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Unread 07-03-2010, 02:52 AM   #1
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Wig Brand/Site Reviews: Arda Wigs / Kingdom Arts

Yesterday I bought some wigs from Kingdom Arts' Arda Wigs booth at Anime Expo, so I thought that even though it wasn't an online purchase, I'd post a review since it was purchased from a company that sells online.

Since they were running an at-con discount, I bought two wigs: a Jaguar in Black, and a Magnum in what I want to say is Platinum Blonde. There was no shipping involved, so I'll move on straight to the wigs themselves.

Comfort: The first thing I noticed about the wigs upon putting them on was how spacious they were. I had just been working with a wig so tight it gave me headaches, putting on each of the Arda wigs and finding my head feeling comfortable and not at all confined was indescribably wonderful and amazing.

Fiber: It's not exactly soft, but it is tough, and in a good way. I was a little concerned about the softness when I first pulled one of the wigs out of the bag, and it felt a little rough in comparison to some of the Cosworx wigs I've purchased, but in those, their silkiness can translate to slipperiness and sheer frustration, meaning that softer isn't always better. The lack of shine is actually a nice thing, meaning if someone takes a picture of it with flash it won't be a shiny monster.

Anyway, by tough, I mean resilient: the wigs looked much better after a gentle combing, and were still in mostly good shape after a not so gentle combing (I'll get back to that mostly later). The wigs are supposed to be heat resistant, so I found an inconspicuous portion of hair that could use some straightening, but would be fine if I messed up.

The Before; note that little bend at the top of the middle section of hair. I pulled out my cheap straightener and put it on its lowest setting, then pulled it over the segment of hair. The After; stick straight, and still in perfect condition! Out of curiosity I ran it through the straightener a few more times and was pleased to find no damage done to the wig. Mission accomplished!

Magnum in Platinum Blonde (081)
1 2 3
From afar, the color of the wig appears to be a soft, creamy, almost pastel yellow that reminds me vaguely of cosworx's color 25. If you examine the wig closely (REALLY closely), you'll see that it's a blend of what seems to be a true platinum blonde and a bright golden yellow. It's not exactly soft straight out of the bag, but after some combing I was happy with it (see shots 1 and 2). The ends seem to love naturally flipping and curling, but you can easily fix this with a straightner (I left mine unmodified). The bangs end just below my nose and the first layer of hair hits at around midway down my cheeks. Layers near the nape are plenty long enough to cover pesky hairs down the neck (especially useful if you're plagued with really fine hairs in that area, like I am).

The only negative effect that combing had was that I accidentally yanked out a few hooks of hair. Oops. However, that did little, if anything, to affect the thickness of the wig. It has a ton of fiber on it, with wefts being spaced very closely throughout the wig. On the top of the wig there's only a small skin coin, but the surrounding wefts are spaced even closer. There's some shorter crimped hair at the roots closer to the hairline and all around the back and sides of the wig, but this doesn't pose much of a problem and gives the wig a nice volume boost. As shown by picture 3, a little bit of light restyling by hand can easily change the look.

Jaguar in Black (064)
1 2 3 4
Another short wig, this time in a pure black color. After combing (shots 1 and 2), the long segments in the front almost brush my collarbones, and the bangs almost reach my chin. It's a little longer at the nape than the Magnum, and aside from the front and sides of the wig it has a lot of layers.

I had similar problems with yanking a bit of hair loose, but like the Magnum this wig was no worse for the wear after and didn't shed much (if any) besides that. The wefts are spaced similarly as well, except that unlike the Magnum the roots are only crimped on the top half of the wig. No skin top, but it doesn't need one if you don't mind the small bit of crimped hair in lieu of one. Pictures 3 and 4 show the wig after some finger-styling and rapid head movement followed by finger-styling respectively.

Overall: It may be a little early to be saying this, but I think I'm in love. The way the colors are distributed across the lines is inconsistent to say the least, but if you can get past that setback then these heat-resistant wigs are quite nice for the price. The thickness of the wigs and versatility in styling are added bonus, and the spacious caps are a deal-sealer, at least for me. Texture tangle-potential are also minor disadvantages, but unless you like petting your wigs or have the unfortunate habit of abusing them then neither should be a problem.

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Unread 02-22-2011, 12:42 AM   #2
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Wig Brand/Site Reviews: Arda Wigs

Name of Product:Jareth
Where Purchased:Arda Wigs
Product Description:Punky-like wig but thicker and longer. The color is the 013;light golden blonde.Reference.
Pros:Very thick.The wefts are close together and there is no crimped fiber. Excellent price for all the hair you get in this wig. Very easy to work with and get into an updo, nice hairline shape, easy to blend spikes into the hair due to the fuzzy fibre as opposed to crimped fibre.
Cons: I expected it to be floofy like the Punky right out of the bag, but it wasn't. Not a problem, though. I'm not crazy about the fibres themselves, either. They are too stringy for my taste. These fibers are more utilitarian. This wig is created to do crazy things with. In terms of fiber texture, the Punky has the Jareth beat. Punky fibres are more feathery and soft. (In my opinion.)
Overall Rating: 10. They responded quickly to all my emails, they got it to me within the designated time frame and I would recommend these wigs to anybody who wants to do updos or anything spiky for sure. I am more than satisfied with this wig. Other than my pickiness about fiber texture, this wig deserves a 10. Arda Wigs know how to make a fantastic wig. Definite repeat customer.

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Unread 03-01-2011, 05:07 PM   #3
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Adding more and more...

Let it be noted that this wig has mixed color fiber for a more natural-looking blonde. Also, the color really should be called Golden Blonde because it errs to the golden blonde side rather than "light blonde." Basically this is a slightly golder version of Cosworx's 24B color.

I'll provide some more embarrassing pictures all with flash.
Side with "good lighting"
Angled-back with "good lighting"
Back with "good lighting"
Right side.

Edit:Oh, and the golden color really doesn't come out unless you are in a well-lit place.To be fair, my bulbs are yellow so that may actually play a part in bringing out the golden color.
Editedit: I find it easier to make cleaner spikes with the Punky, yet easier to construct spikes with the Jareth. From my "top" picture, you see the fuzz on the scalp. This is where the Jareth has the Punky beat. There is no crimped fibre. Because there is no crimped fibre but instead fuzzy fibre, it's easier for spikes to blend into the base of the wig. I must also say the hairline all along the wig is very neat and realistically shaped. No need for adding wefts to cover up bald spots on this wig, no need to worry about spiking hair backwards or vertically. Pull a Vash the Stampede or Super Saiyan "____". I dare you. No awkward bulges or fear of nasty fibre showing along the hairline. The pictures speak for themselves. I dub this THE definitive Super Saiyan wig. It's just.that.thick.

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Unread 05-26-2011, 10:02 AM   #4
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Name: "Jareth" wig
Wig Brand: Arda
Pictures: In my marketplace ad (anyone wanna buy!?)
Description: a thick, smooth, high volume wig perfect for spiking or voluminous styles. Basically a high quality punky but even thicker and longer in all aspects. I got mine in their 062 "Ash" blonde color.
Pros: Contrary to what some people say, I think this wig has better and smoother fibers than the Punky. The color is very realistic because of the mixe fiber colors. This wig is soooooooo thick and very lifted, so it's perfect for styling spikes or doing fluffy haired characters! It fits really well too.
Cons: For spiking, it isn't automatically sticking up in all directions. It lays low and isn't gravity defying right off the bat, but it's easy to make it stick up anyways. It has a lot of layers as well, so if you can't adjust to that, this probably isn't your wig.

Overall: It's a really nice wig. 4.5/5
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Unread 07-20-2011, 08:19 PM   #5
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Wig Refund?

I'm really not sure if I'm in the right section. Sorry if I'm not :(

So, recently (actually my thread is just a few scrolls down xD) I bought some stuff from Arda Wigs... I was actually going to wait to buy them, but I saw that they were leaving for two weeks so I chose to buy them now.

Okay, so just so I can explain it easier: The 18th at 4 o'clock was the last shipment they would make until they got back from traveling. So I order my things the night of the 17th. I noticed that colors were running out of stock quickly by that point, but the colors I picked said they were in stock so I thought I was fine and dandy.. o.o

Come the 18th and I leave the house in the evening. I come back at about midnight and I noticed Arda sent me an e-mail >.< (They sent it a 7 o' clock, so I'm also wondering why they didn't send me this before their last shipment, so I could have a chance to change my order? :/ But yeah.)
Basically it said that they were sorry but they just ran out of the color of the wig I wanted. They actually said that they saw my post on here earlier but didn't want to say anything because the website considers it advertising or something. Then they suggested another wig as a substitution, but it just wasn't what I wanted... So I sent them an e-mail back asking if they can just cancel my order until they get more wigs. I spent $50 and I would like to have it back to use somewhere else if I'm not even being shipped a product lol

I don't mind if I have to wait until they get back from traveling, but I'm just making sure: Do I have the right to get a refund? If so, do I have the right to get it ASAP even though they're traveling, or do I have to wait anyway (again I don't mind)? I didn't want to keep quiet and let them keep my money if that's not what I'm supposed to do... o.o How should I go about this exactly?
I was going to wait another week before I e-mail them again, if they don't e-mail me back by then.

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Unread 07-20-2011, 08:35 PM   #6
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They'll send it back to you. Just give them some time. They're traveling to like three or four conventions. You WILL get it back, just chill. You might not get it back tonight but you WILL get it back. They're good honest people.
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Unread 07-20-2011, 09:12 PM   #7
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It's Arda, they'll definitely refund you as soon as they can, don't worry I would post on their facebook page, if I were you. They respond pretty fast on there, though it might take a while since they're on the road. They won't respond to posts here because coscom will just lock the thread for "advertising" another wig company.
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Unread 07-20-2011, 09:34 PM   #8
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I'm perfectly calm lol..... Not freaking out. Just honestly wondering. Like I said twice, I don't mind waiting. I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't anything else for me to do. Anyway.

Alrighty! I'll message them on their Facebook page then (in about a week). Thanks for the answer!
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Unread 07-20-2011, 10:13 PM   #9
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They should have internet access at SDCC, and they should have it again at Otakon.
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Unread 07-20-2011, 10:54 PM   #10
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They'll refund you with no problem. They're awesome and wicked professional.
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Unread 07-21-2011, 02:45 AM   #11
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Of course you'll get the money back.

You need to just give people time to read your responses and reply and take action.

Just say, "no thank you, I would rather have a refund" and let them have time to read this reply before worrying.
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Unread 08-05-2011, 06:12 PM   #12
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^ Weird! I didn't know my thread was added here.
Anyway, I just wanted to give an update
The person I talked to apologized for the delay and everything, and someone apparently stayed back home to look for my wig and ponytail extension. She asked if I still wanted it, and I said yes sure if they can find one. Then she said she'd forward the e-mail (between us two) to I guess it was the person that decided to stay back and that person would let me know if she found it. Awesome!

So, two days later, I get a random e-mail from Paypal saying that my package is on it's way. I never got the e-mail from the person, but I just assumed that she just forgot to e-mail me back and she shipped my wig anyway.

Fast forward to about a week, and I still haven't seen my package Sadface. So I e-mail the first person I talked to again, just wondering if the Paypal e-mail was correct or if it was just a mistake. I thought maybe USPS was just being a tad slow getting it to me.
She e-mails me the next day saying that she's "quite irritated" that whoever said that they would get my wig shipped, in fact didn't do it. It was really no big deal to me o.o Like I said before, I don't mind waiting. The con isn't until another two months or so, so I'm in no rush.

But anyway, she said that she's including an extra ponytail in my package for the wait! I thought that was really awesome and nice of her to do that, even though I didn't have a problem with waiting!
I quickly e-mailed her back to ask if I could choose a different color for the ponytail, since I won't need another ponytail of the color I ordered... I chose to pick out a color that I could possibly use for another outfit. But I said, if she already shipped it/doesn't want to give me another color, then it's perfectly fine! Getting a free ponytail, that would have cost me another 15 dollars, is a good enough deal.
She e-mailed me back again and said that would be fine. Oh and she said I should see my package in a day or two.

Overall, so far: I think I just ordered at a bad time. It's probably alot better to order way before they start traveling/a major convention because then wigs and color start going out of stock. Excellent, excellent customer service Free ponytail for the win!
Now I'm just waiting for my actual wig, but I'm sure I'm not going to be dissapointed! I'm definitely ordering from them again and probably soon
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Unread 08-06-2011, 11:57 AM   #13
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I guess I'll do a bit of a review, even though I bought my wig in person at Otakon; it's my first purchase from them after much drooling-over:

Wig style: Leia in Lavender
Comfort/Sizing: I actually have a small head (21 inch circumference, perfect for the tiny Chinese wigs lol) so their wigs are pretty big on me ^^; I like that the Leia has combs in the front of the hairline and beneath each pigtail, though the only thing that bugs me about this is that it has the undesired effect of pulling your wigcap up and over your hairline in front, which makes bangs and such more prone to peeking out. It does, however, keep the wig on and the weight of the wig means it's definitely in need of that.

Wefts: Very thick, though netting still seems to peek through at the very top of this wig. I theorize that the weight of the fiber pulls the hair down so that the fiber has a harder time 'fluffing up' to hide the netting. There is a little bit of short and crimped fiber near the crown and under the pigtails that can be tamed with hairspray or just manipulating it beneath the other fiber. The pigtails in the wig were super super duper thick, though, almost too thick for my purposes... XD this also leads to more tangling. Only a slight amount of shedding, and what does shed is inconsequential; there's plenty of fiber to go around here.

Fiber: The fiber is very soft, has a good natural sheen to it, but tangles easily. Luckily, a few coats of Motions Oil Sheen and patient combing straightens the pigtails back out, but even just transporting them gives them a few more tangles. Definitely need to keep this one tied up or braided to keep it tame.

Color: Lavender, an ice purple with a slightly 'brown' mix to it that warms the color slightly. I bought this in person so I knew what I was getting color-wise already. I bought this with the intention of dyeing it a darker purple. Which leads me to...

Styling/Heat-resistance/Dyeability: I've just finished the results of a RIT dyebath with this wig, and it takes moderately well to RIT dye at and just under boiling without at all melting (it definitely tints more than outright dyes). A tiny bit of frizzing in the bangs but a straightening iron will likely smooth them back out. Again, it's thick, and there was plenty enough bangs for me to cut big thick blunted fringe, and way more than enough in the pigtails to pull some hair from the pigtails to cut in sidepieces to create a hime cut. The pigtails are definitely meant to be kept down and cannot be put into higher pigtails; I need to tie mine up pretty tight at the base of the neck and even that is slightly troublesome.

Customer Service: I can't really say anything about customer service since I bought in person and haven't needed to contact them since, but they seemed very nice! They were helpful when I was asking them about dyeing and styling ability, as well.

I'd give this wig a 9/10 overall, if only due to tangle-proneness and the few tiny vexing details mentioned. Pleased with the quality!

Before dye, cut:

After dye:

No pics straight out of the package, sorry!
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Unread 09-20-2011, 08:09 PM   #14
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Name of Product: Magnum 050 (Spanish Brown)
Where Purchased:
Product Description: Brown, with chunky bangs and super cute!
Pros: The wig is very nicely made, and I'm very pleased with it. Even my mom was impressed, and she only buys super-expensive wigs for herself. It's also a very natural shade of brown! I love it!
Cons: I don't see any! I'm very happy with my purchase.
Overall Rating: 10
The wig hasn't been styled yet, just brushed out after I removed it from the packaging!
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Unread 09-21-2011, 08:50 PM   #15
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uh, is it okay to ask a question about Arda here ?
are their wigs okay just to wear ?
i've been thinking about getting a wig of theirs because it's heat-resistant and that's a major plus.
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