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Unread 12-21-2013, 12:05 PM   #106
Pirate Kween!
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I really think it'd be cute for a couple to do

One Piece
Luffy and Trafalgar Law (omg that'd be just adoooorable!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!)

Another cute idea, and it's actually what I'm trying to get my bf to go along with for AX next year...is Kakashi and Pain. I know it sounds weird but it'd look cool.
Do mermaids poop?

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Next cosplays: Genderbent X Drake - One Piece, Baby 5 - One Piece, Kakashi Hatake crossplay - Naruto, Rebecca- One Piece
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Unread 01-21-2014, 07:32 PM   #107
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Anime: One Piece (and I know there are tons more)

luffy and nami
sanji and name
usopp and nami
zoro and robin
crocodile and robin
aokiji and robin
smoker and tashigi
tashigi and zoro

baroque works arc:
mr. 1 and miss doublefinger
mr 3 and miss goldenweek
mr 4 and miss merry Christmas
mr 5 and miss valentine
mr 7 and miss fatherís day
mr 8 and miss Monday
mr 9 and miss Wednesday
mr 10 and miss Tuesday

Conis and sanji

Water 7
Kokoro and tom
Mozu and kiwi (square hair sisters)
Franky and one of the square hair sisters
Hatchi and camie

spandam and robin
spandam and kalifa
rob lucci and kalifa
sanji and kalifa
Kumadori and nami
Davy Back Jones arc:
porche and foxy
porche and sanji

Impel Down:
Sadie and Magellan
Sadie and Ace
Ivankov and Inazuma
Ivankov and Bon Clay
Ivankov and Dragon

Kuja pirates:
Sandersonia and Marigold
Boa and Luffy
Any Kuja pirate and Luffy

Punk Hazard:
Caesar Clown and Monet
Law and Monet

Thriller bark:
Dorothy and dr Hogback
Absalom and nami
Absalom and perona
Usopp and perona
Zoro and perona

buggy and nami
perona and mihawk
Rayleigh and shaky
Makino and shanks
Dadan and garp
Tsuru and garp
Hina and aokiji
Hina and kizaru
Sakazuki and hina
Bellmere and genzo
Bellmere and arlong
Shyarly and arlong
Shyarly and jimbei
Zephyr and ain
Nojiko and zoro
jewelry and law
jewelry and kidd
jewelry and zoro

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Unread 04-12-2014, 09:27 PM   #108
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For Naruto what about Tsunade and Jiraiya ?
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