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Unread 08-02-2011, 08:38 PM   #16
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there is a whole list of places to eat on the awa site and dont forget the mall located just down the street from the hotel. i am going to awa too but i am bringing my cooler for food and maybe going to the hotel restraunts for one meal
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Food inside a convention can be a lot o.o I think it was a couple bucks for a canned soda at comic-con XP and a hotel restaurant at anime conji probably wasn't cheap either. So what we did was go to nearby stores. For example, there was a Ralph's by Comic-con and a Wendy's by Anime Conji So we just ate at those places. Maybe I spent $10 per day? (For lunch and a snack for later, ate dinner and breakfast at home)
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Originally Posted by Kibalover100 View Post
Pretty much as the title says. I was wondering just about how much money you spent on food at a convention. I was going to AWA this year and its going to be my first time buying food with my own money(usually my parents pay). I just wanted to make sure I had enough money for food and other things at the convention.
Im also going to AWA :3
This thread is uber helpful xD
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Considering convention/hotel area food is always overpriced...Too much, imo. We always do our best to bring stuff to munch on, but sometimes I'm willing to shell out money for a good sandwich or some Chinese because Poptarts and ramen just aren't cutting it. I find that spending the extra money is worth it because I feel -so- much better when I have good food in me. -Rubs tummmy!-

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I usually room with other people and everyone is required to pitch in for part of the room, and part of the food. This means that everyone has to bring 2 snack items (like two bags of chips) 1 food item (fruit/sandwich meat) and brings enough of this for everyone.

Typically, mu husband and I bring 2 jards of peanut butter and jelly, but 3-4 packages of lil debbie snacks, and buy pizzas for everyone on saturday night so that we can be sure that everyone gets at least one big meal. We also bring juice and water.

Basically, we request that everyone pitches in, but we take the brunt of the food cost since they all pay a portion of the room along with us. All in all we spend about $75 on food but we are usually feeding about 8-10 friends. It's a low cost when you consider that.
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I usually don't carry cash or if I do it is mostly used for dealer's room/artist alley purchases. My handy-dandy debit card is used for food expenses and I usually splurge on food during a con because I normally don't in my everyday life.

If you really want to cut down on food costs, I would suggest bringing snacks and drinks from home. This way you have plenty more cash to spend on things you REALLY want.
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I agree with all of those saying that snacks/food from home is the best way to go. I normally bring ramen to eat at dinner and I use the coffee machine in the hotel room to heat up the water. You can't get much cheaper than that

I normally try to eat just the one time a day, and otherwise I'll just snack throughout the con. Honestly, if I wasn't hypoglycemic, I wouldn't even snack. All the excitement tends to make you forget about being hungry.
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Convention food is usually outrageously priced, so everyone in my room chips in to bring food to share in the hotel room. My usual contribution is a case of cup ramen and a case of water. The other people I room with bring a rice cooker and rice, canned chicken, lots of fruit, and a loaf of bread and peanut butter. The only thing I ever actually pay for at conventions food wise is coffee. P:

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Originally Posted by MugetsuHime View Post
I usually don't carry cash or if I do it is mostly used for dealer's room/artist alley purchases. My handy-dandy debit card is used for food expenses...
That's what I do. Cash is for dealer's room, card for gas and food.
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I spent about $ 40, not including tip. Yes, I do not like the cheap foods. In the low-cost fast food chains like the line was so huge. Tim Horton trying to get my breakfast in a line 10 and a half hours.
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Too much
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I don't buy food at a con. I would spend money to buy stuff at the dealer's room and I don't really want to walk out of the convention centre. ^^" So, last time I went to a con, I brought 2 snack bars and apple juice but I didn't eat them. Because I wasn't hungry at all. xD
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I hardly ever eat at cons. Weird because that whole week and weekend, I'm not hungry. But to be safe, I bring around 30 bucks. But that's just me and my crazy eating habits
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I normally try to bring snacks with me and then have two meals a day and the rest just snacks if I'm hungry. Things that don't go off like fruit, cereal bars, crisps, etc are all very handy to have with you. Pot noodles are also good if you can't afford dinner! And those mini cereal boxes you can get with long lasting milk for breakfast if it's too expensive at the hotel : P

As for the actual amount spent, I dunno. A lot of conventions have varying price ranges due to some places holding a monopoly over the food courts and other places having plenty of supermarkets nearby. Generally I spend £20 minimum for a 3 day con though as we like to have at least one night where we can splurge a bit.
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