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Unread 02-02-2011, 08:41 PM   #1
the sweetest of sins.
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A little help with tummy + thighs?

Hi there! I'm looking for any exercises or diets you guys know about that could help me lose some weight (mostly in the areas listed). I'm a young girl of 15, around 5"2', and I weigh about 140 (give or take). I'm looking to become more healthy overall, considering I'm not very healthy to begin with. If it helps, I've been drinking Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning, so I'm getting nutrients from those; other than that, I kinda don't eat right. o///o;;

Any advice or info is greatly appreciated!
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You can eat whatever you want. As long as it's in small portions, and you're not eating every hour, two hours. Fruits and veggies. Fish, meat. Carnation Instant Breakfast is only preservatives, I think? It's not a good for a replacement of breakfast.

Fruits and veggies help a lot... less than 100 calories. Eat dinner and such on a smaller plate, knowing when you're full and can't eat anymore, but also treat yourself to something once in awhile.

Drink lots of water.

Exercise, what I do is 100 situps a day, 50 push ups. But, running/walking is good, bike riding, playing sports, lifting weights, dancing is a great way to stay in shape, There's also stuff like doing laps in the pool.

If your metabolism is low-ish, do stuff to raise it. I'm tired so I don't exactly remember what to do to keep your metabolism up...

Sorry if it didn't help, and... sorry for the bad spelling in the first part of it.
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Hey! we are very close in height and weight,I have lost some more recently though and I have some tips.First of all I am vegetarian but that isnt any requirements,if you want to eat meat that is fine! Just if you can,pick baked/boiled over anything deep fried.
Add dark,leafy greens to your diet like spinach and romaine hearts-add to sandwiches{along with ice burg if you want more crunch} salads.Try to lessen mayo and cheese,make the slices thinner or use only one slice,avocado is great on sandwiches if you like it. A good way to cut down on liquid calories,which is where many people add on the pounds is by getting crystal light{there are also generic version they sell at the dollar tree/wallgreens} and bottled water.There are many flavors and even kinds with vitamins-and caffeine!
Have you tried to Slenderize flavor of Fuze? it really does help with curbing your appetite.NOS energy drinks also curb your appetite nicely but all that caffeine might not be too great for you.
Tea! Green and white tea especially! try not to use TOO much sugar but I drink it all day,have for the past few years and i think it really helps.It kind of allows me to eat foods like pizza,nachos,spaghetti etc.Also adding lemon is great.
Apples,Oranges,grapefruits w/o too much sugar.
I use artificial sweeteners but I know splenda is kind of expensive,I cant always afford it.The version of artificial sweetener{in the yellow box} they sell at Dollar Tree is really good and doesnt have that weird sweet n low after taste.
Wheat bread instead of white.
Also if you are going to try and commit to eating less sugar/fats/etc what helped me is saying/writing this in my journal: I've eaten whatever I've wanted,whenever I wanted,and over eating plenty for 21 years.What is this 2 weeks-month going to be? Why not try it for just a little while,and if i dont like my results-hey that food will be there after a few weeks of cutting back.
And that feeling when you eat too much and get sick-it sucks! I try to think of that.
now I am not perfect with my diet at all i love to eat,and I eat when I'm bored {which is a lot recently!} but if you want to lose weight or tone up-you can SO do it.
And it acually helps to eat a lot during the day-i mean spaced out.I think thats why Im not heavier,i eat some here some there a meal here a meal there,I dont wake up eat a big meal then lunch have a big meal etc etc
And I cut down on candy bars,after not eating them-then trying them again,they dont even taste that good like theyre just pure sugar.
well I know you will look great and best of luck to accomplishing your goals!
Oh and just taking the stairs every opportunity you can and stretching every morning/night/in the shower will help
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Unread 02-02-2011, 11:43 PM   #4
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when I made these small changes and stopped eating meat I lost over 60 pounds over a year and a half so I know they will help! I rarely exercised at all{I'm just getting to that now- con is in April I hope I can stick to it,I never have before!} good luck again

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Unread 02-04-2011, 01:47 PM   #5
the sweetest of sins.
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Thank you all for your replies and advice! I'm starting to eat healthier and I hope to get an exercise routine together. c:
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