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Hair/Wig Product Review: Prisila Hair Styling Mist for Wigs

Name of Merchant: Prisila
Website: http://www.prichara.com/ *Japan only
Item reviewed: Oil Spray Conditioner for Wigs
Price: 1,260 yen (about US $18) for a 150 ml bottle.

Prisila's styling mist is essentially a water-soluble non-aerosol hairspray with a distinctly plasticy sheen, unpleasant stickiness when wet and God's own hold when dry.

This is my primary wig styling spray. I use it for EVERYTHING. I'm addicted to this stuff. I love it that much. I can identify wig-wearers by the scent of this in the air around them...

Pros: A little goes a long way. A bottle of it lasts me about 6 months, but I haven't been marathoning crazy hair. I imagine someone who does a lot of spikes would run out in 2 or 3.

It has amazing hold without looking sticky, greasy or weighing down hair like some waxes.

But let's talk about why this stuff really rocks. It smells amazing! I may be biased on account of a year associating this scent with every amazing cosplay experience I've ever had... but just a faint whiff of this stuff on a crowded subway or on an old wig I've just pulled out of storage and I'm ready to wear a costume! Never has anything had such a loaded and sentimental association as the smell of this silly spray. I love playing with wigs... and I think this smell might be part of the reason why.

The best part of this spray is that it does ZERO damage to your wigs or costumes. Whatever you get it on and no matter how much you get on it, it will come out completely with warm water. I very rarely use any sort of soap at all when washing my wigs... largely because I style most of them with this spray. A swirl in warm water, a rinse in cold and a comb through leaves wigs silky, shiny as good as new... still smelling vaguely of the spray you've just washed out of them.

Cons: The wussy spray mechanism doesn't give you the best coverage and as a result, often needs to be manipulated into or smoothed onto hair by hand as a sort of bastardized spray-gel. This stuff is STICKY, unpleasant and dries so shiny you will feel like an alien with reptilian palms. That said... it makes your hands smell lovely and washes right off with water. No soap required.

Water soluble also means RAIN soluble *ulp* More than 15 minutes in a light mist and you're looking at Wicked Witch level meltdown. But let's face it, if you wear an elaborate, spikey wig out into the rain, it's probably not going to end well for you no matter what you've styled it with.

Final Comments: Smells amazing. Works well. Comes right out with water (this is both good and bad)

Final Grade: 9
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