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Unread 04-18-2011, 12:04 AM   #1
A Victorian Mess
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Costume Site Reviews: fm-anime

Early March we ordered two costumes (Sharon and Break, Pandora Hearts). This site has beautifully made costumes that look just like they were ripped out of the manga/animes they are based off of. And of course the prices are to die for (Cheap!)

On the site it says 25 to 35 days handling time.

It's been over 37 days

We became worried since the cosplay event (Our first cosplay btw. Sakura-con the 22-24) was approaching fast and we had not gotten our costumes. On the site they said something about their stuff being stolen and they had to remake 40 costumes.

So we e-mailed them, in hopes that ours were not apart of that. We e-mailed them on April 5th, right after I read the news on their site. We didn't a response so we e-mailed them again on April 11th and they just responded today (the 17th). Why it took so long we have no idea but that just made us even more worried.

The e-mail we got today brought very bad news and from the sound of things they had forgotten about our costumes. Only one of our costumes was custom sized, which I understand if that took a few weeks/months to make but our other costume (Break) said it was in stock (96 of them)

So this site looks good and may be good but it just didn't work out for us. I can't say about their shoes or wigs (We did order shoes from them. I'm not even going to talk about what happened with that.........) We will most likely be canceling our orders, due to the slow response and the procrastination of this site. I'm pretty upset since I've been wanting to go to the con for years now. We had already booked a hotel and got our contacts, wigs and shoes (Sharon's shoes) and got two three days passes. In total we spent over 200 dollars on these costumes and we never even got to touch to them.

Do I recommended this site to others?- Not for costumes, in less you order over three months in advance.
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Character commissioned and series/video game America from Hetalia axis powers revolutionary war variant

15-25 day order took two months

I ordered a revolutionary war variant of Hetalia's America from fm-anime from a friend who is a experienced cosplayer. Liked the price of it at the time and I figured I'd give her a go so I ordered it hoping it get here by a con that was coming up....no dice folks my cosplay came after 2 months after ordering it. Communication was somewhat sluggish, I had to have a friend find for me a alternate way to get ahold of her. She was nice though and put my head at ease times I asked about the cosplay. When it finally got here, I loved the quality, but putting it on...IT WAS SMALL ON ME! due to the wrong measurements I gave. Only got one message and no help with my cosplay top (cosplay only came with the top, no pants) and now currently stuck with a small cosplay i'm trying to sell. FM-anime.com I won't go back to.

Final Grade: D
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Little Robin
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Name of Commissioner; fm-anime
Website/C.com gallery; www.fm-anime.com
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.); Ciel Phantomhive - Kuroshitsuji { Musical, The Most Beautiful Death in the World } I ordered everything but the shoes, stockings, the ring and the mask. The gloves in the picture are mine, though they sent me a pair {really didn't like those. xD}
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item; http://druellablackrosier.deviantart.com/#/d3eqp3z
Timeline (how long your order took to process); We started talking about it around late November, ordered sometime during December? They started making it ... middle/late January. I don't think they usually take this long, but we previously discussed it. x]
It arrived April 22 {they said it would finish in March, but I guess I had to count Chinese New Year and the huge amount of changes I kept making in the middle. XD} But to make up for the delay, she wanted to have it shipped overnight, but I wouldn't let her do it. xD
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. The process overall, this being my first cosplay order, was pretty pleasant. Venus, who I was talking to, was really nice and helped me a lot through the process. Even after I made some major changes halfway through, they still managed to have it done. The replies were prompt, most of the time. Towards the end, the replies got less and less, and really started to freak me out a little, but she replied like... 2 weeks later, saying that she was on a trip to China and internet isn't very good there.
The costume itself was really amazing. They followed most of my instructions to the letter. The colours matched exactly to the ones I sent them. I really wasn't expecting that. They also managed to find rose buttons that I requested and added all the lace.
The cons about the costume were the epaulettes and the hat. The epaulettes were supposed to be blue in the centre, but it came out silver. It's okay, since the references for this outfit were mostly pretty hard to figure out. But the button on the left epaulette {I think I might be spelling it wrong... } where the rope thingie goes popped off while I was trying to fix the rope. The sewing was not bad, but you can see little sewing bits on the inside of the coat.
The hat... well, it's not every easy to find a company that can make mini hats. I love the butterfly pins they used, but the hat itself looked odd. It's like, half of what I wanted, but the other half sticks up in this really wierd triangle. It also doesn't really stay in place on my head. I asked them to put either a clip or a comb under the hat, but there was none. I can easily fix that though. x]
It might be me, but the pants&bustle they sent were HUGE. Really, really, big. I had to safety pin them. The shirt was a little short, but otherwise, it's okay.
The wig is very soft and very like human hair. The curly pigtails tangles really easily though. I'm still trying to straighten the pigtails. The base wig doesn't really fit on my head, but that might just be me. The colour also matches the picture very well.
The price was also fair. The fabric I had them use was English Wool {instead of gold velvet, which she really thought would turn out beautiful. I probably should've listened, but eh. I look horrible in velvet. xD} and some sort of sateen/satin for the black parts.
The wig was... $47, I think and the costume was $105/110. The shipping was... $75, or something, for both, but there was some monthly promotion, so in the end, the whole thing+shipping was $198.
Final Grade; B++++ {Would be an A- if not for the tangly wig, that one button that popped off and the huge pants&bustle}
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Ends Beginning
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Name of Commissioner; fm-anime
Website/C.com gallery; www.fm-anime.com
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Vincent Valentine FF7oC Shirt and Pants
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Never Done
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: After emailing them about a possible commission they refused. They based their refusal on the fact that it wasn't a "full cosplay" They told me they'd charge me some odd amount for the whole cosplay. When I told them I just needed those pieces and already ahd they other they said "no". Since when does someone refuse a job? Oh well just means I won't go through them again for anything.
The process overall: Not impressed they were not willing to work with me. As far as I am concerned it jsut proves that commissioners can be to picky. If you want to make money you have to be willing to do something you wouldn't normally do or risk a bad review.
Measurements: Never Done
Final Grade: D-

The only reason they don't get an F is because they actually sent a reply to me,

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Calling Major Tom
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I don't think it's quite appropriate to give a review on a transaction that you never even began. Commissioners like that always have the right to refuse a commission, and they might want to have you order the entire outfit so they can have it up on their site since they'd now know how to make it.
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Unread 09-11-2011, 07:55 PM   #6
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this is making me slightly worried now. xD
I just recently ordered off them.. and i have till the 28th to get it. D: *spazs*
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I'm Moonchild21 (on my other account since that one doens't seem to want me to stay logged in for more than three minutes) anyway I did get my costumes. They were months late but are wonderful! I won't be ordering them again because we did make the mistake of ordering shoes from them (in April) and still have not gotten them. They reply VERY slowly. And don't seem to understand/acknowledge the fact they didn't send the boots with the costumes.

Their costumes are VERY well made but due to the very poor communication and website issues (such as saying they have shipped the shoes) I would not suggest buying from this site if you are in a rush. Maybe buy from them if you are planning a cosplay a year or two ahead of time, so you're not left feeling completely upset with them as I was.


I highly doubt you will get the item by the 28th. It's best to order it a few months ahead of time. Once they do ship the item/s they come very fast. But are often sent months late. I wouldn't trust their estimated shipping on their site.
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Unread 09-26-2011, 07:01 PM   #8
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Im actually surprised. I got it WAYYYYY in advance. o.o like less than a month.
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Unread 09-28-2011, 10:42 AM   #9
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Is it true that they give back a discount if you buy more than one product from them?

Also are the quality of the costumes amazing?
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Ok, so, maybe my post is inappropriate here but I just wanted to had a wig review for this website since there isn't any topic created for their wigs...

Name of Commissioner; fm-anime
Website/C.com gallery; www.fm-anime.com

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) wig and Will of the Abyss (Pandora Hearts) wig

Timeline (how long your order took to process): between the date I ordered my wigs (two different orders actually), I had to wait less than 2 month for the first one (I ordered it in mid-September and got it several weeks before the con I was attending in mid-November), and for my second one, I ordered it in mid-April and got it around the end of May actually. Pretty much okay for me since I don't know a lot about it, but since I live in France I ordered a few months in advance just to be sure anyway

Describe your Experience: well, I ordered my wigs, I had some problems with my postal address but I just had to send a mail to Venus, she answered pretty quickly to my worries, waited a bit and got them !
I was really pleased with the quality of my Ciel's wig (I'm not sure it's the same as now though, the picture changed and well, I can't assure anything), it was my first time wearing a wig (and cosplaying) and many people asked me if it was my real hair (sometimes I was wondering if they really though average high school girls were all ready to cut their hair short and dye them in blue but anyway XD), it's soooo soft, I love combing it x)
My Will of the Abyss wig was... a first experience with very long wigs u_u I didn't expected it to be so different from my Ciel's but actually the quality was quite different (maybe more real looking actually, and maybe because it was so long?), I successfully washed it and untangled it 2 times so far (even if I must admit she lost quite some hair, it's no big deal for now).
I'm quite happy with my wigs which weren't too expensive and, as far as I'm concerned, are pretty nice in terms of quality !
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Unread 04-04-2012, 12:59 PM   #11
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Thumbs down Never received

I ordered a costume for my son through the cosplay website September 2011. Near the end of October I requested a status update and tracking number for the costume as the website said it would arrive within 6 weeks. I never got a reply to this email. I tried to email them several times in January for an update, but since they take most of January off, I only received the usual out of office replies. In February I sent another email requesting a status update and finally received a reply telling me that the mask I ordered was "too difficult to make", and the were just starting the rest of the costume (5 MONTHS AFTER I ORDERED IT!!!). They could send me the costume (without the mask) within a week and refund the cost of the mask "is this acceptable?". My repsonse, "no, this is not acceptable, the mask is what makes the costume, please refund the full amount". Now, for some reason, they can't figure out how to make a refund using paypal. I contacted my VISA company, but since the purchase was made so long ago, they can't help me. I contacted paypal, they sent instructions to cosplay on how to refund my money, and I still haven't heard anything and since the purchase was made so long ago, they can't help me... Now I'm out nearly $200 for a costume I will never get.
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Oh well, this kind of disappoints me. I've ordered quite a lot from them (9 wigs: Fem!England, England, America, Miku, Len, Madoka, Sayaka, Homura & Mami. And 6 pairs of shoes: Mey-rin, Miku, Madoka, Sayaka, Mami & Kyouko.) And nothing ever went wrong. Off course I had some difficulty communicating with them, considering their lacking English. But besides that not ever went wrong with my order, nor was anything ever delivered too late. To be more precise, most orders got shipped within a month!
It might have to do some with me never ordering any costumes or something. But one thing for sure, this does disappointing me a bit.
Does anyone have experience with custom order? I'm planning on letting them make my Goddess!Madoka wig and shoes, but I'm thrown back now...
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I ordered a single wig from them on the 15th of June, and I still haven't recieved anything. They replied to my queries pretty quickly and easily at first, but now I'm not getting a single email. Even though the processing time on their website says 5-20 work days, I didn't think that they would have to take too longer than that for a single wig that is supposedly in stock.

Just to be careful, I filed a paypal dispute since it was a couple of weeks after the allotted processing time (and i believe you should file a dispute within 45 days of paying?) and they've yet to reply. I'm thinking I might have been scammed or something which is disappointing since it was my first wig and I've heard so many good things about them.

Edit [31/7]: It appears everything was just a problem in communication. When I opened the dispute, they assumed the money was send back to me and they cancelled the order. I told them that the payment was only frozen since I opened the dispute and asked if they could send it so I could close the dispute. However, apparently the wig is out of stock (despite saying there's 97 in stock on the website?), so they decided to refund the payment.
I'm glad that everything was settled, but I am a little disappointed. They could have told me initially instead of going silent and not replying to my original emails.

I MIGHT consider trying again with them since they're overall quite nice people, but for the moment, I don't think I will.

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I recommend writing a comprehensive review in the Commissioner Review Thread in addition to this thread.

^ It's not perfect, but it is a quick and simple way for people to see if anyone's had experiences with a commissioner or a merchant in addition to the brand/shop review threads such as this one.
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You can find my review for the on the commissioner review thread, but I've ordered from them in the past and my experience was A+++! I'll be ordering from them again soon, and have no worries about it. ^^ I didn't need to communicate with them on my previous order, though right now I'm working out the details of a commission with them. They took about 4 days to respond to my initial email, though now they reply in about 2 days. I'm looking forward to ordering from them again.

I have two wigs from them (America Hetalia and Italy Hetalia) and they are both fantastic! Great quality and very soft. The America wig's ahoge came limp, but my friend who is good with wigs stiffened it with a paper clip and lots of hair gel. XD

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