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I don't have one, and I don't think I'd ever want to get one, because the only one I ever fantasize myself having is one I KNOW I would regret: a sleeve of the last level of Lemmings:

It's cool, it's meaningful, it's a gigantic wad of solid black ink covering 80% of my arm. Lemmings was a very important piece of my childhood, but I would kick myself forever if I did it.
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I do as I please.
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I have this behind my ear to represent my family:

And soon I want this on the back of my neck:

I also want some lyrics from a couple different songs tattooed on me somewhere, but I haven't decided where yet. I know that I want these lyrics both in a typewriter font.

The first is "A constellation of tears on your lashes; burn everything you love and burn the ashes."

And the second is "There is a light that never goes out."

Those are all the tattoos I have or have planned for now. I know I want lots of tattoos at some point in my life, but not right now, because covering all of them up for cosplay would be a pain, so for now I'll stick to just having a few.
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Sarah Charade
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I don't have a completed pic of this one, but it is complete! That big bow is a measuring tape. It represents my love of costumes and sewing. Simple.

I have 3 more but don't have any glamour shots of them.

One is an ambigram on my hip that reads Rest in Peace - Jim Sullivan which my best friend and I both got to commemorate a great musician from the band that brought us together, Avenged Sevenfold. Went together, same artist, and it was the first time we met in person.

I have an 8-pointed star on the top of my right foot with an M in the center, for my sister's first initial (she has the same star on her left foot with my first initial because I'm a righty and she's a lefty). We went together and sat next to each other.

And last, my favourite story to tell. I was once a young, dumb teenager. I wanted a first tattoo, and couldn't afford to go to an artist, and was too young anyway. So I let my friend who wanted to be a tattoo artist take a sewing needle and some India ink to my left ankle and prison style tattoo a little outline of a star on me. Many shots and joints later, half the star was done, and I couldn't take anymore pain. She came back the next day to do the rest. Two years later, I went to an artist to get it done right (my first time going to a real tattoo artist) and I made sure the original outline had to be retouched and emphasized to be the focal point. Funniest part is that the amateur tattoo healed up just fine. The pro tattoo got infected.
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That's my only one right now. The blue awareness ribbon is for child abuse awareness. I'm a survivor of child abuse and got this right before going into therapy.
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Not a big fan of tats. 99% of them look completely unaesthetic. That's mostly because that's hard to do - the human body is a 3D canvas with contours and definitions all its own. So most things that don't take that into consideration just look like out of place clipart. That's not to say that things that aren't abstract sleeves can't be done well - MC Ride for example has a lot of weird tats but they're arranged well and they create a balance of negative/positive space.

Tattoos are "in" now, and the cool thing to do, which makes me sad, because seldom do I see people do it justice.
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