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Unread 11-02-2010, 04:38 PM   #1
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Hunter and Smoker Help?

(Yes, I did read through a lot of the forums. It is huge though, so it'd be easier to just ask.)

The Smoker is my main issue though.

Alright, welp, I cannot believe I am doing this. Lol! I have started to play L4D and L4D2 about a month ago, and I love the game. Of course, I wanted to cosplay it, and I wanted to be the Hunter. Go figure.

EVERYONE is doing the Hunter. I'm too fat for the witch, I'm too short for the Smoker (5'2), too skinny for the Boomer (Which I would not want to do him anyway), but for a fat girl I can pull off the crouches, crawls and whatnot.

I like the Hunter because of his moves. And, also the fact that I can officially say I've cosplayed as a guy...and, a bad one at that. SO, yeah.
Here is my gallery for the Hunter:

I want to add stuff to make it better, and get larger claws (Where CAN I get longer claws?). WHAT else do I need (besides makeup. I am going to order the makeup so I will be gray instead of white. It did not show up well in my pictures. But, I want this cosplay to be awsome. As, I am going to be wearing it for the first time to Kami-Con, PersaCon, and DragonCon in 2011.

BUT, here is the MAIN thing:
A very close friend of mine is going to be the Smoker. He has an idea to use a fire proof mask for it, which is going to be brutal and hot.

Does ANYONE have any ideas for the Smoker? How to make his boils as close as possible on his arm, all the way to his Tongue. We are kinda stumped on what to do with his tongue. And, we don't want cloth at all. I don't want to sew a cloth tongue, it'd be ridiculous.

tl;dr - Help me make the Hunter and (Mainly) Smoker awesome.

"Princess" Haru - The Cat Returns
Cole - Dragon Age Inquisition

Next costumes to be made:

* Zelda (OoT) - 25%
* Maria Renard (Castlevania) - 0%
* Cheria (Tales of Graces) - 0%
* Amelia (Slayers) - 15%
* Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi) - 0%
* Yuni (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) - 0%
* Heisuke Toudou (Fury Version/First Costume) - o%


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For your hunter costume I would definitely use that new makeup your buying, and if you don't mind messing up what your wearing you can weather the clothes a bit or just cover them in some loose powder or other makeup. Taking sandpaper and mascara to the ductape works pretty well, too.
I don't have much to offer for a Smoker though. I think I saw a cosplay on here once, the guy used cotton balls covered in latex to make his skin look all lumpy and then just covered it it makeup...

O ya, I ended up using 'killer klaws' on my nails, but I had to go buy actuall glue from Walmart for them to stay on. I don't have any pics of what I did this year, but if you cover them up with something black and blend it into your fingers it looks fine. The problem is..the black stuff..even the sharpie rubbed off on mine

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Unread 03-21-2011, 11:03 AM   #3
Theres a Hunter out there
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For the hunter weathering, I rolled around in dirt alot. Down a few hills and in the mud. Plus it gives you an excuse to put on the Cosplay and weather in it. I took it to a few events and ran through woods, played dodgeball in it, loads of things over of the course of the month to make it look like I had been pouncing and running about. From there add blood, then more weathering. Repeat, im sure there are easier ways. But I love the way mine came it. It looks like I had been all about getting covered in dirt and blood because I had.

Some nifty tricks I used:

Bread knives are great way to start fraying clothing.

Coffee grounds: add them to blood for a coagulated look, looks good on wet dirt before it dries, and it makes you smell not so bad lol.

Air cans: PC air can cleaners work great for blood splatter. Put some fake blood in a flat dish and spray it at the cosplay hanging up.

Bloody up an undershirt and weather that too! White t-shirt works.

I used a mix of bandages for the arms and legs rather than tape. It held the weather and blood better and its so dirty now you can barely tell. Also side note: a few Parkour kids in my area said they use the stretchy Gauss.

For the smoker, ive seen people use a cheap pair of glass and build the tumors out of bubble wrap, and liquid latex. You can even pop a few, and make prosthetics for your arms out of that.

Green food coloring thickened in water mixed with mud makes a great "sickly" color effect for around the smokers boils and sores.

You dont need to weather the cosplay as much, since the smoker stands upright all the time. I would say use a lot of fine powders and dusts, spray with a bit of hairspray and repeat. Use more splatters with the mud and such. Bullet holes for effect, hell add a slash or two.

You could probably use a halloween mask as well. Just cut it in half. Better to use something that forms to your face you can blend on.

I hope I helped a bit.
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