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Unread 12-10-2003, 03:57 PM   #46
The Mighty Trio
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man i'm late posting ^-^" i like Guy Cross Players (gay or not) shouldn't be reticulled at all Some of them make some kick ass costume's! Hell even Man fye ish kool lol

Meh i'm sraight and a tomboy, have been since i can remeber, And i got crap for it. i got poked fun at and everything than i hit middle and high school i a started to get called a lesbo ( that extectname to). O.o i thought it was strange and i was offended but now no one calls meh any names. and almost all of meh friends are Bi ^-^" I also know a gay guy(but he scares meh"not cus he's gay") Yeah dats all i have to say. Everyone ish right GO CROSSPLAY! and if your friends won't hang with you cus they are lil ******* (lol i censeored meh self) Than hang with meh and meh Taki cosplay and when i get to it my Crim Crossplay ^.^
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Unread 12-10-2003, 05:29 PM   #47
I sink you now!
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Regarding crossplaying and homosexuality, I certainly don't think everyone who crossplays is non-heterosexual. However, sometimes I get offended when people act as if being gay is something scary. "So, are you into other guys ^ ^?" "Hell NO o___o" ".... .... Okay u_u"

I'm proudly bisexual and I crossplay, does this make me only half a statistic XD?
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Unread 12-10-2003, 05:55 PM   #48
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hehe, I shall be crossplaying vincent valentine and dark mousy
today me and sara took the gay test at the spark, I am 15% gay, and she is 98% gay *well of course, she is actaully a lesbian*
crossplaying is fine

I also want to make Gaara one day not sure if I will though

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Unread 12-11-2003, 10:39 AM   #49
A DDR LeGend
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hey bioject

dude, if the thread isn't enough, i'll tell you myself.

don't be afraid to crossplay.

your opinionated friends will seem very small once you start interacting with people who support you.

I've not known one crossplayer, except for the people trying to make a point and be disgusting about it, that i don't respect. It takes alot to do that, and most of the time, they are very self-concious people. Meaning that they are crossdressing for some other reason other than disrespect of other people. Heck, even I've had a few gay guys give me props for what I'm doing. They know that I'm straight, and most of the people around me don't have to guess.

Now, to say that it's a perfect thing would be lying to you. I mean, if there is distance between the hotel and the con, people are going to look at you funny. There are going to be 'tough-guys' at every con who laugh and jeer and try to make people feel bad. There are parents who are going to duck their kids under their overcoat and lie to them about your existance. But trust me, confidence, and that's what most crossplayers exude, always wins. Try it once if your really inclined to do it. If you can't handle it, you'll know that you've experienced it once

and btw, if you look cute enough, the chicks dig it. At least that's what motivates me
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Unread 12-11-2003, 07:15 PM   #50
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Totally, Will! Crossplay gets you chicks, I'll say it again!

('bout time you got in here, too. )
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Unread 12-17-2003, 07:15 PM   #51
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My boyfriend is all down for crossplaying and he's not gay (obviously). Sounds to me like you ought to worry more about getting better friends than about what people will think of you crossplaying.
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Unread 12-18-2003, 11:30 AM   #52
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That's funny I thought only straight people crossplay. *grin*

My first crossplay was in college and of all the people I knew I thought my gay friend would surely be the most accepting of it. Oddly enough he was the only one who felt "embarassed" being around me when I was crossplaying. Well that and my roommate.
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Unread 12-18-2003, 12:07 PM   #53
Caveat Emptor
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My first post on this forum Ė Meep!

Off topic intro bit -
Okay, Iíve been lurking quite a while, and have even had an opportunity to put to use some of the advice thatís been posted. (You folks are great! Why didnít I learn about this stuff 10 years ago?!) However, since I havenít sewn a stitch for years till two nights ago or actually cosplayed or crossplayed at an actual convention, I felt like it wouldnít be right to make a comment. Iíve started sewing now, made plans to attend cons, now I want to introduce myself to the community. Hi!

Okay, back to topic - ^_^

Why does it seem like only gays crossplay? Because that is a popular myth, that if there is one thing different about you, it means that there is many things different about you.

BIOGECT Ė regarding your fears about crossplay - I went through similar feelings about 10 years ago, when I was feeling frustrated because my friends thought it was weird that I wanted to do a costume of a female character (I forget which). I let it get to me, and spent four years wondering why I couldnít just be myself. About six years ago I let myself try. It was wonderful. About four years ago I found myself married to a woman who not only accepts all I do, but supports me and has helped me figure out where my interests are. Itís taken me till now to get the courage to even post and say ďHey! I want to crossplay too!Ē I could share my life story but itís so similar to so many others already in place; Iíll spare you the boring details.

The point is that itís your life. No one else can live it for you. You have to make your own decisions, and figure out what YOU want, and not let anyone stop you. If you spend all your time afraid that someone will judge you by a stereotype, youíll never grow, and miss out on a lot of fun. It took me quite a while to figure that out.

The friends and family that matter are the ones who hear you want to crossplay Deedlit, and support you. Yea, parents are scary (trust me, its not the end of the world, it just looks like it), and people you think are your friends can be real jerks.

Hereís the thing: If they are your friends, they wonít care. They may not want to participate (I have NO friends who cosplay, much less crossplay Ė hence, why Iím posting ^^) but they should support you. My friends donít dress up, donít understand crossplay, and wonít come to a con with me, but theyíve gone to the fabric shop with me to buy materials, made suggestions on how to build props, and laugh with me during the learning process. At least theyíre honest!

Youíve got to be you, and they have got to be themselves, but if theyíre trying to stop you from being you, they arenít worth your time. There are billions of people in this world Ė good people who will treat you with respect. Make new friends. Looks like youíve already found a few here. Maybe I can do the same, too.

For the record of gay vs. straight crossplayers, Iíve been labeled by various professionals (whom we pay to analyze and label us) as both/either/or transgendered, and Ďnormalí male with strong female interests, along with all sorts of other fancy big terms. I consider myself bisexual, but being happily married I am for all practical purposes straight. Curious, isnít it? Why do we let other people decide what we should be called? I just like to think of myself as ďHuman.Ē

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Unread 12-18-2003, 12:24 PM   #54
No distractions.
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You'll make a fine deedlit, as for the rest i'll keep it short. I'm not gay, and i'll crossthing about anything some girl throws at me. Why? I have fun, they have fun, and some think its just that damn sexy
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Unread 12-18-2003, 08:51 PM   #55
I <3 Fuku's
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I'm totally staight, and crossplay is really fun!

I have no problem with crossplay, obviously, and I don't know why some people do. It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is, or whatever, as long as you have fun, does it really matter? And as for friends who aren't accepting as to you crossplaying, that just shows that they aren't real friends methinks...
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Unread 12-27-2003, 03:30 PM   #56
THE Naru
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Yeah I say find diffrent friends, I'm straight and I LOVE crossplaying even though I rarly get to do it. And someone above already said it and it really is true - you DO end up meeting a lot of girls who would want to go out with you - And then theres the whole community, you meet a bunch of people who will be much better friends then the one you have now and you'd be suprised how many people you run into who are from the same area as you once you start going to a lot of cons.

((side note: personally I've found that girls are a lot more accepting and open to guys crossplaying and are generally better friends but I guess It all depends on the kind of people you meet.))
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Unread 12-30-2003, 09:32 AM   #57
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Man, I don't know how I overlooked this thread til now.

Originally Posted by Karisu-sama
Yeah, us girls go "Awwwwww cute!" and "Is he taken? I hope not!!" ~___^

I once saw a REALLY cute guy crossplaying Sakura from Sakura Taisen, and if *I* were single, I'd probably have tried REAL HARD to make his acquaintance.
Originally Posted by THE Naru
And someone above already said it and it really is true - you DO end up meeting a lot of girls who would want to go out with you...
Wow, I must be going to the wrong conventions or something. Girls never flirt with me or give me a second glance when I'm crossplaying. Am I doing something wrong? I only get girls when I cosplay as Seifer.

Karisu-sama, if you see me crossplaying at a con and think I'm cute, feel free to walk right up and make my acquaintence.

Edit: Oops. I glossed over a crucial phrase there: "...and if *I* were single..." Curses. Another cute one who's off-limits. Sorry 'bout that, Karisu!

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Unread 12-30-2003, 09:51 AM   #58
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Thris thread is weird and buys into a silly stereotype.............. the real question is this........... if two guys are crossplaying and kiss is it yaoi or yuri?
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Unread 12-30-2003, 10:03 AM   #59
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The simplest answer to the question that began this thread is this:

A. If you often dress as the opposite sex, you are a crossdresser (and if you do it for anime cons, you're a crossplayer).
B. If you consistently want to have sex with someone of the same sex as you, you are gay.
C. If you don't eat meat, you are a vegetarian.
D. If you play the saxophone, you are a musician.

There's no reason for any of the above to be linked. It's as silly to link A+B as it is to link A+C or A+D.

There are many lesbians who enjoy feminine clothing and behavior. No one assumes that if a lesbian puts on a dress then she must want sex with men. The same logic applies to men. A lot of men enjoy feminine clothing and behavior, too. If a guy puts on a dress, it doesn't mean he wants sex with men. It means he wants to put on a dress.

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Unread 12-30-2003, 02:44 PM   #60
Colored in Empty
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Originally Posted by BIOJECT
I've been spending months trying to enlighten my friends that crossplaying is awesome and that it takes balls to dress up as the opposite sex. They reply that they still won't hang with me during the expo and that I still would be gay. Now I really don't want any offense taken from this topic because I have no problem with gays. It's just... well... every guy I've seen on this board who does crossplay is and well it doesn't help when your trying to get your friends to support you for doing something out of the ordinary.
well... if you're crossplaying, and you're not gay, then I guess that means that gays guys aren't the only ones who crossplay
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