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This is a thread that I started in order to protest and discuss the convention and what we didn't like about it: http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=222968

Hope it helps to improve the con for everyone next year.
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It had a lot of potential, two great forms of art in one building? Strong communities meeting for the same purpose?

Don't get me wrong, I had a LOT of fun, but this was mostly due to the people I ran into (I was lucky enough to not bump into rudies). But it was messy and overcrowded. Thank god I only went for one day, it was really a chore maneuvering around the place.

Dealer's Room. I haven't seen a Dealer's Room with such a nice layout and design. Too bad it was abysmal, dangerous, and just one big fail. There was seriously no room, I ended up damaging part of my prop because people kept bumping into me. Even Otakon's Dealer's Room was much better. Although when I revisited the Dealer's Room after 7 pm, it was noticably much easier to get around, but I still didn't find the anime section. I didn't buy anything.

As someone else posted above, if there was a firedrill like at Otakon 2010, most of us would have severely injured.

Will I attend next year? Thats a pressing question.... I haven't attended Anime Next in favor for saving money for bigger events like Otakon and NYAF (this year CC/NYAF)... I might just switch NYAF for Anime Next though.
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Some early numbers are saying attendance topped 95,000 people.

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Before I write my review/feedback I must say I'm appealed at how some people right away go to say that the Comic Book fans/attendees were mostly the rude ones or so. I bet they experienced some rudeness and childish act from some of the Anime fans/attendees.

And I say this as a fan of both mediums, well more comics but who ironically has been attending more anime cons than comic cons (in fact I only attended NYCC 3 years). So I seen the "annoyance" of certain people from both sides.

But anyways, agree on the fact that it was really a fire hazard in the making. Reed Pop really overestimated the sheer amount of people showing up for this. Mainly on Saturday, which we all know that is the most crowded day at any convention. Also didn't helped that many big booths were positioned in the worst area possible (example Michael Jackson Experience right at the entrance or Capcom in between Marvel and DC Comics).

I agree on the fact that it seemed that NYAF was overshadowed by NYCC, but again..look at the list of guests...NYCC guests/booths will bring more people in the end. That is really something that will happen when you mix these two kind of shows. SDCC for example has become as the years go more of a "movie/tv con" for many comic book fans since this same thing is happening with Movie and TV Companies showing up.

I would separate the NYAF dealer into its own area closer to the NYAF side....honestly it was dangerous to move it all the way to the back and make it only two rows. That area was a nightmare to move on Saturday.

I really have no comment on the panels and screenings from the NYAF point of view, since I never attend them at Anime Cons. The program seemed ok for me overall, although was a little lacking compared to last year.

Overall, I expected some madness when it was announced that both cons would be combined. This was the test con, now let's see how next year goes.
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You know what? I'm not even mad.

I had a blast at NYCC/NYAF. There were some awesome premieres, a lot of cool guests, awesome swag, and a lot of screenings and panels I gave a rat's ass about. I'm sorry, but my ideal time ISN'T paying for a badge so I can run around like a idiot, screaming memes, dancing, and dry-humping strangers. Or attention whoring in my costume.

Then again, it's not a lot of people's ideal, which is why NYCC need to keep NYAF on life-support, despite doing it's best to trying to support the community that took advantage of it, and is now crying that things aren't going it's way.
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Hmmya... This was my first NYAF, so my comparisons are to other cons, not to previous year NYAF experiences. Overall, I was disappointed. I felt the staff was disorganized and largely uninformed, and that the signage was horrible. I was grateful to the only two (very nice) staff members we came across that actually knew what they were talking about, but largely my experience with the staff left me feeling like I was better off wandering around lost.

Also, from the website and maps that had been posted before the event, as well as the sinage at the Javits Center, I had expected the comics and anime areas to be divided, with common areas between them, which to me would have made an awful lot of sense, rather than squeezing them both together. The Javits center is an incredibly large venue, so there would certainly have been space to do so, and may have helped solve some of the traffic issues. Overcrowding is par for con experience, but on the whole, I felt it was a bit over the top since most everyone crammed into the dealer's room.

On the plus side, I was incredibly pleased with the panels themselves. I felt they were the best organized part of the entire weekend, and really enjoyed most of the panelists and their presentations. Although, to be fair, I do not consider students to be "professionals" when it comes to Academia. Tapping someone like Susan Napier, who has appeared at cons all over the country, would have been perhaps a better use for that time slot.

Related to that however, I have to say that my biggest disappointment with the weekend was the actual people at the convention! It was like pulling teeth to get any sort of crowd responses, no one clapped at the Masquerade, no one clapped at panels.. it was discouraging. That kind of feedback really doesn't encourage speakers or event coordinators to participate again, so I can understand where the criticism may be coming from in those folks saying that NYAF is on life support. :/

Overall, I had an okay time, but whether or not I'd spend another $50 to do it again next year is questionable. I like to go to cons, but I felt it was overpriced for the "value received" and would perhaps use the money to buy a train ticket to another east coast con ^_^;; I like comics, anime, and video games, so I thought the blending would be fun, but rather than the best of both worlds, it seemed more like a last minute mash-up. I'm hoping with this first year done with, the organizers will be able to take stock and improve things for a smoother experience in the future.

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This was my first convention that I went to in cosplay. Well, my second. I cosplayed a few years ago when I was really young as Yahiko from Rurouni Kenshin. I enjoyed it back then very much! But since I became 20+ I kinda had the embarrassment factor, especially since the costume I ordered has parts that honestly didn't fit my built at all, lmao.

Anyways, I attended only the Friday session, and I'll be honest; I'm glad I only went Friday. I know lots of awesome things happen on the weekend, but the Friday session was very friendly and not so crowded by my standards. I kinda had a feeling that the cosplayers were lacking this year, and man, it was REALLY noticeable who the minority was (the anime/manga cosplayers).

I had lots of fun! I cosplayed as Shuuhei Hisagi from Bleach, and I kinda regret it because I didn't have the full outfit and since it's so hard to find his sword to purchase, I made due with a light-blue sword version of Aizen's sword. Also, my leiutenant badge was stuck in customs, and I wasn't willing to purchase another one in one of the stands for 18 bucks.

I was a little underwhelmed now that I think about it. I was in a group of 4 with me, a Hitsugaya and a Rukia, and eventually my friend hopped in and bought a full Urahara outfit. We seemed to have been stopped for pictures every 15 minutes, and man was that awesome. But apart from the semi-celebrity attention, I found it exceptionally difficult to really find anything anime about the convention, with the exception of the little area it did have. My two male friends were pretty much into DC and stuff so they had every bit of fun, but Hitsugaya's gf who cosplayed as Rukia wanted to see the anime stuff like me, and we both found it hard to really find it.

Either it was me, or with the exception of the Marvel and Capcom areas, everything seemed like a mixed bag. It didn't feel very organized, and it was kind of sad to see some stands literally right behind a giant column.

And it was very uncomfortable having the feeling of someone take pics of you from behind. The Rukia we had with us was very pretty, so it was obvious that the guys were gawking at her. Her bf has to have been uncomfortable, which would explain him having to hold her tightly sometimes.

And someone actually GLOMPED our Urahara... GLOMPED. Like full-frontal. He was so freaked out he didn't know what to say, but he was glomped by a Yoroichi cosplayer. It was funny to all of us, but man, was it awkward. We swore to not tell his gf what happened since she was still in class. We actually HEARD the impact, lmao.

It felt very awkward cosplaying as an anime character in a convention that definitely was created for comics and not manga/anime. The Friday session was filled with only comic stuff, and it was kind of sad. But I enjoyed the attention I got. Next year, or hopefully in the next anime convention near NY/NJ, I will have my complete Hisagi costume and be ready this time!
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yeah, i was reaching panic attack level in the nycc hall on saturday. terrible crowds. sunday was tolerable though.

and a more concise panel schedule would have been appreciated. and maybe knowing what rooms were... and maybe being able to find nyaf before saturday night. >____>

overall it was super fun because of my friends and cosplay. but the event itself was so meh.
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Nice little response to the con via Lance Fensterman, who's top dog at REED Pop!. Glad to see some explanation to some of the problems behind the con, and that they're already looking to fix things.
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Lots of feedback

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I agree with everyone here, I couldnt move on sat, and did not get to any of the panels I wanted to see.
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Originally Posted by Starwind824 View Post

Nice little response to the con via Lance Fensterman, who's top dog at REED Pop!. Glad to see some explanation to some of the problems behind the con, and that they're already looking to fix things.
That's a really good article. I would definitely like to see the improvements implemented in the future, as I think that the combined con does have a lot of potential. If the areas that were closed off due to construction were reopened, it would probably make quite a bit of a difference. A slightly smaller attendance would also be nice (although, for some reason the Saturday crowds didn't bother me even as much as I expected they would, I've been more tightly packed on some sidewalks and in school hallways, but still, even less crowding would definitely be an improvement). I love the anime and video game cosplayers, but I'm also into a lot of the more pop culture-ish stuff that's at Comic Con. I'm sure I'm not the only person who feels this way.
I think that NYAF and NYCC can be a little bit more separated or better organized without completely separating the cons like they used to be.
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I wasn't happy at all with the combination for both conventions. I was hoping it would work out for the best, but it was a bad idea.

Comic con DOMINATED everything. There was no equal balance. And CC was in the middle of everything and NYAF was on both sides. I figured when I walked in, to the right would be NYAF (where it's usually located) and to the left would be CC. The set up was horrible. The amime stuff for the convention in the dealers was stuck in a corner. By the time I was told where it was, it was Saturday and there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE. It took me 10 - 20 minutes to get over there and I couldn't even browse for anything because it was so packed.

Most of the staffers/volunteers didn't know where anything was located (from my understanding, I didn't ask any of them where anything was located). And the crowd control was just horrible.

The people who loved comis (like my friends who actually went for Comic Con and not NYAF) had more positive feedback about the con (minus the lack of crowd control) than I did, since I was more on the anime side. Hell, if I was into the comic scene, I'm sure I would have enjoyed the con too. They combined the conventions for next year and I probably won't go back unless things are cleaned up and organized or I get in for free or something. Honestly, the way that NYAF was pushed to the side this year, I don't even see the point in combining the conventions or it sticking around on its own. They might as well title it "New York Comic Con featuring New York Anime Festival." A combination usually mentions the balance of two things. The convention proved to be the FARTHEST thing from a balance of the two conventions.
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Originally Posted by CZor View Post
Before I write my review/feedback I must say I'm appealed at how some people right away go to say that the Comic Book fans/attendees were mostly the rude ones or so. I bet they experienced some rudeness and childish act from some of the Anime fans/attendees.
I agree with that the rudeness was not solely on the Comic book fans and in fact, I had absolutely no problem with them at all. While I have no issues with stuff like the Game or shouting internet memes, seeing as it can be annoying but harmless, other stuff I had a huge issue with. There was one Luffy cosplayer who glomped me out of nowhere on the stairs and nearly injured me. I made it very clear that I don't want a free hug and she still insist on attempting to give me one. I am saying this both as a comic book fan and an anime fan that to fellow otakus, please be considerate about people's own feelings and that if they don't want to be involved in stuff like free hugs, then do not annoy them.

I for one had a good time but do agree on some of the issues. It was clearly NYCC that was running the show with NYAF in the back corner. I have only been to one NYAF panel and it took me a while to even find it. I thought it was just me, seeing as how the Javits center was pretty huge until I heard it from other people. I also think the maid cafe should be put somewhere else since the AA was a pretty small place to begin with.

There was also the crowds. I expected combining the cons would be pretty crowded but I think this more than doubled the attendance rate. On Saturday, I was stuck in one area for two hours with nothing to eat or drink and missed a lot of stuff I wanted to see. The Dealer's room was also messy, combining that with the Capcom, Marvel/DC, IGN, and any other gaming booths and it took me a while to get some things I wanted. it took me nearly a half hour to buy some things I wanted because it was too crowded.

The volunteer and staff was useless, some of them pretty much made me run around in circles since one of them would direct me to the top floor but then someone else would direct me back to where I was before. I was trying to look for the autographs for people like Crispin Freeman and Chris Claremont but no one even knew where they were. Plus, although it did not happen to me, I've noticed that some of the security was rude to other people. I will say though that the people who were in charge of the badges were understandable since I couldn't get a printout because I have no printer and they were nice enough to just ask me for a proof of ID instead for my weekend pass.

The important thing for me though is that I did have a good time and I did have some positive experience including meeting new people and playing upcoming games like Marvel vs Capcom 3 but if they can't separate the con for next year, at least make it 50/50 or as close as possible. I know NYAF can be bigger if it needs to, just look at other conventions like Otakon and Anime EXPO, the biggest con on the east coast and west coast respectively. Hopefully, once the construction at the Javits Center is done, some of the issues will be addressed. I will definitely go back next year but if they don't address the problems, then next year may be my last.
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Excuse me. I made a mistake with the section.

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