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Unread 07-27-2011, 01:37 PM   #1
Calling Major Tom
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Prop Ideas for All Characters List!

I'd like to start a prop idea thread for Hetalia! Got ideas for props for a character from APH? Let us know! What kind of prop do you use when you cosplay? Aside from flags, that is.

(Personally, I'm in need of America, Fem!America, Japan, Fem!Japan, and China props.)

Ongoing list of ideas:
America: Burger and soda pop, stuffed whale, aviator goggles, a stuffed eagle, his chainsaw, hotdog, Superman/hero cape,
Japan: Bokken, katana, Japanese sweets, a manga, a tourist book, a digital camera, his stick sword from Paint It White, bentou
China: Stuffed panda, hello kitty stuff, fake chinese rice buns in a bamboo dish, wok, ladles, basket
Germany: Gun, cookoo clock, riding crop, italy's letter, the underwear that italy gives him, beer stein, field radio, survival knife, dog plushie, potatoes, wrench/tools, plate of wurst
Prussia: Crown, Gilbird, riding crop, beer stein
N Italy: Pizza, pasta, white flag, stuffed cats, marker from PIW, Fail!grenade
S Italy: Mustache, pizza, pasta, tomato, Fail!Grenade
Chibitalia: Broom, pizza, pasta, paint brush and canvas,
Chibiromano: Pizza, tomatoes
Spain: Tomatoes, Turtles, halberd, cross
Austria: Violin, sheet music, tea cup, conductor baton
England: Tea cup, fake burnt scones, wand, embroidery hoop, spell book, flying mint bunny, unicorn, handcuffs (cop), punk guitar,
France: Rose, bottle or glass of wine, Pierre the bird,
Russia: Pipe, sunflowers, bazooka, volka bottle, rocketlauncher, Cheburashka doll
Belarus: Knife, sunflower, wedding bouquet
Sealand: Stuffed goat
Canada: stuffed Kumajiro, stuffed polar bear, maple syrup
Hungary: Frying pan, flowers, bentou, video camera
Seychelles: giant fish, spear
Ukraine: basket of flowers, pitchfork, hoe
Switzerland: a gun, chocolates
Poland: pony plushie,
Estonia: [fake] computer, electronics, barnswallow, blue cornflower
Liechtenstein: switzerland's drawings, diary/journal
Denmark: axe, beer
Hong Kong: panda
Belgium: chocolates
Taiwan: Parisol
Ancient Rome: spear, shield,
Netherlands: pipe, bouquet of tulips
Sweden: "I love my Finnish Wife" shirt, a plushie Finland,
Lithuania: Tea set on a tray, white stork, Common Rue
Latvia: wagtail plushie, ladybug plushie, daisy
Finland: Hanatamago plushie, sack of presents
Turkey: tulips
Greece: Stuffed cats,
Holy Rome: picture of chibitalia, underwear from chibitalia, broom
Iceland: stuffed puffin
Norway: stuffed fairy, stuffed troll,
Cuba: Fake cigar, ice cream, Dominoes, Tostones, Plantain chips,
Monaco: playing cards
Egypt: camel plushie, stuffed egyptian dog, jackal
Vietnam: rice paddle
New Zealand: stuffed sheep, kiwi bird, cane
Australia: Koala plushie, kangaroo plushie, boomerang
Thailand: stuffed elephant
Cameroon: stuffed wildcat,
Romania: Candle

Everyone: Flags, Country!Mochi, stuffed cat from Nekotalia, swords/guns, flag scarves, passports, ethnic foods

(let me know who I forgot)

Let's share out of the box ideas!

Edit: thanks everyone! :3
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C. Marie
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I used beanie baby cats for my Sailor!North Italy.

Oh, and if I recall the art correctly, Fem!America has a hot dog instead of a burger.
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I think what can be added for Spain is turtles. Russia could also carry around sunflowers. Cuba can have a fake cigar and maybe some ice cream until it melts. XD Estonia could carry around a computer if the cospalyer kept an eye on it. Finland could carry a hanatamago plushie. Seychelles has her giant fish.

A popular prop that I've started to use when it is cold is a flag scarf.
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call me Nori
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Well for Italy you could have his marker from paint it white. Germany could have a coo coo clock from that one episode when he makes them. If your cosplaying cop England you could have fake handcuffs. Switzerland could have a gun. Poland could have a stuffed pony. Denmark has his ax. Hong Kong could have a panda. Taiwan could have a parasol. Netherland could have a pipe and a bouquet of tulips. Holy Rome could have a picture of Chibitalia and his panties or broom. Iceland could have a stuffed Puffin. Egypt could have a stuffed Egyptian dog.

EDIT: I don't see him on the list but Australia could have a stuffed Koala.
I don't see Vietnam or New Zealand on the list ether. If your cosplaying Santa Finland you could have a pretend sack of presents.

EDIT 2: Russia could have a fake vodka bottle. Vietnam could have her rice paddle. England could have a guitar for his cd cover or punk version. Romania and Macao don't seem to be on the list.
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Oh yeah Spain also has an axe (although it is technically a halberd), I would think that the pirate versions of characters could have fake swords and guns (mainly Pirate Spain and England). If you are doing the Counting Sheep versions of characters from the Drama CDs then there are those cute stuffed sheep. New Zealand also carries around a stuffed sheep and sometimes a kiwi (the bird not the fruit XD ). If you are cosplaying Japan and become hungry for lunch then you can carry around a bentou.

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oh, well for sweden he'd need a finland:3 yeah dorky i know:] anyway, for greece you could definantly add his cross up there, iceland you'd need his puffin, belgium and switzerland could definantly carry around chocolates, and switzy always needs his gun, and monaco probably needs some playing cards or something...

hope this helped
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VIXXEN ******
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for prussia (and sometimes germany) i have seen it done that they carry a riding crop
as fem!germany i carry around headphones but that is quite common for her in the character designs
for hungary i carry around a video camera since there is a joke that she likes to video record yaoi
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Oh I nearly forgot! Germany could carry around a stein. XD
In the latest special edition of the 4th hetalia volume Thailand is seen carrying a small elephant. So a stuffed elephant would work well as a prop. America could also carry a stuffed whale because of the excuse he gave Japan for visiting him with Perry. Norway could also have a fairy or a troll of some kind.

Edit: I flipped through my 4th volume of hetalia to look at the profiles again. I saw that Australia also had a boomerang, New Zealand had a cane, France has his bird Pierre and a wine glass with a bottle of wine (though for cosplay this would need to be grape juice instead of wine), Austria has a conductors baton, Ukraine has a pitchfork, Cameroon has some sort of safari cat animal, Turkey has some tulips, and Egypt has a jackal.

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Unread 07-28-2011, 12:22 AM   #9
a bunch of nerds
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For Lithuania: a tray with a tea set secured on (because he was more or less Russia's servant); a white stork plushie (the national bird of Lithuania); a sprig of Common Rue (the national plant/flower of Lithuania)

For Estonia: a small electronic device (because Estonia is very technology-oriented); a barnswallow plushie (the national bird of Estonia); a blue cornflower (the national plant of Estonia)

For Latvia: a white wagtail plushie (the national bird of Latvia); a two-spotted ladybug plushie (the national insect of Latvia); a daisy (the national flower of Latvia)

And, for all three Baltics, you could use amber jewelry~
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...I've used a bazooka and a rocket launcher for Russia. XD I claimed I upgraded my pipe....But really it does fit Russia in a more historical mannor then his normal pipe.

Really though, you could use guns/larger guns for characters like America and Russia (possibly Germany...and England)..... Swords for Prussia, Hungary, Austria (not a big sword maybe like a fencing sword thing...idk what they are called), Ottomen Empire!Turkey, France, Sweden and Finland.

Also a prop for Netherlands could be tulips~
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Ends Beginning
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I cosplay Russia and sometimes I carry around my Cheburashka Doll. Cheburashka is a popular character in Russia like Mickey Mouse in the US. ^-^

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for germany: a stick (WWI), a field radio, a survival knife, a wrench, a plate of wurst and potatoes and a beer mug, or dog plushies

for ukraine: a hoe or a pitchfork

some of these ideas i've taken from fanart, but they still work
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A lot of Chinas carry woks and/or ladles.
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Calling Major Tom
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Updated! Thanks everyone, this is getting to be quite an impressive list!
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Oh, I just remember the passport wallets. Funimation makes them and I've seen them at cons and FYE. On their site I see ones for England, Japan, Russia and Germany.

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