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Unread 09-11-2014, 08:26 AM   #1
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Advice for Styling & Cutting Wig


I got a new wig today, a Roromiya Karuta wig. The wig is great, awesome quality, etc... The only downside is that the base wig doesn't have base pig-tails, so I made my own. Though, not too sure if it looks alright.

The other thing is that the base wigs hair is also a little longer than anticipated. About how short should I cut the back of the wig?

Here are pictures of the wig:


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If you cut the hair in the back, cut slowly, cut carefully, and cut very little by very little. It's easy to take hair off, but if you cut too much off you need to get and sew in wefts to fix it (and that's a pain). I would look on youtube for tutorials. Arda has great tutorials for styling wigs.
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You generally don't need base pig-tails if you have clip-on pigtails, as the clips can slip into the wig mesh and hold pretty well on their own. The base pig-tails are nice for making sure the clips are even, though.

To see how much you need to trim off, put the wig on and feel around for where the wig fibers should end on your head. Having someone else help you with this will make it easier. Once you know about where you want the length to hit, measure the difference between the wig's current length and where you want the length to be. Use that measurement as a guide, make sure to cut vertically into the fibers, and as Kandell said, go little by little. (I.e. if you need to cut off 3 inches, start with 2 inches and put the wig back on, see how it feels. If it needs a little more, cut off another half inch. And so on and so on until everything feels right and looks even.)
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I cut the back just enough so that it's even with the rest of the back of the wig (it was bothering me)... but I have a little question on the front part... like I said, I've put it in pigtails (the base wig) so I could have the "It looks like an actual pig-tailed wig" look.

The problem is now, the front looks a bit uneven... =/... I haven't cut the front part in the slightest... I think one side looks a bit long... my sister says to just curl one side to match the other... but I'm no good at curling using a straightener...

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The unevenness is a little hard to take care of. Just go slow and cut somewhat diagonal and try to match it..
The length though, are you saying it looks like on the wig head? Don't be fooled. Wig heads are smaller than a real human head and are NOT a basis to something being too long or short. Look at it on you to determine that fact. It will always look too long on a wig head.
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My head is the same size as a wig head, believe it or not. In fact, the wig actually fits the wig head more than it fits me T^T... I have such a tiny head, I can't even wear hats that are size small.

No, I had put the wig on, and my sister told me that the right side's fringe was longer than the left side. I place it back on the wig head, and yep, it was longer.
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Wow, I'm jealous. I have a 24in head with a ton of hair.

Anyway, I cut bangs on wigs the same way I cut bangs on my hair. So put that sucker on and section off the shortest part of the fringe. Then comb through them and use the comb as your guide. Since it's already cut to generally the right length, you don't have to make a blunt cut across. I only do that to get rid of a bulk of length. Instead, make short snips upwards into the hair. Occasionally, comb through your bangs, step back, and check how your wig looks. It's easy to go overboard and your wig obviously won't grow back.

Afterwards, I like to take a straightener and slightly curl the wig under. Blunt bangs always look a bit better when it's lightly curled like that. You don't actually need to curl it, per se. Just get a slight bend at the ends.

If none of that makes sense, just look up youtube tutorials on trimming blunt bangs.
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