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Seal craft foam

I am making a armor for costume, i have been doing some research on how to seal the craft foam, to paint over it. The normal suggestion are gesso, mud pudge, and glue however they all say that they will chip or crack overtime. Right now i am looking to a elastomeric compound to seal the foam. Is there anyway or method to assure that cracking or chipping won't happen? My brother suggest me to use epoxy resin, he said it is what suffer board are made of foam and that, but that looks to be kind of expensive but i might look into that if there isn't that many options.

One more question, what methods like using mod pudge or glue does the color of the craft foam, reflects the end product. The color of the armor is supposed to be golden, so i don't want use green foam if it affect the armor later on.

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The only concern that you should have about the armor cracking, is if there are movable pieces or if you're going to be rough with it (for example; wearing it for a LARP or something)

Generally speaking though, if the armor is mainly for convention and photo stuff, then it's less likely that you'll be bending it enough to have it crack like an over-boiled egg.

All the mediums that were suggested to you (Gesso, Modge Podge, and craft glue) are all viable for your base coats. Keep in mind, however, that some are water soluable (the craft glue, mainly) so there is a chance that it might melt off if it's too warm out (30+ celcius)

Don't worry about the colour of the foam either. The reason why those mediums are suggested is because they will act as a barrier between the foam and the paint you're using. No worries there. Just add maybe 1 - 3 layers of paint (as you see fit) and it should be fine.

Hope this helps.
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Try a mix of white glue, fabric glue and water - I haven't had any problems with that so far as long as you're not y'know bending the thing in half or anything like that. This tutorial has some great instructions for how to seal and finish and paint your armor, if you haven't seen it already!
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Epoxy resin is generally more useful in casting. If you were to go the resin route I'd think you'd get more bang for your buck by using fiberglass and polyester resin, which can be purchased much more easily and significantly cheaper than large amounts of epoxy resin.

Fiberglassed foam armor would give you the most durable seal/surface out of the methods mentioned.
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I recommend using an acrylic gel that you can usually get from any art store. This seals the craft foam on the first layer, but I always like to give it another layer. You can add texture to the armor pieces this way too if you wanted to make it look like hide or something, just make yourself a tool to put that look. Hope this helps!
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