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Unread 05-01-2011, 08:44 PM   #31
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I'm pretty boring. Too cheap/broke to be fashionable, plus I work with messy things all day every day. Being the resident Splice-mistress for the entire school will do that! Basically, I work with or around paint, glue, varnishes, dyes, and messy things in general because I'm in charge of the more crafty side of theatrical costuming. Leatherwork, dyeing, etcetera etcetera.

So, I wear my clothes DOWN. Everyday, it's baggy t-shirt from a convention, thrift store. or play that I worked on/ was cast in with jeans torn at the knees and a sweatshirt. Flip flops when I don't have gym, worn sneakers when I do. Hair either down, or up in a ponytail when I'm working. Though, I do love dressing up. I have five dresses and some dressier tops (meaning that they actually show that yes, indeed I do have a waist and yes, I am quite skinny) that I wear with intact jeans and black flats.

So, I guess you can call it broke, artsy, lazy high schooler?
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Unread 05-10-2011, 02:18 AM   #32
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50's pinup/Rockabilly invades my wardrobe. Dresses, oversized belts (for that small waisted look!), and heels, topped with victory roll hairstyles are a must everyday.... I'm not in school. I sure as hell am not going to destroy my favourite outfits by getting clay and plaster all over it!

But sometimes, I'll wear 60's vintage floral prints....... rarely.
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Unread 05-11-2011, 12:42 AM   #33
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Depends on what I feel like, one day it may be Gothic Lolita, the next day Visual Kei or Decroa.
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Unread 05-11-2011, 01:35 PM   #34
I'm Awesome
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Tight jeans and baggy sweaters.

I'm so hip.
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Unread 05-12-2011, 03:19 AM   #35
queen of the closet
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baggy pants, usually black or grey. tight t-shirt or beater of whatever color is clean and matches pants. steel toe or waterproof boots, depending on weather and where i'm going that day. sunglasses, always

at least, up until this week. it's been over 80 here since monday. now i'm wearing capris and a bikini top. summer is the only time outside of special occasions where people will see me in anything remotely feminine

i have a funeral to go to saturday i'm wearing my denmark shirt (because it's the only "nice" shirt i have that isn't black and hasn't been altered in some way) and a straight black skirt that i've had forever. it's the first time i've worn a skirt in at least two years, and i'm pretty sure i wore that one the last time
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Unread 05-12-2011, 05:36 AM   #36
Don't be such a Nord.
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Hollister hoodies and jeans... that I got on sale at a consignment shop. I like the simple designs and product overall, but those prices! Those other kids can go waste $40 on a hoodie, but I'm buying practically the same one for $10. I seriously hate spending money on clothes when that same moolah could be used for anime, video games, and cosplay. ...Oh, and food. Yep.

Styles as a whole, though? I'm fond of Steampunk and 1930s flapper-esque clothes. Not specifically on me, though. ...I've always had a secret urge to try out the Ganguro look, though; just for the lulz.
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Unread 05-12-2011, 05:40 AM   #37
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You have a very suggestive typo in there. You should really change it. Just saying (also, I tried to make this post a little humorous, but I'm also pulling an all nighter).
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Unread 05-16-2011, 11:40 PM   #38
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For winter I wear lots of leather jackets, most in earthy or dark tones. Other times I'll wear leggings and short skirts, with fancy zippers and such. When I feel ambitious I'll throw on some strange colored leggings as well.
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Unread 05-17-2011, 11:31 PM   #39
Hagane No
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i like things that don't necessarily match but look good together. i am sort of a fashion freak, although, when i want to, i can wear a plain abercrombie hoodie with a dbz tshirt and some sweats. =]
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Unread 05-19-2011, 05:35 PM   #40
That one chick
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My cosplay clothes are prettier than my average ones!

I wear over-sized black hoodies, cute t-shirts and jeans.... woopee...
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Unread 05-19-2011, 05:51 PM   #41
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I've got a girly sense of style. I've been told I dress very fashionably. I like dresses, mini skirts, high heels, body hugging tops, anything with ribbons and lace, and pretty patterns. There are times when I just like wearing a t-shirt and jeans.
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Unread 05-20-2011, 06:31 AM   #42
mango puff
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I wear a short skirt with shorts underneath, with a top, knee socks / stockings / tights, high heels, and a head bow. Main color is black and I like white and red as accents. Sometimes I wear sweet lolita, in white and pink. X) I love cool clothes.
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Unread 05-20-2011, 07:37 PM   #43
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Weekdays(at school):
*tight jeans and a band or anime T-shirt. I bought a Flying Mint Bunny one a couple weeks ago and i love it <3
*Sometimes i like to wear tight jeans and loose shirts with chokers or tons of necklacesXD
*Tight jeans and HUGE sweatshirts or jackets. I love jackets. They're my second skin.

Weekends: Sweats and a cosplay/cosplay wig if im bored
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Unread 05-24-2011, 05:45 PM   #44
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I wear cybergoth/punk, decora, fairy, tribal, or just random stuff I like the looks of. XD My family call them costumes, even though they're just what I wear everyday (even for things like picking up groceries). I guess they're a little club-ish or festival-ish, but I love them. X3 I don't own anything else. ^^;; Meh, I'm eccentric and proud! XD
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Unread 05-24-2011, 06:36 PM   #45
Stay gold, Ponyboy.
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This is what I look like today.
I'm rather happy about it. I dyed my hair two days ago, and I'm really in love with it.
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