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Unread 06-04-2017, 03:02 PM   #1
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Need help with some armor

I'm looking to make Dr. Doom's armor. I cannot draw at all so I was looking to use papekura to make it, or at the very least an existing pattern. Attached is a picture of Dr. Doom's armor. If someone could point me into the direction of a good pattern to use or even a pdo file for Doom's armor that'd be great. http://goodsmileshop.com/medias/?con...DA1YmI2NDg3N2Q
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Unread 06-09-2017, 01:51 AM   #2
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maybe you can try to search on Taobao, as it's rich with any kind of cosplays or props, and you can find anything on it. If you have problem with Chinese language, you can join us at TaobaoRing to buy it. We are professional in packing cos props.
Hope this helps.
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Has that particular version of Dr. Doom ever appeared in a video game? A lot of Pepakura patterns are pulled out of models from video games. I'm totally unfamiliar with how the process works but if you can find a game with him in it you might be able to find instructions on how to import the model into Pepakura.
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larger ref img
front http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZXEmLiSJaH...1600/doom1.jpg
back https://media.archonia.com/images/sa.../211103_s3.jpg

did img searches for plate armor, dr doom pepakura, dr doom pep files etc. no good results
so its likely youll have to find a pep database and look directly
or like vonjankmon eluded to, youll have to find it in a game (or online model viewer like is available for league of legends)
and extrapolate the model files into pep on your own

if it comes to making it the paper template way, you can use a fine tip sharpie (bleeds less) and some brown paper bags
cut the bag so it lays flat, hold it up to your body and you or someone else draw the design to fit your body shape

then use that to either directly make a pattern from, or build/shape it up with papermache`(just needs to hold shape and build detail onto)
then use that as a modeling dummy to refine and redraw a final pattern from

unfortunatley this is one reason armour builds are presented as more challenging than outfit (clothes) builds
but its really "a horse a piece"
(clothes usualy have an available pattern or one can be modded or cobbled together,
while armour really dosnt have premade options except the most basic design
but dificulty of making is a match of preferance/skills, matter)
protip* when using wikia, click image to bring up slideshow, click image name top left,
and select size options (if available) till you find one of appropiate size

disclaimer* im not an expert, i simply add in my "2 cents" having a second opinion is always a safe bet

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