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Unread 04-11-2011, 06:40 AM   #1
culture shocked
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Language Gap

Lately I'm feeling the language gap keenly at events.

At photo events, I only know enough Japanese to smoothly navigate niceities and initial meetings... but once people are on my archive, the sheer act of keeping up with their posts and understanding them makes my head spin -- much less responding to them or creating my own content in Japanese.

It took 7 years to get good enough just to get through an event and talk to folks at all...

But still I find myself at club events being valiantly ignored by everyone in a 2 meter radius because they're afraid that speaking to me would cause English... and English is to be avoided at all costs.

Do I play passive and let folks come to me?
Or should I be stomping up to these people and insisting on pleasant conversation?

Is anyone else so incredibly exhausted by Japanese-use at events that sometimes you just want to stay at home in your futon?

Tips to get over it?
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Well since i cant really speak Japanese at all I have no choice but to put up with the 2yard radius thingy but I think its good that you make an attempt to talk to people. Someone HAS to be the icebreaker and unfortunatly it will almost never be the J-party....

I think i understand your frustration though, i wish sometimes that someone...SOMEONE would speak english. Even if its just a `Hello` or `Goodbye` or `I like your costume` it can really make a world of difference.

Eisuke has been reading many books right now on the political economical spectrum of Japanese society. The book he is reading suggests a plot to keep Japanese people english illiterate so they cant compete in the world market. Maybe true? Maybe not but it wouldnt surprise me either....

I think someone needs to educate japan on how speaking a second language can really open up another world for them, myself too.

I say keep doing what your doing! Nothing wrong with making pleasantries with people, if they dont like it then you probably wouldnt want them for friends anyway.

just my two shillings.
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Make good friends with people you like, cultivate those friendships and stick with those friends at events. If you're there with good friends there is no concern with which language to talk in, they know you well and you know them.
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