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RE1 Chris Help

Hey everyone, I'm new to the site and to cosplay in general. I really want to do RE1 Chris (more specifically the REmake, if that makes a difference) but I need some help with stuff.

So far I have a S.T.A.R.S. patch and the old Hatch Reactor gloves. Here are my questions:

Are his pants grey or some kind of tan? I'm looking at the 5.11 grey cotton pants, which look correct compared to some of the photos I have seen, but a lot of them dark and I don't want to get the wrong color on accident.

Are his boots fully black or a black / OD green combination? I have seen it done both ways but from what I can tell the black / OD ones are just from the RE5 alternate costume. Is this correct?

Where can I find the webbing for Chris? I have looked all over, searching for web belts, web harnesses, load bearing harnesses, etc. but I can't find one that is even close. Having only one shoulder strap and a plastic buckle makes it a pain. I remember reading that there is a real life equivalent out there but I forget what it is called. I am absolutely awful at making things on my own so I hope I don't have to do that.

For the vest, will a Ranger Vest work? I plan on getting it screen printed and maybe getting some minor modifications done to it (drag handle, paracord lace on the side, etc.). I know it is really an M69 vest but I don't have the $150-200 to drop on one of those. I've seen from reading the old threads here that a lot of people use the Israeli liners and add padding to it, but I can't find those for sale anywhere. Even ebay comes up with 0 results no matter how I search for it. Did all the liners get bought up or something? The Ranger vest looks pretty close and I can pad it up a bit if need be, but if I can add the paracord and a flap of material over the zipper I think it would be decently accurate.

Does anyone have a definitive sheath for the knife? I know it won't be perfect unless I hand make it, but any brown leather sheath that is close would work. Preferably a cheaper one, as this is my first costume I want to make sure I enjoy cosplay before diving into it; I'd like to be as accurate as I can but I am pretty broke and suck at making things by hand right now (though I am practicing!).

Also, for the white shirt, I am planning on using a polo. I have some plain white T shirts but they are too thin and get wrinkled easily, and it doesn't look nearly as good IMO. Is there any reason that a polo wouldn't work?

Sorry for all the questions, I am making my way through the huge thread so I apologize if a bunch of this has been asked and answered already, but at 900+ pages it might take a while. You guys seem really, really helpful and I want to figure this out so I can get some pics up and make all of this writing worthwhile
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Hey there! Just saw this post now. I've been working on my RE1 Chris cosplay for years and can deff help you out with some of your questions.

For starters his pants in REmake are gray. I just use gray cargo pants that work very well for the situation. They're cheap and effective indeed. As for your knife strap, I also had trouble with this. It's actually one of the last things I've purchased for my costume. I actually had to buy two different things that work together. Here's the links for them, they're quite cost effective as well.


The first one should have holes big enough for the strap clips. You just run them through and clip them yourself. There ya go, knife strap as well as the midsection tactical belt.

As for the vest the one I own is the official Capcom vest from way back in 96. Though I have been working on getting one made for the REmake version so I don't have to ruin the original. I have a link that could prove to be pretty useful, I used it a great deal, it's the actual 3D model for Chris. I'll leave it in a link below.


Hopefully I helped out some. If you get any more questions you can go ahead and PM me. I'll try to help as much as I can.
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I do RE:1 Chris as well. Basically his vest is a Vietnam era flak vest. Mine is actually about 15 lbs and has layers of kevlar and nylon. They can be expensive though...check on ebay. There's one on there now with 0 bids starting a 50$

my sheath is hand made, I dont have the OD tape on it yet, nor is it stained dark brown. If you live by a tandy leather stop in and ask for help. Leather working really isn't that hard at all.
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