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Unread 06-02-2011, 04:28 PM   #1
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Ok sooo this is my first cosplay, I decided to choose her since she seems the easiest for a first cosplay (I have yet to find good tutorials on how to REALLY cosplay, I havent done much research though)

So I have her shorts, vest and white tank top already.

A Few questions though:

-Should I just get a plain white hat and sew on a red pokeball design? (I probably wouldnt even know how to do this, a tutorial would be nice) I would probably take fabric and cut and make the pokeball and the red for the hood of the cap. Or maybe even dye it?
-Anyone know a good place to get the cargo boots she has? And probably I'll buy red shoe laces and how would I make the soles red?
-I don't quite have hair as long as hers, whats a good place to find extensions? And how should I do her front "bangs" (I guess that is what I will call it for now)
-Lastly, her wrist bands should I make those? If so what out of? If not what could I buy thats already made?

Sorry if I am posting on the wrong board and thanks in advance I will post a picture of me for the avtar so you can help with the hair problem
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Unread 06-04-2011, 02:55 AM   #2
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Number one thing you need to do: research. More answers that you actually need will come to you that way.
And look at real clothing, use some common sense, don't hurt yourself, don't stay up all night sewing, don't procrastinate, yadda yadda yadda.

Hat: Okay, so. You could try painting a white base hat with red acrylic paint or fabric paint/dye, or vice versa with a red hat and white paint/dye. Do a good, clean job and it'll look fine. (Be sure to carefully tape off the parts you don't want to be painted, though!) Sewing will only look good if you use small stitches and don't let anything that shouldn't be seen, be seen. Painting may be easier.

Boots: Definitely skim all the nearby stores that you know sell boots. Pay attention to when, where, how much sales and clearances are. Try secondhand/thrift stores and garage sales; sometimes you'll even find brand-new clothes. It's pretty awesome.
The red lace is easy to change; the red heel can be painted on. Look around for shoe paint, or use spray paint as a last-ditch effort (that's what my brother used to do). Remember to tape off and protect the rest of the shoe from the paint. Just don't use water-based paints like acrylics; these are shoes. You're gonna walk in them. You don't want them to flake or get washed off.

Hair: Look in beauty supply stores, Hot Topic, any stores that may sell wigs/extensions, and Ebay/Amazon/cosplay sites/etc. if you're okay with buying online. Heck, I think even this site sells wefts.

Wrist bands: Look in the sporting sections of stores/sports stores. They've got to have wrist bands. Just sew on matching red ribbon for the stripe or paint it on if you're really that lazy. Sewing is easier, though.
But if you're set to make it yourself, use slightly stretchy fabric. Terry cloth is the usual material for wrist bands, but T-shirt cotton would also work. Stuff like that.

-wipes forehead- Phew! Done typing all that. I'm working on my first cosplay by myself, too, and I've done a fair amount of research. Neku and White have enough similarities for the stuff I've learned to apply. Plus, my friend was gonna cosplay White so I did a little research for her, too. xD
Good luck!! Message me the results? ^-^ (And sorry for the mega-long reply. I just wanted to be a bit thorough. owo")
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Unread 06-06-2011, 10:25 AM   #3
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for the hair go to a beauty supply and get loose yaky hair and make A PONY FALL, it costs about 3.00 for a pack of hair, you might need only 2
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Unread 06-12-2011, 11:55 AM   #4
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I'm also working on this cosplay right now and for the boots I looked on eBay and found the perfect pair (or they will be perfect after I paint the bottoms) As for the hat I would definitely recommend painting it instead of sewing. It's a lot easier to fix a painting mistake then a sewing one. As for the wrist bands, any sporting goods store should have plain black terrycloth wristbands. All you need to do is sew on a ribbon to get the desired look.
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Unread 07-01-2011, 08:32 PM   #5
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I just need to finish my boots but what I did for my hat was use my old promo Rockstar hat and painted over the logo then again with the ball, you can get 1-5$ hats anywhere it only took me a hour or so because the paint~
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Unread 07-03-2011, 01:35 PM   #6
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I hand-knit Touko's wristbands and sell them in my Etsy!
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Unread 08-02-2011, 01:42 AM   #7
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I'm relatively certain her boots/hat bits are more pink than red? Also I disagree that a painting mistake is easier to fix; bright pink on white would, I think, be very difficult to fix or hide as opposed to ripping out seams. Paint could still work if you're confident, though. If you decide to sew, I'd look to see if there's some sort of iron-on patch of the design. Still sew it to stay on better, but the lines would probably be sharper than a home-cut one.
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Unread 08-11-2011, 08:16 PM   #8
Laced Candy
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Originally Posted by EvaLilith View Post
I'm relatively certain her boots/hat bits are more pink than red?
Agreeing here... pink, not red.
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