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Unread 01-04-2011, 03:05 AM   #1
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Losing belly fat :<

so like 99.9% of everyone else, i have decided to try and revamp my diet and exercise routine this coming semester at school and hopefully continue through the new year.

i'm fairly happy with my shape, i'd just like it to be a bit smaller.

at the moment i am about a size 13-14 in jeans and i'm perfectly happy with my lower body. it's my upper body that i want to tone and shed.

i realize that you can't really... target certain areas with dieting, so i've taken that into account.

but i'd really like to focus anything i can on my torso - mainly my belly and my arms. my arms are rather big around, i suppose from carrying at 40 pound child around constantly, but i digress.

i'd like to tone them and give them some shape to accent the muscle that's there.

but like i said, i'd really love to get rid of this overlap hanging belly fat that deflated from my pregnant belly. at least some of it. i'm fairly certain it will never be completely gone as i've had a pooch there all my life, my dad has it, my mum has it, my brother has it, my grandmum has it.... so the genetics are working against me.

this may be just considered a rant of some sorts. or a blog. or something. but any help or advice you can offer will be much appreciated.
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Well I am sort of in the same boat, with the stomach. Some people would be okay with my stomach, but I'm a very self concious person, so that doesn't work so well in certain cosplays.

But I suggest the following:
Any sort of stomach exercises:
-Oblique Twists-Using a heavy object, sit on your glutes with your feet slightly in the air and shift the object from side to side, over your torso.
-Med Ball Crunches-Using a Swiss Ball and a Med Ball, sit on the edge of the Swiss with your feet firmly planted on the ground. And hold the Med over your head and lean back until you feel your muscles flexing thensit back up into a comfy position.

Arm exercises:
-TriCep Extensions-this can be done with practically object: I sujest a bar with resistence or dumbell's.

Mixes of Both:
-Planks- These are when you lay on the ground then lift your self up on the lower part of your arm and toes. The objective is to make your back as straight as possible. To add the difficulty and work of your core, do this on a Swiss ball and roll out onto the floor as far as possible with your legs remaining on the Swiss. (You may want to look this up.)

You can find more here:

I hope this helped a little. You may want to google a few of them by name.
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remember when choosing exercises it is impossible to "spot train". And if you want to reduce belly or any other type of fat you must lower your overall body fat. Kasinator has created a great cheap workout plan on these forums.

Some Quick Tips
IMO the Squat is the most powerful exercise in your weight lose arsenal. Can be done anywhere with no equipment and can be easily modified to increase/decrease intensity.

Another great exercise is the Burpee or squat thrust. Again it is easily modified to increase/decrease intensity.

Keep a workout and Food log helps you stay focused and organized.
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Unread 01-20-2011, 09:41 AM   #4
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Cardio does wonders! Since it's hard to lose weight in one area, because more than likely you won't see a change when everywhere else is still surrounded by fat. ^_^

I've done DDR and belly dancing (from an instructional tv show), as well as line dancing (steps learned courtesy of Youtube), and just walking/jogging with some crunches/planks/sit-ups thrown in. And it works well. I was amazed at how much I slimmed down.

Of course, eating right (aka healthy food and limited my sugar/salt in-take helped a bunch too.) ^_~

So these are just some suggestions I found helpful and had fun doing too.
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Unread 01-28-2011, 01:53 AM   #5
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Not an expert in this area, but my BF told me that bicycle crunches are good for losing belly fat. They are really simple to do:
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Thanks for the advice ^^
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If you could focus on one day a week in a gym, some weight training would do you good. Even 30-45 mins makes good progress. Getting in a little cardio finishes a workout nicely. As long as you clean up your diet and get even just a little excercise, you'll get results.
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