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Originally Posted by koi-ishly View Post
I was hoping for some help. I've been doing a lot of research for my next cosplay. I'm not sure what type of fabric I should be focusing on for this dress. I'm looking for a blue purple fabric to make a tiered dress. Most of my searches when looking for the fabric I've stuck to purple, plum, or eggplant that come up with a lot of jersey. Other fabrics that come up are organza, silk (a bit too pricey), bridal satin and twill.
Reference Image

Fabric 1
Fabric 2 - I really want this color, but the fabric is jersey.
Fabric 3
Here I've found some fabrics with the color that I like, and I'd really like to order swatches but most of the time it's not an option.

I am not afraid to dye the fabric it something I've never done. If I can't find a suitable purple would it best to at least have a purple fabric and dye it to the color that I need or start with some other color entirely? Like a blue and then dying it to purple.
I'd go with Fabric 3, it looks like the right color and texture from the reference picture. I'm pretty sure twill isn't difficult to sew either.
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Hey guys...I'm really new here. To tell you truth, one of the reasons I joined was to get some help on an costume idea I had. (I made a thread about it five days ago, but no one approved it...)

Anyway could someone help me figure out a certain material that would go with this characters blue shirt. I really only need to work on the shirt first (because of school and all, I don't think I can tackle it all at once)

(Another shot of same character below)

Also if you could suggest a sewing pattern that I could use to design the shirt, I would be very appreciative. I can work on most things once I have a pattern to go by.

I was thinking it either looks to be of a knight's tunic or a tunic of some kind or similar to Union's shell jacket, but I'm not sure. I've been researching this on my own for some time. Most people I asked weren't any help or didn't want to help.

...Thanks for any advice!

@Akune-chan, your character's red clothing looks to be of fine loosely fitted silk. But that's just me. I think it's how the colors are blended there. The red clothing gives off that texture of silk to me.

If I'm not mistaken, silk can be expensive though. So you might want to look for some material that gives off that same look and feel as silk.

Other than that, the vest underneath the red silk thing is just one of those 18th/19th century vests. I know that pattern being a Civil War reenactor. I even have one of those. We're required to wear it under our uniforms, but dang! It gets so hot wearing a wool uniform. It's just torture to wear something underneath that!

http://www.google.com/search?q=civil...1280&bi h=806

^ See? Sort of similar. You can find some patterns to work with that easily.

@gazettejrocker, giving off the look and texture of a snake's skin/scales is kind of tricky with fabric, unless you want to actually find a way to bond something which looks like scales onto material.

Actually when I was looking at the picture, I imagined those rough gritty feeling washcloths. I don't know if you've ever felt the texture, but they usually sell those rags for cars at car stores or places that sell car products (like Wal-Mart)

But I can't actually think of something that completely resembles snake scales and is white cloth. You might have to make something if you want that real scale feel.
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Hi. I hope that this information will help you.

The shirt can be made out of a double knit fabric and you do not need a pattern, if you can get a turtle neck top and fold it in half lengthwise, then trace it on a pattern paper or a newspaper, give yourself some seamallowance and you have the body pattern. Then you do the same for the sleeves, and the neck is a circular piece folded in half so that it will be double thick and holds it shape. Knit is very giving so that it stretches into place as you sew it. You need to sew the knit with polyester thread because of the stretch and then you have to serge the edge with polyester thread also.

The shorts can be done out of cotton/twill. ( you may need a pattern for this).

The hat is also made out of the same double knit fabric.

The armor, you can use muslin to trace the pattern of the armor that you want on front and back then you can divide the pattern into horizontal pieces and cut them out of foam board (craft foam), See the tutorials as to how to make armor pieces here on Cosplay.com under tutorials.

Any questions, you can pm me. Thanks. -uniquecreator
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I've read through most of this thread, but I'm still not sure what to do so I thought I'd ask.

I'm looking to make the dress in this picture:

What do you think is an appropriate material to use for this? I think it should be a bit shiny. Thanks!
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hi guys. i want to remake a hoodie i made last year with a different fabric. i tried to find what i'm looking for in the stores and did a little bit of searching online, but i've had no luck. i need a powder blue jersey knit fabric (i think jersey knit... is that what i'd use for a hoodie??) if anyone knows where i can find this color that'd be great!

i found this... is this type of fabric good for hoodies? seems like it would be:

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Link (OoT) 50%
Bowser 100% (repair work)

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I tried posting a reply before but it didn't seem to work, so I apologize if I somehow end up posting twice.

I've read through most of this thread but I'm still not sure what fabric to use for this. I want to make this purple dress:

What would be an appropriate fabric to use? I'm concerned more about the general look of it than the red colour effect. I think it should be a bit shiny, but not too shiny. Would something like sateen be right? Would something else be better?

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Thanks uniquecreator, you're the best! I haven't tested or searched for the material, due to such a hectic school load, but I'm definetly going to try all of that when I get the time.

I'll probably pick a turtleneck pattern or something similar, just because I'm stubborn like that haha.
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I have some ideas of what im going to be using to make Kid's outfit, but more ideas for fabrics would be helpful :3

ty :3

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I need a basic dress/skirt fabric, for a few costumes and every day wear. I need a fabric that's drapey, opaque and durable. Stretch or nonr stretch, it doens't matter. I know cottons are the best, but I'm going to have to buy online, since my fabric store ONLY carries quilting cotton, and I don't know what the descriptions online mean
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I'm planning on cosplaying as Ritz from FFTA.
Any suggestions as to where to find a good fabric for her leggings? I was thinking a PU Leather would be nice, but I can't find one that seems like it would be suitable for stockings.
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Got a little overlooked. Thought I'd try again:

I got some really good advice for my last costume, so I'll ask here again. I'm doing Kairi from Kingdom Hearts 2 and have absolutely NO clue what fabric to use. Mind this is the pink dress/outfit. It's thick like denim, but not quite denim. Kind of pleathery, but not so shiny. Any hints?

References: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=kairi...c4oGdDA&zoom=1




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There are matte vinyls if you want something reminiscent of pleather but with less shine to it, though I'm not sure how easy that'd be to find in a pink. You could also go for a heavier cotton without the obvious twill weave of most denims -- something like an upholstry-weight sateen (you can use back if you want even less sheen, though sateens usually aren't hugely shiny).
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Okay, so looking for a bit of guidance beacause I'm really confused about which fabric to use for this hoodie. I know though that i don't want it made of fleece and that's about it. This is for Sheryl Nome from the song Yousei.

Any sugestions would greatly help. As I'm still pretty new to this stuff.
welp im lost
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Well, umm, I have some fabric questions.
I want to go as Sakine Meiko (Picture) and what kind of fabric should I use? I'm looking for something, price wise, that's mid-ranged, but I'm pretty lost when it comes to this stuff, so any suggestions would be nice.
Also, for the black trim, should I use a fabric or ribbon?
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I'm trying to create a Banette (from pokemon) gaijinka, and I need some help. I can create patterns and sew pretty well, but I don't have a clue as to what cloth to use. I suppose it'd be like t-shirt material, but...uh.... I don't really know.
I can pay up to around 10 - 13 dollars a yard and I just need the main fabric that the hood, jacket, and pants can be made from. I suppose they would all be the same fabric?

I'm pretty new to making things other than Halloween costume adjustments.

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