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Unread 10-22-2010, 04:48 PM   #1
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Question Any interesting cosplay hotel shenanigan stories?

Well, do you know any?
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Not so many long stories.. but funny incidents for sure!

A few years ago at NYCC, a friend of mine and I put on our helmets ..he had a biker scout and I in my Mandalorian.. ran up and down the hallway at about 3am.. after copious amounts of candy were consumed XD
Making speeder-bike and pew-pew noises at each other. It was an epic race ending in a mid-hallway collision and laughing until our sides hurt!

another time... cannot remember which con atm.. but I was in my Punisher.. headed back to my room. Carrying all of my props.. which consists of a few grenades and many many firearms.
I turned the corner to see a group of maybe 6 or 7 guys.. clearly the type not there for the convention and thought to myself "well shit.."
Putting on my best "don't mess with me" face.. standing as tall as I could (being 5'11" helps me in situations like this!)
I kept heading towards them. They all stopped talking and were staring at me. Now at first it looked like one was gonna say some smart-ass comment.. but another spoke first and said "oh shit.. back up guys.. she's got lots of guns"

I smirked a little at that.. and as I walked past.. they didn't say a thing to me... though I swore I heard one of them say "damn.." under his breath.
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My friend went to a Con this year and had a "Post it" War with some guys on a Different floor. They would leave messages on there and try not to get caught. it ended when she Whipped the door open and Grabbed them. It ended for a few hours before they started up again.

This one isn't really a Shenanigan but One year i was stating at a hotel 5 miles away (we took the metro to the con) and We Would go down and get snacks from the Food bar or Walgreens down the street. Problem was we Jogged everywhere we went being sugar high and everything. The Staff enjoyed our costumes and felt kinda bad bout it being Ice and everything out in the snow. They Didn't say a word about the jogging or at one point running. We ran by front desk giving the manager a High five as we ran to catch the metro XD
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=..= rawr?
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I work at a hotel in the housekeeping department, so I try to be as unobtrusive as I can when I stay in a hotel. I leave the Do Not Disturb sign in all day and I try to round up all the trash in one place before I leave.

Working during PAX weekend was interesting. Definitely interesting.
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One year for MegaCon we rented a condo about 20 minutes drive from the con center (way cheaper than a hotel, and hella nice, so the drive was worth it). This place was mostly inhabited by old people who only come down when it gets too cold for them where they usually live, and this being early spring, it was very full. Doing photoshoots at various spots in/around the building led to reactions that ranged from the really nice ones complimenting us to the ones who are....lets just say "like my grandmother" shaking their heads in disgust and one even commenting about "devil worship" as if we couldn't hear her. XD

Another MegaCon year. We were staying at the con-affiliated hotel (free shuttle to the convention center ftw) and cosplaying the Turks from FFVII all weekend. There was one employee who thought we were really some kind of official group. Because the second hand suits, bright wigs, and my friends eyeliner facial hair didn't tip him off. Around everyone else he was just the regular employee pleasant but with us he acted like he was in trouble when we talked to him, sounded nervous, called us "sir" and "mam" and enunciated every syllable. He even did it once when I went down to the lobby with my friend (who was cosplaying Tseng and using her real hair, so he recognized her...I don't think he knew who I was) and we were both in our pajamas just asking for extra pillows.

And then there was MetroCon this summer where we had to change hotel rooms in the middle of the night because of plumbing issues. We had two rooms and as far as I know the other room (which was right next to ours) didn't find out till the next day.

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at fanime 2010, me and my friends were in our hotel room retiring for the night, and my friend dared me to put on her maid oufit (she worked at the maidcafe) and run down the hallway down and back, no one saw me but it was reallly funny xD especially when she's half a foot taller than me so the outfit was to big
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It wasn't at a con, but it was an out-of-town trip with a few of my cosplaying buddies that this happened on.

My dad had told me that hotels are great places to have Nerf gun wars in. Unknown to me, he put almost our entire Nerf arsenal in my bag. (There were at least three pistol sized ones, if that says anything...)

Guess who was out shooting her friends with rubber darts at one in the morning? XD
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I witnessed one at Anime North 2008; a Deidara and a Sasori cosplayer having a race down the hallway on those wheeled shoes (yannow, the running shoes with rollerskate wheels in the heels).....the Deidara then tripped and fell, and her wig fell off. I didn't want to laugh in front of them because it looked like it hurt/was embarassing as funny as it was, so I had to step outside (lucky me, I was already going out) and then proceeded to laugh my ass off.
And as for TO me, so far just someone going around the hall trying to steal the Do Not Disturb signs and my boyfriend catching them in mid-reach at our door. Which was more dumb than anything.
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No shenanigan stories... but at AN this year we ended up alone in an elevator at our hotel with Vic Mignona, dressed as Kaname and Zero from Vampire Knight... Vic voices Zero... Vic fails at life because... he didn't recognize his own character just because I was wearing the white uniform rather then the black -_- as if the tattoo, hair and Bloody Rose gun weren't enough to identify him...
Then my friend was just as funny...

Vic: *looks at friend* You're Kaname right?
Friend: *nods*
Vic: *looks at me* ... ... who are you cosplaying?
Me: ... ... I'm ZERO!
Vic: ... *priceless pale face* Ohhhh, d-doesn't he wear the black uniform?
Me: Yeah, but in some arts he wears the white one, and EVERY Zero here is wearing the black one... I'm trying to be ORIGINAL and creative...
Vic: Oh, that's awesome! *fakeness*
Me: ... Yeah...
Elevator: *is on our floor*
Me: *walks out*
Friend: Thanks! *walks out, turns to me* Do we know him? I feel like his voice is familiar...
Me: *facepalm* Vic? As in the guy who just CONFIRMED my fears of the Vampire Knight dub sucking ASS!

okay, so it wasn't EXACTLY like that but that was 99% what happened in my head (like I wasn't so sarcastic at the end in reality XP)

And... walking into a fancy hotel with someone dressed as a butler= WIN... DO IT! XP
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My con buddies and I always go exploring between 1-3 in the morning (you know when we should be sleeping like everyone else but aren't) and we always try to see how close to the roof we can get. So at A-Kon 21 we continued this tradition well we stopped at the floor just before the last numbered level and there were no lights on so we stop and look at each other and go up one more. Well this level I guess was being used for storage was really dirty, littered with all kinds of this and had chain-link fences and such. We lovingly dubbed it the Freddie floor. Now the elevator can't go any higher but there are stairs so we continue up these only to get to the last door standing between us and the roof, sadly it has all these alarms and security stuff on it.

Well after giving up one of my friends decides to go back to 39(?), the no light level, with no doubt there are light so we go back. She gets out and walks a little ways down and finds light switches. I'm still in the elevator and my other friend is half in half out to keep the doors open. Well she flips the switch and proudly announces she told us there were lights, now these lights barely illuminate anything and flicker like crazy so my other friends reply is yeah Grudge lights and runs in the elevator to close the doors. She made it back before they completely closed but was freaked out because of the event. She hit him while I laughed at everything that happened, with nothing happening to me yay.

After this we found the restaurant that I guess they closed and thought it would have made an awesome ballroom so we pretended to dance and then found a rollie chair and spun each other and saw who could run the best after all the dizziness. Ah, good times.
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At Sakura Con my group was kind of a hit with the staff - to the point where they would gather each other in the lobby when we came down. No real shenanigans, but it was pretty awesome nonetheless. Also really nice to see non-anime fans genuinely interested in costume making. ^_^
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At Wizard-con, which is a comic-con in Rosemont, I was surprised to learn that the Hyatt had NO part to do with the con...since at Anime Central, the Hyatt is overrun with cosplayers and such, it was amazing to walk in and see...hardly anyone. Just men in suits, and stuff.
Our group is pretty low key and quiet, so we were sitting in the lobby talking and relaxing after walking around the con for about three hours. My friend then gets this awesome idea of riding in the elevator, and seeing how long we could make it. Our other friend joined us, and halfway through, so did a random Sora.
So....Kinda odd seeing a Casual!Teto Kasane, a cat-eared girl, another girl with a Pedobear hat on, and Sora, when you first step on the elevator. xD A lot of guys were like, "WTF...O_O"
We lasted 30 minutes, then we couldn't take it. :'D
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I can never sleep the thursday night before a con, so my friend and I usually wander. At AB 2008 we ran in to two other girls doing the same. So we teamed up and had PJ wandering adventures at 1 am. Then we went back to our rooms. We never exchanged names, but the were cool.
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so AX 2008 my friends and I stayed at a hotel down the way from the convention. there was one particular security guard that felt the need to be 10x louder then anyone entering. well it was after the masquerade and my friends [Fey in normal clothing, Kimu in Abel Nightroad and myself, in Redmars Cain.] and I were turning in for the night and got into the elevator after being yelled at by the security guard. well A particularly inebriated and overly loud group of Non-Con hotel patrons were trying to get into the elevator with us after the security guard howled at them as well. We had backed up and even encouraged them to join us.
one man in their group lingered causing the door to the elevator to beep and he was trying to decide if he could get in or not.... I was done being nice.
"Get in or get out, There's room enough for you." My voice is low for a woman anyhow, I was triad and upset so it gets lower.
"Yeh what He said just get in!" one of the other girls states dragging the guy in.
her friend spoke up "uh... I think that's a woman."
so the girl stops looks me up and down and goes "Are you a girl or a guy."
I smirk "I'm a cosplayer"
"I donno what that means! you're voice is freakin me out! Well are you a girl or a guy?!" the elevator dings and her friends are starting to drag her away.
I give in " I'm a woman."
"oh well...he's DEFIANTLY a guy!" the says pointing at my friend Kimu... who is in fact A woman =D

story two:
NDK 2009, we had the ..... pleasure of being the last room right next to the stairwell. Well quite a few cosplayers will go running and down at all hours of the night waking everyone in my room up, we turn in late and rise early....and highly dislike being woken up[as anyone would be]. Well we had been cosplaying Bleach, Kimu [because no convention is complete without her] did Ukitake and me Shunsui. As I had the most facial hair to remove I waited till all others were done and was going to take a shower. by this time Kimu [ironically not feeling well poor thing] had already turned in trying to sleep. Well the loud young con'ers were making noise in the stairwell [which I can understand that they would think in the hallway they'd be too loud.]
As Kimu gave a grumble and a quiet plea of whishign to jsut sleep, I respectfully opened the door, went into the stair well smiled.....
"Um...pardon me. I don't mean to shoo you away but my friend is rather ill and trying to rest. He's... a little fragile and its hard for him to sleep. perhaps you could move down into the Lobby to have this discussion. I'd certainly appreciate it." Faces of annoyance at first for interrupting their conversation suddenly dissipated and they were apologetic and left quietly.
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Originally Posted by Inoli View Post
"Get in or get out, There's room enough for you." My voice is low for a woman anyhow, I was triad and upset so it gets lower.
"Yeh what He said just get in!" one of the other girls states dragging the guy in.
her friend spoke up "uh... I think that's a woman."
so the girl stops looks me up and down and goes "Are you a girl or a guy."
I smirk "I'm a cosplayer"
"I donno what that means! you're voice is freakin me out! Well are you a girl or a guy?!" the elevator dings and her friends are starting to drag her away.
I give in " I'm a woman."
"oh well...he's DEFIANTLY a guy!" the says pointing at my friend Kimu... who is in fact A woman <3
omfg.. that made me bust out laughing! Rock on! gotta love drunken non-con-goers and random encounters like that. You know that's the type of thing that they will be telling their friends about for a long time. XD
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