning messed up hormone balance for the rest of your life.

These idiots are taking it within first 6months of working out which hasn't allowed them enough time for their joints to mature to getting used to the added stress of lifting weights properly, also usually accompanied by improper form results in terrible joint pains / damage.

If you are going to take pro-hormones please for god sakes wait atleast a full year of training to allow your joints to build up while taking enough calcium, magnesium, glucosamine and msm.

Of course this is in extreme cases of idiots and pro hormones, but remember form > weights and remember to do things properly and do NOT focus on maxing out regularly. Regardless of whatever your taking, make sure you include joint support into the mix.
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