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cardio for the asthmatic

okay so my BIG problem with losing weight and exercising is that I have really bad asthma. Not just allergy asthma, but athletic asthma. which means if I run too far, I will pretty much collapse in heap and not able to breathe.

I got the game wii sports active, but there's a problem with the running part, which I know is GOOD for you, but after that i'm exhausted and have to take at least 5 minutes to calm my breathing down (even with taking my inhaler)...

now I've talked to my doctor and she just says I need to take my inhaler..and I do but it still doesn't help THAT much.

ANYWAY. I found that hoolahooping works and i walk, er fast on the treadmill and when i'm with my dog but I can only jog for so long.

any ideas of some good cardio I can do that won't kill me?

Haruka (idolm@ster 2)

A-kon in Dallas, TX


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As a fellow asthmatic I can understand what you're saying

I have vasculitis which bought on my adult onset asthma. I now have severe asthma, controlled with high dose inhaled steroids twice a day and a long acting beta-agonist as well as my "reliever" inhaler, the standard "blue" inhaler (salbutamol, ventilin etc)

The reason I first knew this was all kicking off was the exercise induced part. It started on my long distance runs, especially outside on cold days. I was finding I had to stop after just 15 mins, because I couldnt breath and I had to brace myself just to breath properly. And I would spend the rest of the night and the following days coughing.
Thankfully introducing the reliver inhaler at first did help this alot, but as it got worst, as I had to adapt my workout

Things I have learned/know from my medical training (I'm a final year MD)

- Cold air = bad for asthma. I now can't train outside in the winter/colder seasons at all Brings on attacks really easily and I spend enough time in hospitals working, so dont fancy spending time there as a patient!

- If there is an exercise that brings on your asthma really easily, then avoid it! There are PLENTY of other ones out there! Long distance running was my passion, but I have had to kick it in more or less, as I can't stand long distance running on the treadmill (find it dull)

- If you have access to a treadmill (which from your thread it sounds like you do ) then set the incline high (I set mine to 15.0, the highest possible, but that might be a bit much?) and just walk/speed walk! I find it really gets the heart pumping and gets you sweating, but for some reason it doesnt upset my asthma half as much as running at the same pace.

- Interval training has worked really well for me. I think its because I can use the intervals to use my blue inhaler and catch my breath inbetween the "running/sprinting" intervals... but this might not be suitable for you, I'm not sure what levels you're training at

- Weight lifting can also be really good! don't be scared of it! it's an important part of a workout, even for girls! And dont worry that you'll bulk out/turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger! If it were that easy, it wouldnt be so challenging to become a bodybuilder! And building muscle will help you loose weight in the long run as muscle burns more fat and raises your metabolism And the more weight you loose, the better your asthma will get!

Other, more general tips:

Its hard for me from here to get an idea on your inhaler technique... but remember when using your blue inhaler its about breathing NORMALLY when inhaling the spray, NOT taking a deep breath, like you would for the steroid inhalers (if you use those?)
When you get out of breath it can be difficult to try and breath calmly enough to get a controlled dose into your lungs. I know and understand that all to well

And another thing: Don't let asthma control you! I went through a phase just after my diagnosis (when I realised what impact it would have on my training) when I let it "overwhelm" me and then I realised that I refused to be put into the role of a "sick person". Now I am in charge of my illness. Yes I walk around the gym with my inhaler and use it on the treadmill. But at least I'm there and I train harder than half the people there without an inhaler

If you have any more questions etc just drop me a message or ask here and I'll try my best to answer!

Fran x
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