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Unread 02-03-2015, 12:16 AM   #1
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Unhappy Cosplaying with costume/prop/accesory failure

Have you ever had any part of your costume that horribly failed but you kept cosplaying anyway?

This weekend at Matsuri 2015 I cosplayed Takuto from Full Moon wo Sagashite with my gloves overstretched and the seams got so stretched that the pieces got separated and part of my hands were exposed because I chose the wrong fabrics and the heat n' bond horribly failed in the logos like this:

Honestly I thought several times that I'd cancel my cosplay for this event because gloves were pointlessly failling too much , however I reminded myself that I wanted to do cosplay for this event, that I've always wanted to do this cosplay and really wanted to have fun and then I kept cosplaying at that event despite this horrible glove failure (thankfully the poses I had thought for this one could hide the failures without any problem)
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At Youmacon 2013, the harness and 3D maneuver gear I wore for Levi was *mostly* intact by the end of the day but wasn't staying attached to my body very well, and was starting to severely pull my pants down (I'm lucky I had a sufficiently long shirt on). I won't be wearing that cosplay again (it wasn't all that good and I have no interest in doing such a commonly seen cosplay anyway), so I don't really care.

The armour for my Bastion Kid cosplay at Ohayocon last year started coming apart where the straps were attached, but I had only planned for that costume to be a one-time use thing, so no big loss, and it held well enough at the con.

At Motor City Comic-Con last year, right when I was getting out of the car, I tried to holster my Steampunk Han Solo gun too vigourously and broke the glued on sight clean off. Luckily I was able to get some super glue from a nearby Kroger's and fix it up well enough for some pictures.

The leg brace for my Mad Max cosplay at Youmacon last year lasted longer than I expected, but was definitely falling apart by the end of the day and probably won't be wearable again. I don't really mind though; it's not a terribly important or noticeable part of the costume, and it was quite annoying anyway since it made it hard to walk, sit, and bend down, so if I wear that cosplay again I'll just go without it.

For my Arno Dorian costume at Ohayocon this weekend, the sword holder on my belt started coming off (should've known better than to attach it using only bent furniture nails... it should hold if I re-attach it with screws), but luckily the belt itself held fine so I was able to just stick my sword through the belt.
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With my Squall cosplay at Sakuracon 2012, one of the belts has these clay-made dome pieces that can only be glued on. One decided it wanted to be mean and fall off. I hit it with my hand slightly and it came off right away so I didn't end up losing it, but I had to go to the repair station and super glue it back on. That and the same cosplay later that morning I went to walgreens and got a soda that ended up on my shirt..I had backup shirts so it didn't really matter.

Sakuracon 2014, however, it was AFTER the con..I was super careful with my Marluxia scythe becasue it's just insulation foam. It can snap pretty easily..When I got home after the con, I was bringing it up to my room and I hit it against the wall and it freaking snapped..lol

At Akicon 2013, my Organization XIII boot covers wouldn't fit correctly. I had to not cosplay that for the whole weekend.

At Kumoricon 2013, I was going to cosplay Kyoko Sakura. I was doing fine until in the hotel room one of the heels on my boots broke on me. Cheap ass boots. Also I made her spear, and I made it where I could split it in half because there was no way that it would fit in the van..I had the end pieces that connected it together, glued on. The glue game undone and the end piece came out..BEFORE the con started.

At Akicon 2013 my corset broke while wearing my OC version of Stocking Anarchy. I wore it day zero and my friend came to see me. After I took it off, I noticed the corset was ripped and the boning was sticking out. No matter how many times I sewed it back up, it would just pop out again..Bought a new one after that con. This one holds up way better.

Kumoricon 2014 and Akicon 2014 are the same cosplay. I had my shoes commissioned for me for my Sora cosplay. The tongues on both shoes were starting to slip off the base shoes so I had to sew them in place at Kumoricon, as well as one side (the left shoe, outer side) was starting to come off. The soles were made of craft foam and plastidip, Loctite superglue fixed it, and it hasn't had that problem since. Then Akicon one of the blue straps started to come off too. Came unglued. I used the same glue to fix that and it also has not messed up since.

This is it so far, I am pretty sure I'm gonna screw something up at the next con..I just know it..
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AWA '08, I was cosplaying Chrome from Katekyo Hitman REBORN. The second I tried to get on the hotel elevator, I bumped my trident against the wall and one of the pieces cracked. I was soooo distraught but decided to keep going to the con with it anyway. It held up very well for the rest of the con but once I got back to the hotel, I was doing a photoshoot with my friends and one of them dropped her knee on my trident and broke the other side of the staff lmao.

Poor thing didn't make it past Friday.

Hmmm, AWA '14, my SnK harness kept falling down my legs after I came back inside from the SnK photoshoot. I think the heat got to it and the straps started loosening.

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AWA 2014, Thursday night, we're waiting at the door of our hotel room for someone with a key to let us in (and give us keys). While waiting, a lady comes up to us and asks for my picture, as I am dressed up as a Flygon, while holding my scissor blade I had bought (from a Chinese commissioner) for my Ryuko Matoi Saturday cosplay. Well, instead of HANDING IT to my sister to hold, I set it either leaning on the door or leaning on my suitcase, can't remember, but it falls and I think nothing of it in the moment, thinking that it won't break because I thought it was plastic (and not plastic foam, as I later realized.. still a beginner with prop materials!).

When they left and I checked my blade, it had snapped right at the weak point. I had a photoshoot and group photoshoot to attend on Saturday, so I was very upset. My bf was nice enough to help me go out to a craft store nearby to somewhat put it back together (with red spray painted popsicles cut small and glued on the sides) with some kind of reinforcement we found to drill and stick in there to hold it in place. So, I was just happy that I even had my prop, even if you can see where it broke in the photos I took. Never again buying foam props (wasn't cheap, either!). I'm getting a new scissor blade that I regret not dropping the money for in the first place, and it will be of a very sturdy material, and much prettier, too.

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That guy
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My first prop broke within ten minutes of arriving at the convention. The front barrel bits broke right off the gun, and that was that. That was my Lag costume, so at least I had my bigass bag to keep the gun in until I could drop it off at the room.

First time I wore Judal, the ponytail fell right off my head. Bad hair day, I joked as I reattached it in the bathroom.

Last year's Ohayocon, I had a small breakdown over Piko's collar jamming into my face and ended up not wearing it at all. Ended up rocking Canterbury all weekend and still haven't fixed that collar. Kinda gave up on Piko, unfortunately.

Sheik's first con, I neglected to realize the elastic wouldn't hold on my legs, so the thigh armor was constantly falling down. I've since fixed it, but I still I constantly pull up Sheik's leg armor.

My friends and I have had a hilarious amount of problems, including boot heels breaking the moment they step out of the car upon arriving at the con, forgetting wigs in other states, and accidentally staining my face blue while trying to put on Drossel's makeup.

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My shoulder armor broke inside the suitcase during my transatlantic flight from Germany to LA. I had wrapped it in bubble foil, but when I took it out, it was all fragile and I had to leave this part of my costume at the hotel room.
I wore the rest of the costume anyway, because I knew there would be a photoshoot with all cosplayers later infront of the convention center and because I wanted to take part in the stagewalk. I felt horrible, being a cosplay newbie and then having half of a cosplay. But it would have been worse to not wear a cosplay at all.

After the con, when I returned home, the shoulder pieces fell apart completely, with parts breaking. I threw them away without hesitation. The whole experianced spoiled this particular cosplay for me, so I won't wear it ever again. I would like to gift it to someone, because I don't feel like investing anything more into it. But I haven't found anyone...so I might just wait when there is enough room in the trash and throw it away completely.
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At Tokyo Game Show last year, my knee guards wouldn't stay in place on my legs and kept sliding down. I walked/hobbled as much as I could until I could sit down and fix them with tape. I used a TON of tape.
I used to live in Japan. Questions? Message me on my Facebook page

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My transformation wand for Sailor Uranus broke in the middle of me doing my skit. I managed to hold it together when I had to hold it up, but my pose was way off because of it.
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Otafest 2014, the armour on my boots that I had pretty much just finished the day before I left for the con fell off, as well as the armour on my gloves... I managed to find someone with clear packing tape to reattach said armour, and wore the costume for the whole weekend anyways
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At Anime Boston 2013, the blood sword I used for my Mirai Kuriyama cosplay got chipped, twice, on the blade when I accidentally bumped it into walls. A whole piece came off and exposed the wood underneath the paint. And this after I'd spent a month painting it.
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