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Unread 06-15-2011, 11:51 PM   #1
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Kahl Drogo, Game of Thrones

Hello, I'm new

For halloween this year I've decided to go as Kahl Drogo, the one from the series. Click here if you don't know what he looks like. Suggested by a friend after we saw him in the first episode of HBO's show, and solidified in my mind after episode 7 (The Pointy End) I'm willing to go all-out for this costume, as with the previous halloween, in which i went as a hipster. From learning how to work leather and making jewlery with resin, to growing out my beard and hair, to working out and tanning, to learning a fair amount of Dothraki (They invented a language, you know); enough to hold a basic conversation.

My intentions are for this topic to be a progress log of the creation of the costume.
Artistically speaking, Iím going to need to learn how to Work Leather, from selection to cutting to dying and construction. Iím also going to need to learn how to make a mold with silicone, and cast in resin. Having a good deal of ceramic knowledge and experience, Iím confident in my sculptural and molding abilities, and Iím very much looking forward to learning all of these things.

It would be cool if I could complete it by Otakon but as I've got a lot to learn that might not be viable.

Things to Create:

Leather Girdle: 40% complete
- Pattern for Leather created,
- fitted to my body.
- Cardboard template also created.
- Leather type/weight decided upon
- Figure out sq/feet of leather needed
- Purchase Leather
- Cut Leather into Pattern
To do:
- Punch stitch holes
- Cut thongs for stitching/ornamentation
- Dye and seal leather
- treat leather to be soft and worked/used feeling.
- Stitch designs
- Put together, adjust!

Progress: 30% complete
- Measurements
- Determine Pattern for Left/Right arm
- Figure out leather type/weight
- Figure out how much of each type is needed
- Purchase Leather
- Cut Leather to template
To Do:
- Figure out how each part fits together
- drill holes for stitches
- Cut strips for woven bracer
- cut long strips for wrapping around arm
- cut thongs for stitching
- Dye/Seal leather
- Weave, combine, fit, fix.

Wedding Belt of Horse Medallions
Progress: 5% complete
- Figure out Sizing for primary medallion
- Figure out Patterning for relief
- Purchase non-Sulphurous Clay
To Do:
- Carve relief of Medallion
- Carve relief for intermediary beads
- Make silicon mold
- Cast intermediary bead, test chrome spray. Determine if cold casting or chrome spray yields best results
- Test shoepolish patina
- Once surface has been determined, make Silicon mold for medallion
- Cast 8 times in resin,
--- add finish, if not cold-cast

Short Buffalo Horn Knives:

Progress: 20% complete
- Design blade
- Print Pattern
- Carve Blade from wood
To Do:
- Fill wood
- Sand smoooth
- polyurethane
- Sand, buff, poly, sand buff till metal-smooth.
- Continue to add detail with Apoxie, or clay, smooth.
- Make Silicon Mold
- Determine wether weighting with fishing weights or a powder additive is most cost-effective.
- Cast in resin, twice
- Paint
- Clear Coat

Loincloth / Pants
Progress: 0% complete
To do:
- Figure out how much hide is needed, what the wedding version is made of/how its composed
- Purchase necessary supplies
- cut, figure out how to wear
- Cut strips, attach feathers/beads/extras


Progress: 5% complete
- Figure out design and scale specifications
- Determine Wood to use
- Purchase Wood
To Do:
- Cut to shape, glue together
- Shape blade
- use clay/apoxie to shape handle, or further shape blade
- Make it smooooove
- Make Silicone Mold of blade (2-part)
- Paint Arakh
- Weather
- Finishing touches

Hair / Beard / Beads / Extras.

Progress: 5% complete
- Beard at 25% required length
To Do:
- Figure out how to use hair extentions
- Design the hair and beard beads
- create with sculpey or apoxie, or wire
- paint


Progress: 75% complete
- Work out 5 days a week, with a focus on strength and size over endurance
- Ketogenic diet (currently cutting)
To Do:
- Further develop/bulk up pectoral muscles, aim to increase chest circumference by 4 inches
- Tan. I'm a pale dude
- Reduce bodyfat % from 15% to 12%
- Lose 10 lbs, of primarily fat.


Progress: 0% complete
- Begin learning basic grammatical and phonetical rules of Dothraki
To Do:
- Learn basics of grammar
- Learn basics of pronunciation
- Learn 100 of the most important conversational words
- Learn 10-30 canned phrases
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Awesome! I'm also contemplating putting together a Kahl Drogo costume too. Can't wait to see how this works out for you.
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Holy cripes, you're amazing for not only going through with it, but for thinking everything through in such detail!

I remember seeing somewhere on GRRM's "Not a Blog" a good while back that somebody was dissecting the Dothraki language and had lessons or something, it'd be cool to learn.

Looking forward to pictures!
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First Update

First update!

I converted my dining room into a studio, and it is super exciting. I went out also and bought a few basic art supplies a few days ago and sat down to figure out a few things. First and foremost, I needed to figure out how much leather was necessary. So I began to make a template, estimating sizes based on ratio.

The cardboard template:

Aand fitted on me.

Clearly I need to bulk up in the pecs a bit more, and start tanning - good thing that the weather is warmer!.

Last night I spent about 4 hours cutting the template out of the Leather that I had bought during lunch, and experimented with attaching the pieces to the supporting belts. I've still got to punch all the holes out of it though, and that will be handled this weekend.

Finally I also bought some basswood and laminated birch plywood to experiment with for developing the knives. Initially I had thought to construct it with wood, then coat with resin for a smooth finish, but I think at this point this will be a template for a resin cast - that way I can weight it evenly when I cast, as well as utilize clay/bondo/epoxy/polyurethane to make a super smooth surface.

lhoward - Thanks! I'm totally psyched for it now

Rose - Thanks! I like getting meticulous with projects sometimes. As I speak a fair amount of Na'vi I'm not too too worried about the difficulty of learning a bit of Dothraki. It would appear that there are very few people learning it to begin with so I won't have to worry about knowing any more than simple responses.

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Holy crap, I am so excited to see this finished. It's awesome that you're going hardcore with the details. Kahl Drogo is definitely one of the coolest characters in GoT.
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Unread 06-21-2011, 01:15 PM   #6
Daisy Viktoria
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That is so cool! I am really excited to see this when you're done. (:
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Foos: "Balls to the wall or not at all"

Annwyn: Thanks! I'm stoked too

Second Update!

Spent a good 5 hours marking out and cutting the leather. I ended up with *just* enough for the belt and his left arm's bracer. I've still got another belly half of thinner leather which I'll be using for lace and other parts. Wouldn't mind having extra, though

After I cut them all out I had to slot them for the 3 cross belts, which was a major pain, but after I put it all together, it was clearly worth it:

(the tied off knots are simply placeholders)

I've still got to punch a LOT of holes for the connective lace, as well as the decorations. From there I also need to figure out how the belt is going to connect to itself - Initially I figured I'd do a corset-style lace up the back (which is I think how they do it in the show, though its hard to tell) but I'm thinking that maybe instead I'll have 3 belt buckles that will be either exposed or hidden. I need to give it some thought, as I want the belt to fit snugly against me. Anyway, spent another few hours beveling the edges of the leather, as well as bending it backwards against the smooth surface to add texture. I'll be ready to dye hopefully in the next week or two.

After that was taken care of I've been primarily working on the Arakh - the long curved sword, that we don't actually see him use, but I figure will be fun to have around. I started out by laminating two pieces of 1 1/2" strips of pinewood together, then cutting them accordingly into pieces to match the curve, and re-connecting them. From there I further cut the shape, and cut the bevel of the blade's edge with a knife and a large wood rasp. Then i started experimenting with Apoxie sculpt and filling spaces, before just adding a large amount to the hilt to make it fit the hand:

Apoxie Sculpt is the shit!! After it cures it has the feel of a soft soapstone when further carving into things. The wood rasp smoothes it nicely, and a wood scraper also evenly strips the material away. Its mind blowing stuff, really. Emboldened by the success of the first layer, this morning I added more overtop of the wood on one side, and began to shape the hilt a little further. Its rough currently, but a bit of rasping, sanding and scraping will quickly fix that. I'm looking forward to working tonight:

Furthermore, the blade is starting to feel bulky and heavy, which is exactly what I was hoping for. At this point, I'm wondering if I should even consider re-casting the entire thing in resin, or if I should just focus on working it to a good state with the apoxie sculpt. We'll see what happens when I get to the detail on the hilt ... it may be a job for NSP, in which case I'll definitely need to cast it.

I've also been carving out the wedding belt medallions, as well as experimenting with getting a metallic look that won't easily rub off. Photos of that will come later, as things progress.

More updates soon, I hope!
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That's pretty rad, can't wait to see it finished.
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OMG WIN! Too bad you won't have this done for SDCC, some friends and I are doing a GoT group, I'll be Cersei (fromt eh books though, not t.v. show accurate)
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WOW! Very nice! Can't wait to see how this ends up.
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Long overdue update!
Despite a busy life I've been working somewhat diligently towards completing the girdle first. I've punched all of the holes needed, and as you can see below experimented with the stitching.

I need to buy some leather lace, as well as some buckle ends for the belts, and then I'll be basically ready to dye the leather, and finish it. I'm totally stoked

Next up is the Arakh, which I've been honing down more and more. It looks a bit rough currently but is a lot more smooth and finished than the photo shows.

You can see the knife is more or less close to being completed ... I still have to buy filler so I can make the blade smooth enough to look like metal once the silver coat is applied. Next is the armband, waiting to be dyed, and tied together, and attached to a more loose, low ounce piece of leather.

In addition to all that, I've started to think about the leather pants, and how I'm going to manage that. As luck would have it, today when I was dropping off my rent check I spied by a dumpster a chair that was upholstered with leather. Checking it out I noted that it was broken, but still in halfway decent shape.

Naturally I drove home and got my compound bow, and while ghost-riding my car drove by and nailed the beast just behind its front haunches. It didn't want to part with this world, so I had to nail it again before I reigned in my steed and performed the coup de grace. With deft hands I flayed its fallen body, making quick, skillful cuts in the right areas to let the hide be removed easily from the corpse.

The chair yielded what would appear to be just enough material to make the pants, and even better, despite the fact that it was finished, it would appear that the leather can be dyed easily. It may not be one large solid piece to be divided up into the pants pattern, but ultimately its an all in all good solution that just happened to drop from the sky.
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This looks amazing so far *w* I can't wait to see it finished!
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Hoodwink Menace
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Wow so much work and thought put into this. I'm a big GoT fan, I can't wait to see the result. *o*

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Wow! Your Kahl Drogo costume looks great so far! It's awesome that you're working on it on your own. I'm paying someone to make my Daenerys Targaryen costume for PAX. Unfortunately, the costume will be done right after my Hawaiian vacation, so I'll be a pretty tan Khaleesi. Good luck and I can't wait until I see your finished product!
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