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Unread 03-16-2011, 09:46 PM   #1
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Two Girls Looking to Cosplay as a Pair

Hi there!

I'm not new to cosplaying, however, my best friend is. Because I'm trying out this whole partnering thing, we need some ideas to go together. I'm becoming a pro, but she's pretty new. We both have fairly the same specs, but I'll give you some idea of the two of us.

Race: Cauc.
Height: 5'11-6'
Eyes: Hazel, but I do own blue contacts
Hair: Dark Brown, straight, and currently down to my shoulders (I don't mind dying it but stay away from wigs, though i do have hair extensions fitting my hair colour.)
Bust size: B-C

Race: Cauc.
Height: 5'11-6'
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark brown, kinda curly (likes to fluff, but can straighten), and currently comes down to armpits (she wants to stay away from wigs, and i dont have the heart to dye hers.)
Bust size: B

As a word of caution: We want to stay away from things that are overdone! Which means NO Hetalia, NO naruto and NO bleach! They're all too overdone and we don't want to venture into that territory!

I'm a square enix nut, so because i already have a Serah Farron costume in the works, im getting her to do Fang so we're at least from the same series. HOWEVER, I'd rather stray from the square (though its awesome) for another set of characters. For this con, we need another one for her! Nothing to difficult or skimpy please. i dont mind the skimp, but she might.

Also: I'm doing all of the sewing but luckily we're both the same size so i cant do anything with a crap load of armour as my Aqua armour is already pissing me off.
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pair wise there is chi and freya tho that would involve hair dye
brown hair female pairs are quite hard to come by especially if you dont want to do the more popular cosplayes. however an alternative to this is to do characters from the same anime luke doing lust and sloth from fma, or another idea is to do two different versions of the same character like for ex if you were to do vocaloid you would have two versions of the same person, i have seen this done with yoko from gurren lagann where the do pre-time skip and another outfit
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If you both don't mind cutting your hair you could do Yui and UI, or Yui and Ritsu, or Yui and Nadoka from K-On!
Nagisa and Sanea from Clannad
Kanade and Hibiki from Suite Pretty Cure♪
Mimi and Sora from Digimon Adventures or Digimon Adventures 02
Mikuru and Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Hisako and Shiori from Angel Beats
Katara and Tylee or Katara and Suki or the two female nomads or two Earth Kingdom nobles from Avatar the Last Airbender (I would love to see the two nomads or the two Earth Kingdom cosplayed.)
Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle and Sheeta from Castle in the Sky
Sophia Forrester and Uris from Last Exile
Juliet and Ozone from Romeo X Juliet
Two of the Pretty Girl Sailor Moon(live action) characters
Kureha and Hiruta or Xecty and Hiruta or Xecty and Kureha from Shining Tears X Wind
Koharu and Sango or Shiva and Sango or Lady Sara and Rin (older version)from Inuyasha

Garnet and Beatrix from FF 9
Aerith and Tifa from FF 7
Rinoa and Selphie from FF 8
Yuna and Lenna from FF 10-2
Two different classes of Yuna from FF 10-2
Ashe and Filo from FF 12
Two classes from Agito
Althea and Belle from FF Crystal Chronicles

Susan and Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia
Rogue and Kitty from X-Men
Kaylee and River from Firefly or Serenity
Fawn and Rosetta from the Disney Fairies series
Belle and Snow White

I have reference pictures for all of the characters I mentioned. If you need any just let me know cause most of the characters mentioned are secondary characters or from an obscure anime.
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