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How do I get my boyfriend to cosplay Aoba from Dramatical Murder?LOL

well I was blessed with having a perfect boyfriend (with a tall, well built physique, the right complexion, asian). He has a very attractive face and everything, and I get the hang of make up & cosplay making, so I really want to transform him into Aoba because I think he'd pull it off really well.

He likes anime as well and said he is down to cosplay whoever I'd like. BUT, he's not found of yaoi at all (or any feminine bishonen for the matter) LMAO. When I mention it, he facepalms or cringes with disapproval like the typical straight guy.

I'm not trying to ruin his dignity or anything perverted. I really just want to experiment and see what I could come up with since I have a good base to start. I've seen other girls who I could totally see as an anime character and I just want to dress them up like dollies lol. Maybe something is wrong with me.

Anyway, I'm not going to try too hard because I don't want to be selfish and unfair. But what should I tell him to feel more comfortable and understand THAN NONE AT THE CON CARES ABOUT HIS BACKGROUND/ ORIENTATION/ETC AND SIMPLY WANTS TO TAKE A PIC OF A GOOD COSPLAY OTL.

Girls, have you ever had a guy friend who was open minded enough to not give hoodle about cosplaying a character out of his comfort zone?

Guys, how would you feel about this and under what conditions would you say "yes"?
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It's one thing to suggest that he could pull off a certain character's look. But I wouldn't badger him about cosplaying someone that you want to see him as. Especially because he's just not into it. Cosplaying is a personal thing and usually we pick the characters we cosplay for our own reasons whether it's because we like the design or we connect with the character, whatever.

People who aren't cosplayers assume a lot about us. When my boyfriend was telling his parents about Otakon last year, his mom told him that she didn't want him to cosplay because, "she wants grandchildren." We're neets who don't go outside. Women who cosplay characters like Emma Frost who wear skimpy outfits are often times called things like sluts or attention whores or fake geek girls. Guys are regarded as basement dwellers who have never even talked to a woman. Obviously none of these are true. But we really do put ourselves out there and there's an awful lot of judging. If he doesn't want to do that, don't press it, you know? You can educate him more on the subculture and con culture in general but if he's even going to get into a costume, wouldn't it be more fun for him to cosplay someone he really likes?

Also as a side note, listing the fact that your boyfriend's Asian as an attribute to his physical perfection is kind of weird. A lot of times it goes into creepy, fetishizing territory. I'm sure you meant no harm but I'm just speaking from experience as an Asian.
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Sorry if this is a dumb question, but have you actually asked him yet? I can't really tell if you have or not. (I'm dumb. ) If you have, what did he say?

You can tell your boyfriend that the vast majority of cosplayers are smart enough to know that he is not his costume, and that they probably won't assume he's gay. (Especially if he's with a female crossplayer, most people are going to see you and think "Oh, that must be his girlfriend.")
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If he doesnt wanna do it then dont force him. My fiance has no interest in cosplay and there are only a handful of cosplays she will do with me but I had to make sure she was cool with it and was going to be comfortable with it.

You can try little by little to try to convince him to cosplay aoba but if he tells you no then back off. Even if you think it will be fine but he just may not be comfortable cosplaying a yaoi character. and thats when you leave him be.
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I agree with all that above me. Never force someone to do ANYTHING (cosplay or not) if they do not want to. Asking him over and over and and ignoring that he doesn't want to do it will lead to him thinking you are going to do this about more than just cosplay..I mean if you are so persistent to get him to just cosplay, what else are you doing this about? What other serious things are you trying to make him do that he says no to? I bet this is what he is, or will start, thinking. Which will eventually lead to a breakup..Then what? Oh no, now you don't have a BF that you can pester to get him to do something he doesn't want to do..
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It's always more fun to cosplay characters that you are personally really into, I don't think you should push him into something he's not stoked about for himself. I've done characters just for other people before, and it's not worth the effort! Not something I would do again. It might not be just an issue of yaoi-type stuff being out of his comfort zone, but most people don't appreciate being just dressed up like dolls. Maybe there is a character who appeals to him more, who you could still see him pulling off really well, so it would be fun for both of you?
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If he's not into it don't push it.

I just want to dress them up like dollies lol.
Just one thing though people are not dolls so if he really doesn't want to do it then don't push it. If he's up for cosplaying have him pick the character that he wants to dress up as.
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Please, start to treat him with respect. Because currently, thats not what you are doing. A comfort zone has nothing to do with being open minded or not. Not liking yaoi has nothing to do with being open minded or not. And if he feels uncomfortable cosplaying a certain charakter, than please, accept that. I bet there are characters out there, that would make you feel uncomfortable cosplaying them. And cosplay should be fun, right? So the best way to get him to enjoy is to let him chose what character he wants to do.
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I wouldn't cosplay a character from something I didn't like. I'm assuming many people, including your boyfriend, would agree.
if you really like this character, you could always wear the cosplay yourself.

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