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Unread 04-06-2011, 07:53 AM   #1
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Grell Make-up Help?

I searched the forums and found alot of posts about Grell teeth and eyes (a pair of circle lenses and a trip to Dental Distortions later and I'm fine in that department), but none about his actual make-up!

I'm looking for any tips you can give on pulling off Grell, and I'll try one last time to beg for help with my eyebrows before I shave them off. They cover fine with a glue stick and concealer stick, but the issue is that I can't get my foundation to mix with the concealer and it you can see the stripes of concealer over my eyes. No one can seem to tell me a better way to conceal or blend, so chances are I'll be buying pencils and having no eyebrows for a while.
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you know what? there's such a thing as colored mascara.
I feel like RED eyebrows (even though that's what Grell has) looks completely silly. Eyebrows are usually naturally a bit darker than your hair. When I cosplayed Grell, I used red colored mascara to cover them and did a bit of penciling in but still kept them more dark than my wig, which personally I thought looked better than having straight up red eyebrows, because I did use the gluestick concealer method also on a test run and I just felt...ridiculous with that amount of red that I got.

As far as other make up, it's hard to tell what to suggest without knowing what you look like, but I wouldn't go overboard or anything, I pretty much just stick to lining my eyes to give an almost anime sort of lining. when are you cosplaying him? I was planning on doing a make up tutorial once I got my circle lens in the mail but I'm still waiting for them. D: maybe I'll do something you like when I finally do it~
another tip is just look at other Grell cosplayers and take note of what they did on their make up, which you think looks good and which you think doesn't.

Hope all that helped.
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Please don't shave your eyebrows just for a color change.
As shui said, eyebrows are never the exact same shade as your hair... if they are it looks weird. You can get a very good color change just buy adding color to your natural eyebrows. I used a red lip pencil to add the red to my brows when I had really red hair, and my brows are almost black. picture->[x] (I am almost embarrassed to put that up, so old)
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Oh, I like that with the red pencil over the brows. I'll try that.
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Are you a girl ?

If so, if your eyebrows are a relatively normal to thin size, I wouldn't bother covering them at all, they're probably fine. You can do a little tint with a pencil like others have suggested, but Grell's eyebrows aren't really crazy enough to merit covering your eyebrows if yours are relatively normal.
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Unread 04-07-2011, 08:09 PM   #6
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I think that you could use Shui's method. Even LunaNera's method. Both are good.
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I agree with Shui, since that's usually what I do with my brows when I cosplay as Grell or Axel, although my eyebrows are blonde, so I don't usually use the glue method.

Also, for his makeup, what I usually do is put on a thin stripe of black liquid liner, then put on some natural-ish looking false lashes (Grell wears them too, so I just figure it's appropriate ) or some thickening/lengthening mascara
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this photo is completely unphotoshopped, and even though you can't really see it, this is the decided Grell make up for my next two Grell cosplays. (well, the absolute finished method will include fake eyelashes but I dont have any of those right now.)

I wanted to show you anyway, my eyebrows, if you can tell)

What I ended up doing this time was penciling in with my usual brown (my eyebrows are sort of tiny and messed up) but once I had the brown liner on the brows, to get a red color to them, I took a bit of red eyeshadow and touched it in, over the brown pencil, from beginning to end to make sure I had a red under-color as you can see my eyebrows are naturally a bit dark, so it sort of tones down the obnoxiousness of the red, but I think they're appropriately red enough for Grell!
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I'm also cosplaying as Grell so I'm doing some research on makeup for this character..these are some great ideas. Thank you
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For my Grell cosplay I'm using red lip-liner for my eyes and eyebrows, because I couldn't find red eyeliner any where around where I live. = n=

I just use it the same as eyeliner, and smudge it in and blend it with a soft eyeshadow blender. For my eyebrows I just densely draw on the liner onto my brows, and blend them into the hairs so it doesn't look chalky and broken up. That way, the colors layer and the darkness of my natural eyebrow color mixes with the red, causing them to be a darker red- perfect since eyebrows are usually darker than hair.

I'm using fake eyelashes- (since he uses them too, I figured hey why not)- and black eyeliner close to the lash-line for a bold effect.

Hope this helps! ♥
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