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Fursuit for Halloween?

I was originally thinking that I maybe wanted to be the Egyptian goddess Bast (cat headed woman) for Halloween, but after doing lots of research on how to make the fursuit head, Im kind of having second thoughts on Bast... Now Im thinking, "Fursuits look awesome and huggable!" X3

So, now I kind of want to make a fursuit for Halloween. (Im 20 btw, lol!) Also, I think it would be a good idea because every year its very chilly here around Halloween, (Iowa). Last year I was Gunner Yuna from FFX2 and was shivering almost the whole time, (it was fun though! I loved dressing up as her, and I had my hair cut and styled like her!)

Anime/Video games I like:
Fullmetal Alchemist
DN Angel
Tokyo Mew Mew
Ouron High School Host Club
Ghost in the Shell
Ghost Hunt
Wolf's Rain

Final Fantasy X/X2
Legend of Zelda
Castlevania Lament of Innocence
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

I also like Disney and owls, but would rather pick an anime/game character.

^-- (these are just everything I can think of at the moment, yeah I know some of them might not have any characters that would be fursuit, I thought I'd just put down everything that came to mind) --^

Experience with Fursuits:
Not a whole lot, I made fleece kitty ears and tail for my Mew Ichigo costume.

My Little Pony - Rainbow Dash --V

My mom made me a My Little Pony costume in High School that I needed for a little Christmas play Theater class was doing for Elementary kids. The costume itself was more like big fleece one piece pajamas with feet and mittens, separate hood piece for head, tail and main were made of different colored yarn. (My favorite part of it was the rainbow colored yarn tail! And the little rainbow icon on the butt.)

The New Tetris - N64 - Purple L piece --V

this was actually my sister's costume for Halloween last year, no its not a fursuit, it was made of carboard boxes, but I thought it was awesome and we still have it! (I basically made the majority of this costume because she works a lot, she helped with the purple spray painting, I did all of the black line painting...)

Current Result:
I have no idea what character Id want to be, I've watched a lot of the BeastCub youtube channel videos and love those fursuits and quadsuits!!
Anime Iowa 2017
April O Neil ~ Ninja Turtles
Hinata Hyuga ~ Naruto Shippuden
Papi ~ Monster Musume
Mipha ~ Zelda Breath of the Wild

"This is such a drag..." ~ Shikamaru Nara
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