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Emi Hana
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Ideas for a self-insert Magical Girl outfit from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

I'll cut to the point. I've been watching the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and I have decided to do a cosplay as a "self-insert" Magical Girl aka me as a Magical Girl. I'm having my Soul Gem Ring, weapon, and where I will wear my Soul Gem when I "transform" being worked on, but I'm having a huge difficulty in trying to find a Magical Girl Outfit.

I am huge fan of Japanese culture. This includes modern Japanese traditions, Kimono, The Flower and Willow World, Japanese History, folklore, and more. Thus, my transformation outfit would be Japanese-based. However, as I cannot sew and I am on a limited budget, I'm kind of lost on what my "battle outfit" should be.

I was advised to look around at some Wa Lolita styles, because they give more freedom of movement than a traditional Kimono or Yukata. The style isn't as restraining as a Yukata, Geta, and Obi, but Lolita outfits and accessories are beyond my budget. Adding to that, some of the Lolita shoes aren't combat practical. I've tried looking into some Visual Kei, but I am a big girl, with a big chest, and a not-well-toned body.

My next biggest problem is fabric. Again, I don’t sew, but I would like an idea that can be commissioned from either summer-weight cotton and / or linen. Many of the Visual Kei shirts and pants I've found online are mostly made of polyester. While polyester might be fine in cooler weather, in the summer, I will be uncomfortable.

I have also been looking at Jinbei and Samue, but the Jinbei they have for sale on eBay are too small for me - I am a United States Size 2X. There is an option for custom-made Samue, but they are not very "Magical" even if they are practical for wearing.

If it will help, here are my magical girl stats:
  • How I met Kyubey - Earlier this year, my family had to go to Hollidaysburg, PA - a suburb outside of Altoona, PA - to bury my grandmother after she died from heart failure. I was in the front row pew with my stepmother and aunt, but I was focused more on my aunt; trying to give her non-verbal comfort. I was already upset that my grandmother had died, but at that moment, we needed each others reassurance.

    When it was time for Communion - I'm Catholic - there were a lot of people in walkers and wheelchairs. Because the coffin was in the center aisle, they had to push it aside to accommodate them. The coffin was pushed right in front of the front row where I was standing, and I lost it. I ran out of the church, into foyer, and started sobbing. Then I noticed what I thought was plush toy - of Kyubey. Suddenly, he jumped onto a table, startling me, and talked to me without moving his mouth. Kyubey told me that he was sorry for my loss, but if I wanted to, he could take my pain away with one wish...
  • Wish - To go back in time to meet my family. [This wish comes from attending my grandmother and great-aunt funeral. The wish is also focused on my biological mother, who died when I was 2 years old from a relapse of Breast Cancer.]
  • Where my Soul Gem is located - In regular attire or in Kimono, a ring on my right ring finger. When transformed, my soul gem is the largest gem on my ponytail holder. [I wear my hair back when I'm "in character."]
  • Weapon – Kiseru. [Again, homage to my family and wish. My grandfather - father's father - always had a pipe in his room. I never smelled tobacco in that room, so I'm pretty sure he didn't smoke. However, if he were drawing or concentrating on something, he would take the pipe, put it in his mouth, and chew the mouthpiece. Again, he never smoked; he just chewed on the mouthpiece.]
  • Mode of Attack - Inhale air from my Kiseru and blow bubbles out of my mouth. The bubbles would fill the air, hang around for a few seconds, and then pop to become a corrosive mist that dissolves witches. [I don't smoke, so no tobacco will be involved. I personally find the habit disgusting.]
  • Power - To move objects with my mind.

Sorry if this post is so long, but I really have no idea on what to do. I want to balance out "magical girl looking" with battle practicality on a budget. Any ideas?
Losing weight for Cosplay...

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