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Ciel Phantomhive's in Sterling Silver? o.o

I have had my Ciel Phantomhive ring from Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) for about 2 weeks and LOVE it. But...unfortunately, it is made out of copper metal so it's turning my finger green AND the paint is chipping off and it's turning copper colored and green on the inside..I wanted to know if it was possible that I could get the ring made in like Sterling Silver or a metal that won't turn my finger green and wont turn orange/brown/green?
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well, if you can do your own metal casting, then go for it! But since most rings are made in china and the quality is quite low, the rings will rust somewhat. But if you go to a hardware store they might have some clear enamel that stops rust. But be very careful, if you picked up a wrong brand, the enamel might be colored and will stay on your ring if you don't get rid of it quick. It's best if you try it on some other metal surface before doing it on your ring.


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i remember seeing an ad on the marketplace on here about some who can make things with sterling silver...ill try to find it for you. But it costs alot, and im not sure how willing that person would be to commission ciel's ring for you. =/

That person makes a really pretty rose duelist ring from Utena, you could ask if they can Ciel's ring for you. Asking doesn't hurt C:
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Another thing you could potentially do is get your existing ring plated. It isn't as durable as a solid sterling silver ring, but it might be cheaper and easier.

The hard part is finding an electroplating company who will do it for you. But luckily, since it's just a ring, it'd be easy to ship it where-ever (as opposed to something like a car-bumper, where you have to find a local place to do it).

On the sterling route, if you made a silicone mold of the ring, such that you could cast a copy of it in wax, any decent jeweler would be able to the ring for you in whatever metal you like. How much it costs beyond the market price of the silver, I can't say.
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Sterling silver, I'd like to note, is reeeeeally expensive right now. Like, $30-40 an ounce expensive. So plating is most likely your best option.
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I've also seen people coat the inside of their rings with clear nail polish. Brush on a few layers and see how it goes. Seal the entire ring if you have to. Seems a hell of a lot cheaper.

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Originally Posted by Radleia View Post
I've also seen people coat the inside of their rings with clear nail polish. Brush on a few layers and see how it goes. Seal the entire ring if you have to. Seems a hell of a lot cheaper.
I've done this with rings in the past, the only issue is one they start changing colour, you can't stop it... you just keep applying the clear polish to keep your skin from changing colour.

... I`ve never dabbled in metalsmithing (although I suppose I should consider it), but creating your own rings would be a boon.
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