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Advice on She-ra chest piece

Hey guys this is my first time posting though I've been lurking the forum for awhile. I was hoping I could get some advice on my latest cosplay. I'm doing She-ra Princess of Power. Now I've been pondering for about two weeks now on how to do the chest piece, you know the piece that looks like a golden fern (I will attach an image) but I'm not sure how to do it. I've never done armor type stuff before.

I'm sewing a white corset for the top and had originally been thinking of sewing the fern into the corset as part of the design but as I've been drafting the pattern this seems like it's going to be harder and harder to do. Plus I wanted the fern to look sort of like a very tiny metal breast plate which doesn't work for the sewing idea.

The next idea I had was build the fern separately out of wonderflex and then attach it on to the corset after but I'm worried about how well that would stick and how metal like it would look (I know that all depends on the finishing). I had also been hoping to use the corset outside of cosplay as just a regular corset and attaching the fern directly to the corset kind of hinders that idea.

The third and last idea I had was to again build the fern separately out of wonderflex but instead of attaching it to the corset, I would attach it to the belt also made of wonderflex. But I'm worried about it's ability to stay upright and stay close to the chest and again how metallic it would look.

I've run out of ideas at this point and as I have a limited knowledge on armor making, I'm not sure of what other materials I could use or how else to build it. If any of you have any suggestions or advice, it would be greatly appreciated! Maybe one of the ideas I came up with could work it just needs some tweaking, who know but I'm open to any and all advice.

Thanks in advance!!

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You could do any of your ideas, really. If you want to attach the piece to the belt, you can use doublestick tape, velcro, snaps, or even magnets to hold it upright. If you want it as a separate piece but don't want to sew attachments to the corset (so that you can use it for something else), I'd use magnets entirely. I'd attach it to the belt first, frankly, for support and structure--otherwise, the piece might move as you move, and that's not ideal. The belt will give it a base to stick to.

You might consider EVA foam if you don't feel comfortable with thermoplastics like Wonderflex. It's heat shapable (like craft foam), stays in its shape once you're done, and can be sanded/painted/etc like most other materials used for armor. I would say don't use something rigid--you want the piece to flex with you slightly as you move, bend over, etc.

Good luck.
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The same idea but you could use sheets of styrene. They're less expensive than wonderflex and you can use a heat gun on them. Not to mention this is the stuff plastic models are made from, so you could look for some tutorials on plastic models to make them look metallic.
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Take a look at this costume:
It's made primarily with polystyrene according to its creator.
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