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I have not wore a wig out in public casually, but I do have a friend in my school who dresses in corsets, wears very bright colors and lots of dreads and uses very eye-catching make-up and stuff like that every day pretty much, everywhere, you can spot her from a long distance. XD So yeah, recently I've been noticing her having different hairstyles in school. She have had a light blond and pink wavy wig a few times and another day recently she had a darker blue wig... and I know her hair normally is super long and me, wearing wigs, could tell it was a wig. But it did look very nice and fit her unique style too, I think I might ask her about it sometime, haha.

But yeah, I think I might do it sometime in the future too, but in that case no long wigs, maybe max chest length or so and in a low ponytail so it doesn't get overly tangled. My natural hair color is so boring so it would be a nice change ~

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Originally Posted by Milky-Marr0w View Post
Pshh. I wear my wigs out in public all the time. Even to school. I get some weird looks sometimes, but most of the time people come up to me and say things like "Woah! How'd you get your hair that color!" or "That's crazy!" and then I casually explain to them that I wear wigs. It's a lot of fun.
This. I like wearing wigs out to college or out with a friend. I'm starting quite a collection.
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I wore my white wig to school last Friday for the first time.
Then again, in March we have a March Madness theme, everyday a new theme, it was crazy hair day.
The amount of people who looked at me and thought it was my real hair was.. pretty high.
It's kind of heart racing when it's not a normal color. xD
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I adore wearing wigs in public (currently have one short lavender one - Jane from Arda, and a curly gingery one - Sarah from Arda). I'm looking at getting an Apple Luthien, too. I just wish it didn't bother me so much when people give me weird looks, haha. You'd think as cosplayers we'd be used to it, but... it's still a little uncomfortable sometimes. Still fun though.
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Hello, I was looking for some advice on wearing wigs. I belong to another forum and made a thread about wearing wigs regularly since I have decided that I would like to wear a wig out more often then I would like to wear my natural hair out. The response I got from people was quite negative, one person even told me I must have a problem if I am contemplating wearing wigs full time... so I figured I would find a wig thread to post in instead...

My main issue is that I love to switch up my hair color and style and am tired of damaging my natural hair, my natural hair is also not very managable...

SO... What I want to know is; is it uncomfortable to wear wigs? If you wear them casually in public how often do you do it? I was planning on wearing one mostly when I go out but not permanently, I wouldnt wear one around the house or anything.. Where do you get yours and what are the best kinds to get?

I recently purchased a very cheap wig off of ebay to see if I like wearing them, if I do I am prepared to invest in a pricey better quality wig. I keep hearing about the lace front? but how does that work?

Do your family members that know you wear them out say anything about it?
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The only places I've worn a wig out to other than a convention were meetups. Personally, I find wigs to be mega uncomfortable, and even though I love the way they look on me, I can't stand them for more than a couple hours at a time.
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If I cosplay as Matthew Williams from Hetalia...(though I know this thread for wearing a wig sans cosplay though not necessarily). Id probably wear my short blonde wig outside (though just outside my house) and make it a birthday cosplay thing on Canada Day since his birthday is -- well July 1st (pfft a sweater in July mein gott). I already have a Canada sweater and of course jeans I can wear, so once I have my wig im all set =w=;;
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I like wearing my short black wig in public from time to time :3
It has to be short, and a natural color, or it ain't gonna happen for just "fun" I don't have the rocks for that XD;;
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My "normal" hair color is a dark purple-black anyway, so I don't really mind the idea of having odd colors out in public. I just got my new wigs from the sale that's going on, and I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing the teal-mix Scruffy out and around some, just because it's cute and fits really well. And because there are some days I just want a change... that's how my natural hair ended up purple in the first place.

Then again, I've gotten to the point in life where I don't really mind/care what other people think. Except for my in-laws. I won't be wearing wigs around them, because they are the one group of people I don't want to tick off. They get to deal with my "natural" hair color. Heh.
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