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Review: TheDollyeye.com

I ordered three lenses from them before. Received the first two with no problems, they came at the maximum amount of arrival time, about 2 weeks by regular post. But the third set I ordered from them I waited three weeks and I never got anything.
So I sent them an email telling them my order never came. They messaged back giving me the tracking number and telling me to see where it was. (why they don't give you the tracking number after you order is beyond me.)
I looked it up and it said that the U.S. Postal was still waiting to receive it from Malaysia.
I contacted them back telling them it was never sent out. I got no reply. I emailed them about three more times the last message a little more rude telling them I will never order from there again and I will not recommend their site to anyone else. Worst customer service ever.

I FINALLY got my contacts in. I was not expecting them to come in at all. It took about two months. But due to the poor customer service I will still not be ordering from them.
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I was actually just going to make a post about this. The same thing happened to me. I needed contacts before Dragon*Con and was purchased them from thedollyeye. After two weeks, I emailed them asking where it was and they sent me the tracking number, just like you. It says the origin post is preparing shipment. Well thats just great because I needed them BEFORE next weekend. I'm absolutely livid and don't know what to do at this point. Now the contacts will be useless to me.
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@Icarus- If you do not open the package you should be able to return them. If they are not worn I don't see a reason you can't get your money back.

In the worst case scenario you could try to sell them still in packaging for a decent price, or even keep them should you cosplay the character again.
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I'm sorry that happened to you too. I hope you may be able to return them but I have had terrible luck with their customer service. I ordered from candylens.com and was really pleased. I did use FedEx though to make damn sure I got my package. They'll also send you a free cute contact lens case and personal written message.
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I was thinking of ordering from them too, but screw that. lol
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I was considering ordering from this site, but the site looked so unprofessional in placement and everything took up way too much space where it didn't even fit on one screen. Their pictures are too large and their site was just so "everywhere at once" i barely knew how to order from them.
Now i 'm ordering from Candylens, and they have all the things i wanted <3
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Unread 10-31-2011, 04:18 PM   #7
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I had a fine time. They said shipping would take at least three weeks but it didn't even take that long. The contacts came in today and are awesome.

I'm pumped about it. No problems. But it's probably a good idea to order from them way ahead of time. For me, it was worth it considering the price.
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Unread 01-19-2012, 01:27 AM   #8
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My friend ordered 2 pairs and got 'em both in good condition and it only took 2 weeks! They were pretty good about fulfilling requests (needed a prescription that wasn't listed and they were able to get it in that prescription) but the communication wasn't great. She sent an email asking about the prescription and the arrival time and the only answer she got back was pretty much "OK, no problem" which didn't really answer our questions... Still everything arrived just fine so in the end, so it's all good.
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Unread 02-06-2012, 12:22 PM   #9
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thanks a lot for this review and the other comments. I wanted to order from it, but now I definitely will be careful with this shop =)
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I've ordered several times (total of 8 lenses now) and I've had no problem. I have recommended thedollyeye.com to my friends and they've had no problems. You do need to order months ahead of time. Also, keep in mind that customs can hold packages for long periods of time.

(I have relatives in S.Korea and my package of socks was held for a couple weeks. Why? I do not know. I think they wanted to steal my Goo Jun Pyo socks my cousin bought for me.)

Another thing to point out is that the business is based overseas. They may not be able to speak English proficiently enough and may just know the bare minimum to run a business or set up a website. My Aunts and Uncles barely know enough English to write our address on the shipping label.

But also, every case is different. I've just been happy with them so far. Eight+ orders and counting.
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I'm very happy with thedollyeye. I bought my EOS Bubble Blue lenses from them, & they came right on time! They even gave me a free tube of BB cream, which I was NOT expecting at all! So it was a pleasant surprise =) I like this shop & would recommend it. Yes, it looks unprofessional & they don't have a lot of details about the lenses, but you can always look at other sites & get the information from there =) I have no complaints ^.^
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The website is a bit unprofessional looking, but thedollyeye.com is my go-to contact store online. I've had nothing but great customer service from them. In fact, my first time ordering from them took me about 5 days to receive and my recent purchase from them came with a free BB cream tube as well!
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