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Arrow Best place to by wigs

So I've bought wigs from multiple different sellers and haven't found one that sells super good ones yet. Any suggestions?
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I'm personally a huge fan of Arda Wigs. They fit large heads and come in a ton of colors!
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Along with Arda, there is also Epiccosplay, thefivewits, amphigory, and a few places on ebay (some others will more than likely join in with these names, I won't use ebay for any wig)
All the ones I listed are in the US, and literally the best of the best.
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Where I shop depends on the color and type of wig I need and what kind of styling it requires, but I am as stickler for for high-quality, heat-resistant, not-grossly shiny wigs from the following places.

For natural "normal people" wig styles and colors
Stores: wigs-us.com, iamahair.com, or Amazon for specific brands like Sepia, Nirvana, Forever Young, Mowtown Tress, etc. Generally I buy lace front wigs from these sites.

Ebay: wigelegance, jennyhairsense, stylewigs <-- they often carry wigs from aforementioned brands

For cosplay wigs
Stores: EpicCosplay, Arda, Matchwigs

Ebay: Charissa_Kids, CosplayDNA, Laurawu_123, CosplayAnimeWigs

Taobao: Lucaille, Grand Young, Fantasy Sheep, Charissa Kids (C.C. Kids), Kucos, Ayanamisatoru, GhostCos

Concerning Taobao: My friends and I use TaobaoFocus or EngTaobao as an agent. Price-wise, short wigs average about $15 and long wigs around $21ish with fees and shipping figured in. Taobao is a good option to go if you do group orders [re:you and your friends order a bunch of stuff together] or you yourself want to buy a number of items. Lucaille does have an English website but their shipping is pretty high [like $13+ per wig] and is more expensive than going through an agent for even 1 wig! Hopefully this adds some more shopping options to consider.
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Since you are in the US, I recommend Arda. As mentioned above, TheFiveWits and Epic Cosplay both have good reputations, but while I have interest in the former, I have not used either. Newlook brand also looks good, but I don't have a retailer off the top of my head.

I'll make a list... For most of the non-English sites, I will include a sample link to an item I feel represents what I love about it. I made a few exceptions and linked the colour directories instead.

High-quality and very dimensional and beautiful blends:
Arda Wigs - http://arda-wigs.com/pages/wigs
Classe Pro - http://classewig.com/wig/index.php?m...lor_select_pro
Alice Forest - http://www.lovepop-studio.net/SHOP/alf001gsgr.html
* All three have a decent selection of natural wigs you can wear out without stares.

Slippery fibers, slightly flatter blends but still on the realistic-looking side:
Alice Garden - http://www.lovepop-studio.net/SHOP/alg306bl3.html
Classe SARA - http://classewig.com/wig/index.php?m...or_select_sara

Reliable stores that I just like:
JAIL/Harukaze Cosplay Wigs - http://www.layered.me/shop/jailwigch...gica/MAMI.html

Lucaille - great at detailed blends http://www.lucaille.com/?product-255.html
* Note: Lucaille has an English site, but it's worth going through a shopping service to buy from their Taobao site because you can bundle shipping. Not to mention, most SS have EMS shipping discounts.
Meilifang - thick and good quality fibers http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=12895215481
Ayanamisatoru - http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=7521154854
Grand Young - http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=13442998569
Coserstyle - Nice blends http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=10297820218
*** Note that some stores may refuse your shopping service if they have an English storefront. Not always, but sometimes.
*** There are other good Taobao stores, but these are the standout ones IMO.

Brunette fashion wigs:
Alice Farm - http://www.lovepop-studio.net/SHOP/92657/list.html
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