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Unread 04-13-2012, 05:56 AM   #136
Otaku Gunso
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Originally Posted by Pocketfightr View Post
I would never accept a panty shot request but if other people want to do it in some private space, go for it. I could never live down the embarrassment if I did one and an employer found it.
nowadays that the biggest thing you have to take into consideration.
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Unread 04-13-2012, 06:24 AM   #137
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Oh yea I agree ... that is an excellent point. seeing as many people post their photos online wether you want them to or not.
and now employers will look things up. imagine going to an interview and they saw something like that on accident...........
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Unread 04-13-2012, 07:54 AM   #138
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I think it's rather tacky, but it also depends on what is being cosplayed at times. For some odd reason, I don't think much about this picture

- http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&se...splay#/d2k6eu9

It /could/ just be because I've seen the series, and I'd almost feel awkward if the cosplayer wasn't acting in character. (They're shadow versions of the actual character.) But if it's done at a public con or at certain angles, I just feel awkward... The Rosario + Vampire shot made me feel awkward, for some reason. I dunno. Overall I just find it rather disgusting, and I certainly wouldn't ever do it.
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Unread 04-13-2012, 01:57 PM   #139
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Most girls at cons try to AVOID this as much as possible. So people that purposely do it...? ...

I really didn't find that Rosario+Vampire photo anything spectacular. It wasn't really shot that well and made it look like some creepy guy caught them off guard and managed to sneak a peek... Not very tasteful imho.

Just remember: THE INTERNET IS A WHORE: It gets around... So if you have a photo that you'd be embarrassed having a friend/family member/employer see, then don't do it.
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Unread 04-13-2012, 06:09 PM   #140
aknijig reyalpsoc
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I'm very on and off about it.

Short answer- No, I don't like it. I find it a little inappropriate and if that picture gets out online, you're screwed.
Things can spread pretty darn quick once it gets online.

Long answer- HELL TO THE NAO. Well...if the cosplayer is okay about it, then fine, but that's her reputation that's being put on the line. Like many other people have said, the picture shouldn't be taken near a bunch of kids and families. Take the picture in a place that gets deserted at one point in the con.
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Unread 04-16-2012, 02:52 AM   #141
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It's a funny joke in an anime, but it's shady as all hell when you take it into real life. You -know- the creepiest underbelly of the internet will be the only ones saving those pictures, and, quite frankly, it's just not classy. Even if you're doing a private photoshoot with a trusted photographer, posting the pictures on DeviantArt/whatever site after the fact totally defeats the purpose of privacy.

If you want to do it and actually keep the pictures to yourself/friends as a sort of joke? Fine.

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Unread 04-16-2012, 06:51 AM   #142
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I just find it to be inappropriate and it's not something that I would ever do even if the anime had a lot of panty shots. Though if your going to do them you should ask permission along with asking permission to post it online and never ever take a panty shot of someone just because there walking up the stairs or something. Or just because your an angle where you can see their panty's as the camera person doesn't mean that their doing it on purpose. I've accidentally flashed my photographer friends and I was completely unaware of it and they didn't even notice either until after we looked at the photo's and those were deleted.
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