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Unread 10-02-2012, 09:45 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by Amaya View Post
Out of curiosity, are you talking about that Gyro place in the food court of the convention center? I want to know so I won't eat there...ever..
Yes, yes it was. I have not gone back there since. I'm afraid of it >_>
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Unread 10-02-2012, 09:51 AM   #47
Lithium Flower
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Originally Posted by AllYourBase7745 View Post
At AX some time ago, my girlfriend passed out because she was wearing a corset that I warned her would be too tight... being the boss I am, I picked her up (In my "generic anime student" cosplay, so it looked like an improv skit) and sprinted her to the nurse, who helped loosen the corset.
Don't worry; she woke up and we went back to marrily cosplaying as if nothing happened, since the whole scene looked like an improv.
But behind the scenes, I was scared shitless.
And that, ladies and jellyspoons, is my horror story for tonight.
Wearing a corset incorrectly can cause you to essentially constrict your body, as can binding with bandages and other similar methods. It's not at all recommend to bind using those methods for the same reason and tightly lacing a corset.

Corsets are not suppose to be laced to the point of sucking out your breath, and your girlfriend was probably going off movies she's seen where the girl is grasping at a bed pole while her mother or maid laces up the corset to impossible lengths and the girl is gasping for air. That is extremely dangerous, and completely incorrect. A corset is essentially a very early form of the bra and shapewear, it's never been meant to constrict the body like you see in films.

Compression asphyxia is a very real possibility and when we constrict our bodies using improperly used garments or binding of the chest we put ourselves in harms way.

The next time your girlfriend wears a corset I'd recommend her doing a little bit of research on the proper ways to lace it, and to wear it correctly so as to prevent her from compressing her chest again.

IN short: I really hate it when films show corsets as being made to knock the breath out of a woman,it gives the wrong impression of the intended use for corsets and can affect the way a woman goes to wear it.
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Unread 10-02-2012, 11:16 AM   #48
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Originally Posted by SA2R View Post
That could have been REALLY bad... Did she have a way to get out of the leash from her end? How could they be that dumb?! Like that elevator wouldn't have stopped... and-and... ;__;
And I'm sure that would have scarred them for the rest of their lives.. Some people... just need to think!
If she indeed didn't have a way to detach, not saying those girls were RIGHT, but maybe in the future have a way so she could just unhook it from the collar from her neck.. Leashes seem to be a target of interest for alot of people. ...especially ones that don't think. So in case another fan girl comes over and starts pulling her away, at least she can leave with just a lost leash and not her safety or comfort.

I can see why some cons ban attached leashes or chains. :/ It sucks because I like them lol
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Unread 10-02-2012, 12:22 PM   #49
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Originally Posted by MiraiTrunksLove View Post
horror story for me was when I brought my godson with me, and we were in a big crowd and someone kicked him (god knows who the hell would kick a child! ) after a while, the lil guy started complaining that his ankle hurt, eventually he was balling his eyes out cuz he was in so much pain. we took him to the nurse and she said he'd have to go to the hospital. we walked around and i held him up as he limped around, just wanted to get something out of dealer's room for him, got him the $40 figurine he desperately wanted, and then we left the con.
That is AWFUL. I would be soooo angry!

I have yet to go to my first con (October), but I had a dream I showed up without all the stuff I was supposed to sell at the AA. So happy when I realized it was a dream, lol.
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Unread 10-02-2012, 01:58 PM   #50
Quinn the Shiki
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This seems mild compared to some of the stuff on here, but I just remembered how the night before Katsucon this past year, I hurt my knee. My friends and I had a convention prep party the night before and I had to act like her butler as a gag and in-character practice, so I kept getting down on one knee to bring her stuff. I woke up the morning of the con, and the knee I'd been getting down on was so sore, it hurt to bend it. I was fine when I was sitting down or walking at a normal pace, but when i had to walk faster or go down/up stairs, it was a nightmare. Speedwalking down stairs to catch a guy I wanted a picture with was murder. And it especially sucked because the hotel where the con is at has a LOT of stairs DX by the end of the night it felt so good to lie down and rest, because walking all over the con on a hurt knee had been torturous.
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Unread 10-02-2012, 07:08 PM   #51
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It ended up alright but at the time it was terrifying. My roommate said she was going to bed around 10:30. I came up to the room around 11 and she wasn't there. I didn't think much about it at first but by 1 A.M. she had still not come back and I got really worried. It was a tiny con so I went looking for her. I went all over the con area and couldn't find her. I told the only staff member I could find and she just said "can't help you" and continued to play her DS.

She ended up being fine, she caught up with some friends and lost track of time. But I'm mad at that staff member. There should be some sort of protocol for things like missing people, especially ones that late.
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Unread 10-02-2012, 08:44 PM   #52
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I remember in AX11, which my was first con, there was a bomb scare. Even though my friends and I weren't at the site of where that mysterious bag was, everyone else near us in the South Hall were panicking nevertheless. It was so sudden and unexpected, we thought it was some huge sick joke. After few days, there were images of the mysterious bag or box and made a final claim that it wasn't a bomb. Then all I could think was: I could have died.
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Originally Posted by ladysphinx07 View Post
Yes, yes it was. I have not gone back there since. I'm afraid of it >_>
Thank you very much. My fears have been confirmed...XD

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Unread 10-04-2012, 12:36 AM   #54
LiL Moon
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My second year at Anime Expo, my dad drove me and my friends to the hotel like he does for every con. And like at every con, he gives me his credit card to pay the hotel with. This was his 3rd time doing this for me so he just gave me the card and left without waiting for us to check in. However, when we checked in, his card was denied because of insufficient funds. I was scared because my dad already left and that was his one and only card. Luckily my friend was able to use her card for us instead. I didn't think much of it until the 2nd night at the hotel. We returned from the con and I hurt my foot really bad to the point where it was bleeding and I couldn't feel my toes. We tried to get into our room but we were locked out! Apparently the hotel still believed we were using my dad's bad credit card so I had to walk back and forth between the room and the lobby to get things sorted out, all the while I was in pain. Everything turned out fine, but I was mad at the hotel for being stupid and my dad (who apparently KNEW he gave us a bad card and had no qualms about it). -.-
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Unread 10-04-2012, 04:18 AM   #55
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As I like to share-

-First time I ever heard of convention was 2008, and around 2009 we had decided my group and I would go to the convention. (Anime club which consisted of like 3-4 main people who would actually go) I'm a freshmen that year, and I totally am excited about this, as is my entire group. Only one person having gone to conventions before previously. I tell my parents, no I BEG them to let me go, while doing what they say and they agree to it. We paid for our tickets, the hotel room, and got ourselves ready for the con experience. Take note that I got my parents to agree, alright? Well, a month before the con rolls by my dad's parents (who don't ask about me, or try involving themselves in my life) step into the house, and pretty much act like they run it. There is constant arguing with my parents and them, and with me? Well I'm just quiet and don't step in, or just never paid attention to. Con arrives, and I'm already packing and got stuff ready to go when my dad's mother just goes "where is SHE going? she is too young!" and yelling at my dad and thus saying he's irresponsible. And I get a flat "NO" and thus comes arguing because he said yes before, and we worked so hard to get him to agree, and realize we'll be alright. We even had 3 adults in the group.

-Enter years later, I'm finally allowed to go to a convention, so this is my first convention, and I'm 17. I paid for this on my own, including the cosplay which arrived Friday. I found it hilarious when my dad came into the convention to give me the costume and ran into a cross-dressing man. Kinda freaked him out, but he also ran into Superman as well. He likes comics so that was good. Anyway, can't remember the exact day but my Gf at the time had been hanging out more with my other friend, and well. I would've liked experiencing my first con with her, but the entire time the two of them we're interested in Home-stuck. Every single person they had to take a picture of, or even talk to was Home-stuck. I never read the webcomic, so I was pretty much left out and three-wheeled my way into my other two friends two-some and felt like a three-wheel ultimately. In my opinion would've happened regardless. But yeah, after that I acted stupidly and ignored her half the day, and my so my friend got sick of it and made us talk outside to clear the air. So we apologized, but still sucked now that I think of it. But I don't know. It just would have been a little better if there was talk of other stuff, besides home-stuck inside jokes, or talk of one fandom not everyone knew of yet.

-Recent one is just going to have a list of things because it's too much:
*Lost the camera my Grandparents lent me for "photography class" at the Masquerade (It would've been 230 dollars, AND me having to listen to them tell me they'll never trust me with stuff again, even if that's the first thing I've lost)
*Room-mate trouble such as my dear friend, Dusty not listening to us. We told him one thing: "go to bed" and he didn't do it. We told him this Thursday and every single day because we knew we'd be at the con all day, and how exhausting a con is. This was also his first convention. He doesn't go to bed early, so he's the last to wake up at our designated con driving time 6 am (technically 7 since 6 was to get ready) and it becomes a dangerous chore to wake the guy up. Like, literally, we'd have to be careful as when he's asleep he tends to kick. Try to wake him up, he slaps at us or something, or makes us have to move or get a bruise in not doing so. Sadly, the last day of the con a friend of ours had to deal with it cuz he's the only guy in the group and well...uh, let's just say he never wants to room with us with dusty comes.
*Another horror involving said friend, dusty: The guy didn't know when to give up. I went alone with him to a panel about games, and everything is good cuz yeah! free cake! We leave, then up the escalators he realizes he left his wallet. So he tells us he'll be RIGHT back, and we're thinking "...Shit, isn't that panel room going to Parle next?" If you don't know them, they're quite well-known cosplayers from London who go to the con every year I think? So, most of the time they have full panel rooms. We wait, like half an hour before going down and looking into the panel room to not see him. Then we hear he's at ANOTHER panel room, searching so we wait in front of it, for 2 hours, sitting beside it and well nothing. Besides my former teacher, who goes and says hi and stuff and asks if we're going to his panel or not. I believe we said maybe, but we don't go because of drama. He finds us and he doesn't stop, he just walks past us, looking all "mopey" and just sits down in a seat by himself. I don't know about you, but I just found it offensive. To me and my girlfriend. We both worked hard to book the hotel, and reserve our tickets. We even invited the guy, and he's ignoring us over the fact he lost his wallet. What did he have in it? Just 10 dollars. I lost the previous night a 200 dollar camera, and what was I doing that day? Trying to be happy, whilst taking as many pictures as possible with my phone instead. We argued, then for some reason it went to him saying how we kept babying him, and wouldn't let him go where he wanted. So, I told him he could go wherever he wants to, and if that is all he wanted then he could have just said so.
*Oh, also about my camera. We went to the lost and found every day to see if someone had found it. We already asked Sunday morning if they had it, and they said no then the lady looks at me and says "wait up! We may have found your camera" So, we wait, and not too long after the camera is there and I'm so happy, I'm jumping for joy not caring that people may think I'm an idiot. Also, I checked to see if my memory card was still there was! I check the pictures, see I got them all in there and freeze when I see a new photo I never took. It looks like this guy that was in the special part of the masquerade, around those stands, and he's looking into the camera. We're all excited, as we realize this was the guy who found it and we post the picture in the forums, thanking the man for having found/returned the camera to us.

I'm about sure this is going to look like a giant rant.
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I'm not sure if its horror or not but at a local con, I was asked to take a picture with this girl - well who I thought was a girl, that was sitting in the corner with a few drinks so that was interesting in itself; but anyway she had my friend take pics of me and her together and shes doing all these poses and I see her hand and it's like manly. But I was like whatever, then as I was about to walk away she calls for a couple more pics real quick cause they didnt come out good and she/he put her/his bum against my crotch and I was like uhh..shieet. Awkward! Awkward! So as we were leaving the 2nd time she calls us back for one more pic with her boyfriend this time...and it was a weird looking old dude that was standing by himself on the side. Just all around creepy and weird, I felt violated.
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Unread 10-04-2012, 08:21 AM   #57
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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
I remember in AX11, which my was first con, there was a bomb scare. Even though my friends and I weren't at the site of where that mysterious bag was, everyone else near us in the South Hall were panicking nevertheless. It was so sudden and unexpected, we thought it was some huge sick joke. After few days, there were images of the mysterious bag or box and made a final claim that it wasn't a bomb. Then all I could think was: I could have died.
At Colossalcon a few years ago, we didn't have something as extreme as a bomb threat, but it reminded me that they did have a tornado warning late Saturday night (i.e. after we all went to bed). It was crazy because I am awakened by one of the roomies saying "EVERYONE GET UP! WE GOTTA EVACUATE! NOOOOWWW!" (a little over-the-top). Hotel personnel was going door to door knocking and telling everyone to evacuate to the basement of the hotel, which we obliged. So we just follow to wave of PJ clothed hotel guests and made it the basement (which was huge) and had to wait. People were relatively calm, probably because they were either extremely tired, drunk or a combo of both! I can't recall how long we were there for, but I happened to take my camera so I got a few pics of my disgruntled, sleepy friends. Apparently there was a storm and the winds were really strong, so they were honestly worried for a tornado. In the end, nothing happened and we were all safe! Hoo rah!
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Originally Posted by pandagilbirds View Post
I remember in AX11, which my was first con, there was a bomb scare. Even though my friends and I weren't at the site of where that mysterious bag was, everyone else near us in the South Hall were panicking nevertheless. It was so sudden and unexpected, we thought it was some huge sick joke. After few days, there were images of the mysterious bag or box and made a final claim that it wasn't a bomb. Then all I could think was: I could have died.
Whoa! I was at AX that year and I was totally unaware of this. Did it happen on Sat? AX is a local con for me now (ever since they moved from Anaheim) so I usually drive there instead of getting a hotel room. I think I stayed home on Sat that year and only went Fri and Sun.
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Unread 10-06-2012, 12:01 AM   #59
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Not scary or anything, but my boyfriend were on a bus back from Sakura Con last year (in full Groose and Zelda cosplay, mind you). I fell asleep on his shoulder and woke up a while later to a woman doing a poledance a couple feet in front of us *while the bus was moving.* The look on my boyfriend's face was priceless- a mixture of bewilderment and disgust (she wasn't attractive).
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so i have 3 stories, first one being kind funny, second being just a bit weird and 3rd being just outright rude

so it was one of my first times cosplaying, it was my second costume, saya takagi from hishschool of the dead ((i was afraid someone would suddenly try to ask me for a panty shot but it didn't happen, i wore shorts under my shirt anyway XD))
so i chilling out talking to my friend just casually when suddenly i feel wind, but i wasn't anywhere near doors or windows... so i look in the direction and spot a guy with a fan that hes waving this fan in my direction, we lock eyes for a second and he just leans forward a bit ((hes not that close to me though)) and just says
"your hooott" but in a kind creepy way and then just walks off with his friends...
i still don't know how to feel about that lol

second story was towards teh end of the day in my saya cosplay, a guy approached me and very nicely asked me for a picture and i of course said yes with no problem~
but when we went to take the picture without permission he hugged me from behind and ut his head on my shoulder, it was totally harmless though he wasn't trying anything funny, we took the picture and he thanked me very nicely and went on his way, i just found it a little odd to be honest...

last one was on the last day of the con i was dressed as kanaya from homestuck and to be honest i totally get that homestuck is hard to get into and not everyone loves it, hell my friend i was hanging out with didn't even like homstuck but they hung out with me with no problem and they even liked my costume. SO im casually talking to one of my friends, and another friend of his who i had met that friday and hung out with sunday, i smile at him, he goes to say something to the friend im talknig with looks at me, give me one of the most disgusted looks, looks back at my friend and goes
"your talking to a homestuck?" with so much venom and so much attitude, and im sitting here like, what did i do to this kid? he was fine hanging out with me yesterday and now he's acting like i killed his puppy.
i gave him the ugliest look i could muster and turned to him and said
"i don't know what your problem is but i haven't done anything to you, i don't go around judging you cause your in a fandom i don't like so you have no right to do that to me, i totally understand that people don't like homestuck but that gives you no right to be an ***hole to me, my friends over here don't like homestuck and they don't have a problem with me hanging out with them, all you have to say is 'hey i don't like your fandom' and i'll be totally okay with that but you should never judge someone because you don't like there fandom, you never go around making faces at people dressed as characters you don't like because you don't like there fandom, NEVER ever do that"
i walked off pretty damn mad because well thats really rude, you don't just do that to people.
later on in the day my friend told me that he felt really bad for what he did but at the same time i was so mad that i said
"well he can come apologize to me face to face"

well he did message me on facebook though to apologize multiple time explain why he did it and admitted he was wrong to go about judging people for their fandom and i got where he was comming from, some homestucks can be pretty bad and he had pretty bad expiriences with them before ((still shouldn't judge people though)) but i let it go cause well i think he learned his lesson

moral of the story, judging people for there fandom is wrong and hurtful. dont do it oAo
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