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Unread 06-17-2011, 11:35 AM   #1
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MetroCon 2011 Feedback Thread

Here's the place to post all about your experience at MetroCon 2011! Feel free to talk about anything pertaining to the convention - highlights and lowlights, what you felt was great and what you feel needs improvement - and will you attend next year? You can also be specific about events, the hotel, convention space, dealer's hall, panels, staff, contests, venue, gatherings, and more! Please rememeber though to stay on topic.

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Unread 06-19-2011, 03:14 PM   #2
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A little lack luster.

I enjoyed the convention, loved the venue, and had a blast. Let me make it very clear that I really did enjoy the convention and what it had to offer... until it came to the panels. If there were panels involving convention guests they were just fine as it is clear the guests know how to have a good time, keep things entertaining/educational, and hold people's interest. The panels such as "Helpful Cosplay Tips" and "Cosplay Construction" seemed to be less about the supposed topics the titles would suggest and seemed to instead focus solely on the host(s) and their previous success/failures as cosplayers. Most notably would have been during the Helpful Cosplay Tips panel where the person hosting talked for thirty minutes about how they bought costume shop wigs and screwed them up repeatedly then went on to show their two most recent cosplays which the first one they bought online and the second was Near, from Deathnote. White pajama shirt, white pajama pants, white socks, white wig and hold a random toy.. not exactly rocket science. The only time they actually started giving real tips for Cosplay was when they discussed crossplaying... if this had been a panel all about crossplaying it would have been fine but for those of us that attended hoping to hear tips/tricks concerning making/maintaining our own costumes it was a massive let down. Clearly if a panel like this one is to be successful in the future it would need to be hosted by people with cosplay experience beyond 'buy it online, put it on, done!'.

PS. The "Subs and Dubs" Panel was an awesome panel and bears notable mention that they stood out completely from the fan hosted panels.

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Unread 06-19-2011, 03:51 PM   #3
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This year, they had a backdrop setup where they had taken pictures for the Hallway Costume Contest, but after all that was finished, the left it up and I took advantage of it! I had A LOT of great photoshoots with that backdrop, and I hope they'll consider doing it again next year!
As far as panels and other things, I didn't really go to any. I was busy taking pictures of people! I liked the dealer room more this year, but the Artist Alley was a bit disappointing... The dealer room had more toys and items of things I liked while the artist alley lacked artists that I liked.
Weather was AMAZING this year!!! That's all I can really think of.
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Unread 06-19-2011, 06:44 PM   #4
:P Puyooo
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Panels always were the downside of the con, self management by people not knowing how to handle a crowd.
No DDR in game room.
Overpriced convention food (8$ for shitty pizza.)
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Unread 06-19-2011, 06:45 PM   #5
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I had more fun wandering around the Artist's Alley than the dealer room, which makes me wonder if purchasing a ticket was really necessary, since the events and panels aren't something I'm really interested in. Got warnings from con security for not wearing shoes at one point, and carrying around a commission that said the F-word in the corner, but other than that, things went alright. Met up with some cool people, and it was a good first con for my sister, since it wasn't terribly crowded! C:

I don't know if I'm going to go again next year or not, but it was fun nonetheless.
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Unread 06-20-2011, 01:23 AM   #6
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I have to say that I had an overall fun and unique experience this year at Metrocon. The dealer room was nice, it was more full then the last time I went and I was impressed with it. Although, I must say that the artists area was a bit more friendly, and I spent more time there then in the dealer room. I felt the tickets were a bit pricey, and then the food on top of that it was hard on Friday to stay within even a somewhat budget level.

Saturday I was only there for the Blackout rave. I have never been to a rave, but I am educated as to what happens in a rave. What happened in Blackout was a bit of an embarrasment. A congo line has nothing to do whatsoever in a rave. Neither does Numa numa, or the hamster dance. As for the music? I feel it was mixed very poorly. It was obvious he was using a computer program to make it. It got too repetitive, and it sort of bothered me that he stuck with a transey type of music almost the entire night.

Will I be back again? probably, but the rave to me was an embarrasment, and at about 1am quite a bit of the ravers dissapeared too.
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Unread 06-20-2011, 03:14 PM   #7
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Costume contest:
Good: The wait time between line-up, load-in and walking across the stage was the SHORTEST of any con I've ever experienced. Staff was incredibly helpful, and there were always extra hands to make sure people got on and off stage. Water was offered, chairs were available, everyone was accommodating to us people in bulky, obnoxious costumes that couldn't sit down. I also felt the awards were pretty spot on, though the cosplayer who won best novice actually entered as a journeyman, so there might have been a little confusion on that part. ALSO, TO THE JUDGES: thanks for being down on the floor to check construction, it was awesome to not see people sitting behind a table, and instead being really interactive.

Overall, I felt like the contest was run very well, and if stuff did go wrong, it was usually beyond the control of the costume staff (like other Metro staff trying to shoo us all out of the room while we were collecting prizes). Please come back next year, Natalie! You did a fantastic job! And to the girl dressed in the blue/white lolita dress lining everyone up and organizing participants backstage, how you zipped around wearing those shoes is beyond me, lol.

Criticism: Dat stage. It has nothing to do with the costume coordinator, but damn, the lighting and gaps in the stage have been dangerous for years, and it sucks that someone was genuinely injured because of it. :\ I don't know the person who fell, but I heard the thunk and saw the medics backstage. I hope they're okay.

My only other issue was the fact that award winners were called backstage and many told what they won before hearing it announced. It takes away from the excitement. I know it's kind of a bad position -- either everyone mills around and it takes FOREVER to get to the stage, or you miss the chance to be surprised, but I'll always prefer to not know in advance.
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Unread 06-20-2011, 06:23 PM   #8
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I REALLY enjoyed Metrocon this year! I met a lot of new friends, and everyone was very friendly and nice. Staff and con-goers alike!

I agree with Foos, the costume contest was run SO smoothly! I was thoroughly impressed, it was MUCH faster this year. I also REALLY liked them showing the stage view to the contestants, so we didn't have to just stare at the blank screen and wonder what was going on. It seemed like Registration moved a lot faster this year too.

My twobig complaints are the photography booth set up DOWNSTAIRS, and the panels. The lady running that was so rude and nasty out at the fire show. When they moved the line upwards, she snatched her camera up and physically pushed people out of the way to get upfront. I've got a nice bruise on my leg from it. I felt that was pretty wild and unprofessional.
Also, the panels were slim pickings.(I know not their fault really.) A few were very random, and had nothing to do with the subject on the guide. And a few were left out of the time/room chart. I found them only by browsing the actual descriptions.
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Unread 06-20-2011, 06:43 PM   #9
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I only went Saturday. It was very underwhelming. Some things like food prices the con can't help, I understand. Crowding, that's cool, you should expect that. But no DDR in game room, 4 Tvs dedicated to Brawl, little to no diversity in the game room this year, NO ANIME MUSIC IN THE KARAOKE ROOM?! How do you have an anime con karaoke panel with no anime/jpop/etc? Copyright? How does Anime Idol work then? And why was the dance panel canceled? The con can help all that.

Seriously... the only good things I can say about the con is that the staff is friendly, the fire show is good (as usual), and bartender at the Embassy makes a mean drink (that guy was a total bro!), none of which require a badge to enjoy. I could have, should have, and would have just spent my badge money at the bar/ eating out, but I was bringing a friend for the first time and I wanted to let him enjoy the dealers room and stuff. So part of it was my own fault. I knew better. I knew I should have skipped everything including the pass. But I wanted to hold on to hope. My bad.

Next year, short of a Black Mages concert or Amano making another visit, I'm just gonna spend my cash elsewhere.
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Unread 06-21-2011, 12:05 AM   #10
So dericious!
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Costume Contest:
I agree completely with all of Foos's positive was run very well and very smoothly on the whole!

I also did not like the way the winners were pulled from the group and lined up long before awards were announced....I understand the reason (getting things to run quickly during awards), however part of the fun of entering the contest is the excitement of not knowing who won...and having someone basically tell me beforehand that I won BiS took a lot of joy out of it for me.

Additionally, the way the fan favorite award was done irked me. It was a little unkind to pull 3 entries, only to have 2 lose onstage in front of an audience.

Anime Idol:
For the most part, the finalists were pretty good....however it might be nice in the future to include a musically trained person/guest on the judging staff, since the judges were essentially the costume contest judges (I don't know if any of them have vocal training, sorry!). Also, it would be REALLY awesome to have the previous year's winner do an exhibition during the judges' deliberation period...AX does this for their Idol contest. I did an exhibition back in 2009, but I practically had to go to the con chair to get it even considered. It would be great to see this become a regular occurrence.
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Unread 06-21-2011, 12:46 AM   #11
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Originally Posted by Gabbygirl View Post
Saturday I was only there for the Blackout rave. I have never been to a rave, but I am educated as to what happens in a rave. What happened in Blackout was a bit of an embarrasment. A congo line has nothing to do whatsoever in a rave. Neither does Numa numa, or the hamster dance. As for the music? I feel it was mixed very poorly. It was obvious he was using a computer program to make it. It got too repetitive, and it sort of bothered me that he stuck with a transey type of music almost the entire night.

Will I be back again? probably, but the rave to me was an embarrasment, and at about 1am quite a bit of the ravers dissapeared too.
I went to the rave too. I agree. The DJ was terrible and the soundsystem was almost as bad. He'd constantly slam the fader to the next song after every drop. It was mostly just the breakdowns over and over and over. The set went nowhere. If they need a DJ I can find someone much better. The Trance was okay, but I'm more of a Drum and Bass guy.
The cosplayers where all very pleasant to be around, positive vibes throughout. The lines always moved very quick, very nice staff. With the exception of one member who would not stop giving me the stink eye.

Many of the panels I went to where unorganized and unprepared. The worst one was the "photography" panel. The two hosting it didn't know ANYTHING about photography. I got up and left after ten minutes.

The build a mech competition was really fun! Thanks to the panelists who penciled us in! We won.

The dealer room was nice for the most part. Just a few dealers who had no fucks to give about the consumer. Others humble, nice, funny, engaging. Artists alley was alright. My favorite part had to be the crossplayer commissioning a booth to draw yaoi porn.

The gaming rooms was pretty cool. It was fun lanning with some Unreal players. They left so soon though. We only played two matches. ragequit?

The camera operator for the chess match and the opening ceremony is terrible. Also, do some mic checks. :P

Overall it was a very good experience. The only thing that I disliked was the lack of planning. I'm looking foreword to next year.
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Unread 06-21-2011, 12:47 AM   #12
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Gah, yeah. The fan favorite award really should've been done in a different manner. Not everyone can walk with an award, but no one should have to lose in an embarrassingly public way.

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Unread 06-21-2011, 01:58 PM   #13
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pros, To start on fri the regestration was sooo short! it was amazing. sat the fire show was awrsome I loved the theme and executation. sun the costume contest. I agree with.everything foos and pantsu said it was much better than other years but I to would have liked to be suprised who won. although we already knew a few lol silly pantsu. pre judging was also much better they wete touchy and inqusitive and actually knew bout my dress so they appricated the work.i did. they were nice and made me much more relaxed

cons, PANELS even though I went to some I felt like there wernt many good ones, and few and far between for the VAs I only saw like one for scott, one for terrance it was dissapointing. the other ones seemed lacking in quality to and trying to find out when and where they were was a hassle. i was with eclipse during the fire show incident and noie she took her out so rude and un professional not to mention she kept bothering the performers for pictures while they were trying to get ready

overall I had an amazing time at this con and loved every second
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Unread 06-21-2011, 02:13 PM   #14
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I have found throughout the years that of online areas, the people with the largest percentages of people who actually attend panels is here at I am going to keep a very close eye on this thread (thank you, Janet, for putting it up) and would like to also post my e-mail: (in case anyone wants to go into further detail than they're posting here). I perform at Metrocon as well and am not always touching base with every panelist, and even with a small staff, there is no way we can watch every panel for the whole time. I am hoping to have an updated panel registration form next year or, if not, more e-mail contact with panelists ahead of time. If you have the time and desire, please let me know if any panels jumped out at as fantastic or as lack-luster or not well done. I have notes from my staff about many panels, and would love notes from the most important people watching these panels - the fans. The notes are used next year while deciding on panelists and panels. (I have no say over any panels in Guest Track or Special Events, but I can pass on the information.) I would love and very much appreciate the feedback.

I had a great time at the con - what I can remember at least. There was stress and all that made me want to collapse in a corner for a few hours, but I come to expect this now. XD I would like to thank all of the panelists who were patient with me and my volunteer staff - we had to come up with a few things on the fly and hit some unexpected snags. And thank you for being honest; I got a ton of feedback and constructive criticism at the con that I'm trying to put in order. What I want next year is to hear people say, Wow, panel quality really improved over the year! I want to turn it from a secondary notion at Metrocon to a favorite part of the con, and I hope I am able to do so. Don't mind if you see my name down in the Active Users very often, this is going to be my most-stalked thread.

Eclipse; do you know who that was at the fire show? I can't tell if you meant the photographer or a panel volunteer at that point and if it's the latter, I would like to talk with someone if it's one of my folks.
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Unread 06-21-2011, 04:59 PM   #15
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Pros ~ People seemed a lot friendlier this year than last year. The dealers room also had a much wider selection, although i spent more time in the artist alley. Seeing as I spent most of the Con lobby-camping, I don't have opinions on most of the events.
Cons ~ I still don't see the point of buying a badge, I only get a one-day pass for Saturday and go to the big events and dealers room. Most of the panels suck, so I really don't see the point in spending the money on a three-day pass. I also saw some people walking around with airsoft guns without the tips painted orange, and I'm pretty sure that's against the law in the States. There were also some people with REAL guns, even with the zip ties, it made me uncomfortable. No other congoers seemed bother by this though, and since it was on Sunday and I was leaving shortly I didn't make a big deal out of it. I KNOW that that is against con rules, and it is a serious safety hazard.
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