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Several issues with working out

four months ago I started jogging to destress, and hopefully lose a few pounds with it (I only need to lose about 25 pounds) I've also done weight lifting as I've been a couch potato and I'm sick and tired of asking people to lift things for me. I tend to mix things up and either weight lift, stair step, walk around our (very) steep hill, rollerblading or jog for 30 minutes a night. At first I noticed that my hips/middle were slimming right down, despite what the scale said. Then after about a week I started getting REALLLLY hungry after working out - or randomly through the day. The problem was I ONLY wanted sugar. After a while it's mostly passed, but now and then I can't help it and feel like I'll go insane without some. There is a history of diabetes in my family, but I've been tested six times for it and they say I don't have it, I don't know if that could be related to it?
The other problem is even without sugar my weight went down ten pounds, then sprang right back almost overnight, plus about 5 pounds. I know it's expected to gain some weight (muscle) but that seems insane to me. I think my body has its happy 'resting' weight, is there any way to break that?
Thirdly. . . My eating habits. Unlike most people who eat too much I've never had a stomach for much (Dairy and any type of grease at all makes me sick) I eat less than my six year old brother, just because I'm not hungry, even with working out. It's NOT anorexia, I just don't get hungry much. (had to throw that out there) As a result whenever I eat a 'normal' amount of food I feel over full and sometimes a bit sick. I know eating when working out is VERY important, suggestions on how to do that? I'm fine snacking throughout the day, maybe snacks? Or building up to fuller meals?
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this targets your third issue--- i can tell you from experiencing anorexia recovery(although i know u dont have it) that adjusting to a different meal size is physically intense and can make ur life feel like shit. theres no way to go around it. you should spend a week gradually increasing your meal size then stick to it. you might experience regurgitation when trying to eat, stomach pains like crazy. extreeeme stomach pain while eating larger portions. it was so bad for me that i would double over in pain a few times inbetween a meal. but i doubt itll be that bad for you. an urge to vomit after eating, which is why you should avoid the bathroom for 30 mins after meals even though it sounds stupid, do it. it puts it off ur mind. u will also get more frequent bathroom trips. it feels really weird. you shouldnt try to increase your food intake by snacking because your stomach has to be able to take in a full sized meal in one sitting. its very different from snacks throughout the entire day. it will hurt more, but u get used to it. u will feel very full for a very long time (weeks-monthsif severe)) your stomach will swell for a while. u might gain weight because your metabolism has to adjust and you also might get pimples. yeah. pimples. its all cuz of the changes in diet. it will stop after you adjust. you might not even feel any of the stuff im explaining simply because your not malnourished. i dont know if you are or not but im posting this on the off chance that you are. just because you dont get hungry for food doesnt mean your body doesnt need it. i was never hungry and thats how i got anorexic. just stopped getting hungry. forgot about food. boom. almost dead. so be careful.
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