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FS Link Cosplay [Help/Feedback Please]

I know, Link is done to DEATH. :P
However, that will not stop me.
Here are the resources I have gathered. Anyone feeling helpful as to provide feedback would be loved and showered with cookies.


I'm doing Red, yes.

Aradani Legend of Zelda ears
Aradani Large Elf ears

I cannot decide, my wallet likes the latter better, obviously, but...I don't know if they will suffice.

Gold layered wig
Light blonde Airily wig
It's between these two, for me. I'll take suggestions as well. Again, there is a price difference, it may depend on which of the ears I opt for. However there is also a color difference (The gold is more Toon-y, but the blonde is more natural).

Tunic & Shirt
I believe cotton fabrics are the general consensus for Link's tunic. I thought about trying to find some kind of heavy cotton for the tunic and a soft fabric for the shirt? Correct me if I'm mistaken in some fashion, sewing is a new science to me.

I plan on thrifting around for a belt, however the buckle stumps me.
I found a thread on this site via Google that instructed the use of polymer clay. Is this a common solution?

Shoe Covers
I'm a bit stumped on these as well. How do you make these exactly? :x

Links to a generic sword tutorial would be greatly awesome. The kind of sword I desire is shown in my above reference picture.

Generic shield tutorial link maybe, or a base wooden shield I could paint? Or other general tips and pointers.

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Wheeeeee Red Link!

Ears- I'd go with the Large anime ears since they look more like the "Toon" character ears. I've been considering ordering some for my FS Zelda since they're more accurate than the ones I wear.

Wig- Those both look like they'd be good choices to start with. Never worked with either brand though.

Tunic & Shirt - I'd recommend a knit fabric for the undershirt since it needs to stretch over your head. You could probably thrift a long sleeved red T-Shirt pretty easy or dye a white one. The tunic could be a stretch fabric as well, but its not as important for this to be a stretch. A heavier cotton or linen would be a good choice.

Belt - Most people I know have used polymer clay. To get it to stay, one of my friends attached industrial strength velcro to the back of it and the belt.

Shoe Covers- Never tackled these myself, but a couple of my friends used Sarcasm-Hime's tutorial I think it was, with success.

Sword & Shield - I've never had the need to make many, so props aren't really my forte, nor do I have very many tutorials saved, but I can direct you to this tutorial for the shield.
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