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2012 Giant Marvel & DC Universe Photoshoots


Saturday DC Universe Sign-Up List

Location: Hilton Patio Steps

Time: 4:00-5:30 PM

*Duplicates Allowed, All Versions of Characters Welcome*

Sub-Groups 4:00-4:45 PM

Subgroup Name: Director , Photographer

JLA: DarkAvenger84, Patrick Sun

Batman / Gotham: Joy, Davin

Superman: Danny Kelley, Grace Moss

Wonder Woman: Wiccy, Hero Dreams

Teen Titans: _________, Danny Hunter

The Lantern Corps: _________, Mark Shafer

JSA / All-Star Squadron: _________, Photoruss

Young Justice: thesuperboy, jbluez

Metal Men: _________, _________

(Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler will also be set up for individual / small group photos with a black backdrop.)

Assistants: Noah

Large Groups 4:45-5:30 PM

*Due to size, Large Group Shots will be divided into Comics-Canon / Non-Comics-Canon Shots*

Comics-Canon Group Director: loganallenwolf, Photographers: Grace Moss & Bill Watters

Non-Comics-Canon Photographers: Patrick Sun & Mark Shafer

Atom - TheGoodTwin
Felix Faust - Ronin8879
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) - Joy, TheLadySummoner, godmi
Starling - AmaUzume
Harley Quinn (Steampunk) - TheFontBandit
Batman Beyond - BatmanBeyond2010
Lex Luthor or Toyman - Lenny Java
Superboy - SSj3Derek, Guardian
Black Canary - Norbert88
Red Lantern - KheTara
Supergirl (Custom) - ShortSam
Black Canary - Patchwork Pirate (cwarfield42)
Robin (Stephanie Brown) - Stormily
Robin - SiggyStardust
Kid Flash - SiggyStardust's fiance
Catwoman - SilentCAt
Sungirl -kitsuchi
Bane (movie) - Joy's husband Jay
Speedy (Mia Dearden) - kandascending
Secret - evilcarlita
Black Lantern Anti-Monitor - phoenixnraven
Zatanna or Killer Frost - Labyrinth
Impulse (Iris West) - White Queen
Mera - Snuggiemouse
Aquaman - Snuggiemouse's husband John
Wild Dog - Cruiser7
Adam Warlock - WeHo Webslinger
Mr. Miracle - Shieldwolf
Batwoman - Starwind824's wife, evanojutsu, Luna Selene
Red Hood - Starwind824
Green Arrow - Hammer1211's group
Zatanna - Hammer1211's group
Lady Blackhawk - Hammer1211's group
Two-Face - Hammer1211's group
Batgirl - Hammer1211's group
Question (Renee Montoya) - Karyna (with evanojutsu)
Damian Wayne or Riddler - Clive-kun
Robot Ace or 10 of Clubs (Royal Flush gang) - Smubear
Ferro Lad or The Human Bomb - Sandman2010
XS (LOSH) - Asatira
Fire - Amaya
Spoiler - TheLadySasha
Wondergirl (Donna Troy) - Elsie (with TheLadySasha)
Batman - Tyler (with TheLadySasha)
Merlyn - Chris (with TheLadySasha)
White Canary - Linda (with TheLadySasha)
Zatanna or Wonder Woman (Hippolyta) - cookielayne
Flash (52) - DarkAvenger84
Batman - Duct Tape Cyberman
Superboy (90's) - Superboy
Metal Men (group) - cptnspndx & crew
Starro - foreigndave
Black Bat - TheLadySummoner's friend
Nightwing (52) - doublehelix
Lobo (female) - detwire
Captain Cold - Batmike66
Robin (One Year Later Version) - xtheredbirdx
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown version) - xtheredbirdx's friend
Flash (Golden Age) - Zadokcamacho
B'wanna Beast (Comic) - Darkstone
Killer Moth - Wesclone
Bane (Arkham City version) - Virg01
Batwoman - Buickat
Harley Quinn (custom 1950's version) - Han Pan
Poison Ivy (custom 1950's version) - Han Pan's friend
Steampunk Puinsher & Riddler - taj and her husband
Ravn - Silent Zoe
Nightwing - Silent Zoe's partner
The Shade - daishotachi
Squire - Kitsune
Robin (Damian Wayne) - Tayyy-chan
Colin Wilkes (Uplaw) - Tayyy-chan's friend
Gotham Police Office (movie version) - borzou
Terra & Red X - SierWonderusMary and friend
Bleez - Tranquility
Mr. Freeze and other Batman TAS villains - cube & friends
Lady Blackhawk or Saturn Girl - Divine Ambrosia
Catwoman - Satine
Superman (Kingdom Come) - Samaritan
Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) - Aahhz
Wonder-Woman (Amazonia) - wyrdsister
Sinestro - charkboy
Penguin (60's TV show) - Richness
Power Girl - RedRibbon
Bleez or Batwoman - TiaCheriePolite
Bane (comic version, Secret Six) - Terman8er
Blue Lantern, Green Lantern, Red Lantern (all custom designs) - Shastar
Artemis (Young Justice) - Chasemycat
Joker (steampunk), Poison Ivy (steampunk), Catwoman (steampunk) - Sabre2th, Poison Phoenix and friend
Aquaman (New 52) - Josh B.

Sunday Marvel Universe Sign-Up List

Location: Hilton Steps

Time: 4:00-5:30 PM

*Duplicates Allowed, All Versions of Characters Welcome*

Sub-Group Shots 4:00-4:45 PM:

Subgroup Name: Director , Photographer

X-Men: Joy, Patrick Sun

Avengers: DarkAvenger84, OmgDjJudy (Marvel Comics)

Captain America/SHIELD: TheGoodTwin, Grace Moss

Spider-Man/Marvel Knights: Sociologies, Mark Shafer

Thor: _________, _________

Defenders: emMKhay, Danny Hunter

(Bill Watters and Mary Anne Butler will also be set up for individual / small group photos with a black backdrop.)


Large Groups 4:45-5:30 PM

*Due to size, Large Group Shots will be divided into Comics-Canon / Non-Comics-Canon Shots*

Comics-Canon Group Director: loganallenwolf, Group Photographers: OmgDjJudy (Marvel Comics), Grace Moss, Bill Watters

Non-Comics-Canon Group Photographers: Patrick Sun & Mark Shafer

Dr. Strange - loganallenwolf
Clea Strange - Twinklebat
Uatu the Watcher - Ronin8879
Magma - Joy
Photon - AmaUzume
Storm - SilentCAt
Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) - Pryde
Spider-Man 2099 - BatmanBeyond2010
Silver Surfer - SSj3Derek, Snuggiemouse's husband John
Captain America USO dancer - Norbert88
Sin (Red Skull's daughter) - Corina
Medusa - Gilly
Sif - Stormily
Widow - Starwind824's GF
Cyclops - Starwind824
Cyclops (movie) - DaveKufner
Elsa Bloodstone - kitsuchi
Princess Python - TimeLordmk
Wolfsbane or Tabitha Smith - evilcarlita
Magneto - Guardian
Psylocke - Psyknife
Madelyne Pryor - Labyrinth
Loki - White Queen
Squirrel Girl or Loki - Kitsune
Kid Loki - WolfenM
Nova - Snuggiemouse
Jean Gray - Kearstin
Cyclops (X-Factor version) - Mike Probst
Falcon - Cruiser7
Adam Warlock - WeHo Webslinger
Hawkeye - Clive-kun
Lady Deadpool - serahxxx
Black Panther or White Tiger (Kasper Cole) - Smubear
Rogue - Luna Selene
Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) - Sandman2010
Siryn (X-Factor) - amaya
Shadowcat - The Lady Sasha
Iron Fist - Tyler (with TheLadySasha)
Wolverine - Chris (with TheLadySasha)
Jubilee - Linda (with TheLadySasha)
Scarlet Witch - cookielayne
Giant Man (Classic, Hank Pym) - DarkAvenger84
Iron Man or Wolverine - Duct Tape Cyberman
Arcade - foreigndave
Loki or XMFC Mystique - jathoris
Mystique - M.D.B.
Captain America - CaptainAmerica
Lady Sif - Midori002
New Venom - Midori002's husband
Kingpin (comics version) - LennyJava
Agent Coulson (with BFG) - ThetaSigma
Marvel Girl (Silver Age) - Social Spider
Spider-Woman III - Social Spider's sister
Tony Stark (movie black Sabbath t-shirt version) -audreysmagic
Black Widow (gender-bent) - Rolltideguy77
Black Widow (movie version) - LadyS
Namor - Darkstone
The Human Fly - Wesclone
Dark Phoenix - Buickat
Gamora (with little Groot and Rocket Racoon) - missarachnid
Crimson Cowl - Feenix Fyre
Wasp (Earth's Mightiest Heroes version) - Han Pan
Pixie - Han Pan's friend
Red Skull (Waffen SS version) - mrbungle
Dr. Doom (gender-bent) - taj
SHIELD agent (custom) - taj's husband
Gloriana (Meggan Braddock / Puceanu) - FeyMeggan
Gambit - FeyMeggan's friend
Gambit and Rogue - Peregrin Took310 & husband
Enchantress, Loki (female), Sif, Earth-X Thor - The Balrog & Chu Chi with friends
Loki (movie), female Loki (custom) & possibly sister in X-Men First Class suit - E. Hyde
Quake (movie style) - selenya
Tony Stark & Lady Loki - SirWonderusMary and friend
Juggernaut - Darkkyo
Hulkling - Whiney Farmboy
Wiccan - d1g1tini
Lady Loki - Thelittlemonkey
Black Widow - Satine
Quasar - De La Fontaine
Thunderstrike - Ryker1101
Juggernaut - Darkkyo
Ruanaways - chaosbria + 3 or 4 others
Ant-Man, Hobgoblin, Kraven, SHIELD Agents - Griff and crew
Maria Hill (Comic Version) - TabbyTyler
Black Knight - emMkhay
Buck (classic) - jeffdoc148
Loki (movie) - wyrdsister
Mystique - Lightning Count 2000
Dr. Octopus (movie) - Richness
She-Hulk or Snowbird with Aurora, Northstar and possibly Vindicator - RedRibbon and possibly friends
Hawkeye (gender-bent movie) or Bishop (gender-bent) - TiaCheriePolite
Dr. Doom - c10man
Nightcrawler - Stryk
Domino -Echo
Thor or Venom - Terman8er
Phoenix (Jean Gray) - Poki Toshi
Deapool, Ladypool, Headpool, Dogpool (prop) - crazeyal
Rogue (steampunk) or Captain America (gender-bent lolita) - descendingmuse
Loki (female) & Tony Stark (gender-bent) - Chasemycat & friend
Hawkeye (Young Avengers) and Hawkeye (Movie) - snapdragon & brother
Thor (lolita) - Aurora Maryte
She-Hulk - Jgal
Shocker or Punisher - MAX
Nick Fury (Ultimate) - BlaqSkywalker
Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) - ParadoxJane
Black Widow (steampunk) and Nick Fury (steampunk) - Sabre2th & Poison Phoenix

NEXT: Pics from the 2011 shoots!

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First of all, I'd like to say "Thank you!" to everyone for making the Giant photoshoots at D*C 2011 such a tremendous success! My many, many thanks goes to all the members of the forums who participated: The Superhero Costuming Forum, the Wolf Pack Elite, and Cosplay.com, and my many thanks also goes to the volunteers, sub-group directors and photographers who helped put it all together! Here's just a few pictures from last year's photoshoots!

Getting ready to begin, and man was the megaphone a life-saver:

Almost Set:

Stan Lee at the Marvel Photoshoot! (No, I did not know he was coming - I was as surprised and excited as everyone else!)

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Justice League International




JLA Vs. Darkseid

The Death of George Perez
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Kneel before Perez:

Fantastic Four

Vixen World Record


Dooms vs. Squirrel Girls &. Squirrels

(Many more photos from 2011 can be found in the Official DragonCon Picture Thread on The SCF.)

We tried a new format this last year - we're always trying to get better - and based upon your feedback we're going to be tweaking last year's setup just a little bit to continue to try and improve.

You know what I don't like? Doing the same thing year after year. It starts to feel a little stale, right?

So we're going to make 2012 Different, Better and More Fun.

NEXT: New Guidelines & Format for the 2012 Photoshoots!
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As you can see, we had a great time this past year and got some great pictures - but like I said - we’re committed to making 2012 EVEN BETTER! And your comments and suggestions are welcomed in this thread throughout the year!

Back in 2010, we only haphazardly got some spur-of-the-moment sub-group photos after the large group photos. Trying to improve on this in 2011, we conducted organized sub-group photos first, and assigned sub-group directors and photographers to each sub-group. This allowed for more and better sub-group photos, and gave every costumer more individual time in front of the camera. We also switched the days and times of the photoshoots too, moving DC to Saturday and Marvel to Sunday and starting the shoots at 4:00 instead of 2:30.

But we learn things every year, and 2011 was no exception. The main logistics problems we encountered this year boiled down to 2 issues: TIME & SIZE. To address both of these issues, we're going to be making a couple of major changes to the format:

1) TIME. The 2011 Subgroup's main issue was that they took way too long and were allotted too much time (1 hour). (Honestly, beforehand I wondered if an hour was going to be too short, but the majority of the subgroups had wrapped up by the 30-45 minute mark).

In 2012, the Sub-group Photoshoots will still come first, but the shoot time will be reduced to 30-45 minutes. Smaller Sub-groups will begin being assembled on the large steps at the 30 minute mark, going up to the largest sub-groups by the 45 minute mark. This will help us have a more orderly and efficient progression up onto the large steps, and give those larger sub-groups additional photo time.

All Versions of costumes will be included in the sub-group photos.

Costumers may choose to be in whatever sub-group they wish. (Ex: Batman costumers can choose either the Gotham sub-group or the JLA sub-group, etc.)

To increase our productivity and make the best use of our time, once again we’re going to be using all 3 sets of steps and the large “flat area” for the sub-group shots, and we’ll have specific directors and photographers assigned to each set and sub-group too. (Note: some sets of stairs are large enough to have a small sub-group on each side shooting at the same time.)

Volunteer sub-group directors and photographers are wanted! This entire endeavor will be a massive team effort. In addition to planning throughout the coming year, we will have a directors/photographers meeting at 3:45 each day prior to the shoots. If you’d like to volunteer your time and talents and would like to be one of our sub-group directors or photographers on either day, please let me know! If you’d like to volunteer your time videotaping either of the large shoots, please let me know too!

One other note: the Sub-group directors and I will be working hard to make sure every costumer gets more time in front of the camera prior to the large shoot. Our goal will be to give more attention to every individual – and get everyone more involved. If you feel that something is being overlooked - Please Speak Up and make your voice heard!

Concerned that you have a character that’s not really a part of a larger sub-group or have a custom character design? No worries: during the sub-group photo time and after the large group photo time, we will have several individual photographers on hand to take individual & small group photos. One of our principal photographers from last year, Robert Brooks, will be set up under the 2nd set of steps with a large professional black backdrop for individual picture taking!

2) SIZE. These photoshoots have grown tremendously over the last few years! I think that the word has gotten around at how much fun these are (plus I think the pictures kind of speak for themselves) and I''d like to thank everyone again for coming and inviting your friends!

Frankly though, the sheer size of the groups now presents us with some new challenges. Though I see this as a "good problem" to have, with 200+ attendees we can no longer fit every costumer up on the large steps. Unfortunately, because of the sheer size of the group this last year it took longer to get everyone up onto the steps, we got to see less of everyone's costumes on the stairs, and we had a "spill-over" of costumers on the ground at the bottom of the steps too.

Unless steps are taken (& as these shoots continue to grow), I fear next year's photoshoots might be too big. We're running out of room - and since there's simply no other location at DragonCon that can accommodate us - we've got to work with what we've got. I think you'll agree and I think we all want to proactively avoid cramming people tighter on the steps and having an even larger "spill-over" on the ground at the bottom of the steps in 2012.

I've come up with a solution to address this issue of size that I hope everyone will understand, and that will still accommodate all of our attendees:

In 2012, the Large Group* DC and Marvel Universe photoshoots will be split into 2 groups: "Comic-Canon Versions**" and "Non-Comics-Canon Versions.***"

(*Not to be confused with the sub-groups photoshoots.) Both large group photoshoots will be run simultaneously on separate stairs - please read on
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I'd like to ask everyone to please keep in mind that the separation into 2 different large groups is not meant to be taken personally, by anyone. I'm simply trying my best to make this shoot work the best it can in 2012. Splitting into 2 groups is simply the best and fairest way to continue to make the large group shoots manageable and the only way we're going to be able to continue to fit everyone on the steps. With more room for each costumer, I think we're going to get much better shots of everyone too!

To hopefully avoid any confusion of what constitutes "Comics-Canon" and "Non-Comics-Canon" (for the purposes of this shoot anyway), I'm going to extensively go into the definitions of these 2 terms:

**Comics-Canon Versions means: Costumes that are from the comics (having actually appeared on the comics page). Costumes will be required to be relatively in "Canon" as they were drawn in the comics. In Sum: If the character's costume appears in the Regular DC and Marvel Comics Universes' comic books - it will be considered "Comics-Canon." If it doesn't, then it won't be.

Duplicates of Comics-Canon Version costumes WILL be allowed.

Child Versions of costumes "in Canon" (i.e., teenage Robin, little boy Bat-Mite, little boy Guardian of OA, etc.) WILL be allowed

To elaborate: I have 3 little boys myself , who are 9, 7, and 5 - so I am not against having children in the shoot. However, like the adults, I am also asking that children be in "Canon." I would not, for example, bring my 7-year-old to the shoot in his Rubies Captain America costume (even though with his blond hair he makes a great Steve Rogers!) because a) it's a non-allowed store-bought Rubies costume and b) Captain America as a little child is not in "Canon." However, were I to dress him up as Franklin Richards:

That would be perfectly acceptable.

"Cross-play" is acceptable for the "Comics-Canon" shoot - provided the person cross-playing is making every effort to actually appear as the opposite gender. Let me give an example of appropriate cross-play. See the Green Arrow in the "Green Arrow & Black Canary wedding party" picture from 2011)?

That's a girl, "cross-playing" as a guy. This is perfectly acceptable. However, if this had been a custom fan-made "female-version" of Green Arrow, it would not be considered acceptable. As long as the person cross-playing is making every attempt to be in "Canon" and actually appear as the opposite gender they are portraying (I don't think I really need to go into compression shirts, jock-straps, etc. ), then it's perfectly acceptable.

The Comics-Canon Group Shot will take place on the largest (3rd set) steps (Comics JLA pictured):

** Non-Comics-Canon Versions include:

All Cartoon versions.
All Anime / Ame-Comi versions.
All Video Game versions.
All TV & Movie versions.
All Steampunk versions.
All "Custom" or "Fan-Made" character versions (including Lantern Corps members).
All "Gender-Bent" versions (unless it has actually appeared in the comics - not to be confused with "Cross-Play").
All "Child" versions (i.e., child Superman, child Spider-Man, child Wonder Woman, etc.).

***Non-Comics-Canon Director(s)/Photographer(S) TBA

Sub-Group photos of these different versions will be quickly taken at this time (awesome pictures we've rarely gotten before!) prior to the large Non-Canon group photoshoot.

We've rarely before been able to get photos of these subgroups - and I'm quite excited about this new opportunity to get more individual group photos of all the Steampunk characters, movie characters, video game characters, (etc.)! Here's the only one we got this last year: an Arkham Asylum Video Game sub-group:

(I'd also like to add that I'm a frequent fan of custom fan-made characters; I actually made one myself this last year - a custom Thanagarian (Hawkman) Green Lantern (as worn by my twin brother Adam seen here):

But - since this costume has never appeared in the comics, it would not be considered "In Canon.")

Continued Next Post.
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To elaborate further on the definition of "Gender-Bent" costumes, here's an example picture of a "Rule 63" JLA group:

A lot of these costumers are my friends. I loved seeing these gender-bent costumes - they were brilliantly done. Some of their costumes seen in this picture are straight from the DC Universe's Earth 11:


& those characters in this "Rule 63" group that appeared on the comics page would be considered "Comics-Canon" for the purposes of the large group shoot - because they actually appeared in the comics. However, several of these costumes are "Custom Gender-Bent" designed additions to the group - and again, if they haven't appeared in the comics - then by the prior definition they aren't "Comics-Canon." (Example: To my knowledge, the "Wonderman" has appeared in the comics, but "Powerboy" has not.) While I think ALL of these costumes are extraordinarily well-done, I think you'll understand that I can't arbitrarily allow some custom designs and not allow others.

I hope all this fully explains the guidelines for the Large Group photos and the reasons for the splitting into 2 groups. But please feel free to let me know if you have any further questions regarding what constitutes "Comics-Canon" and "Non-Canon" for the purposes of these shoots.

The Large Non-Canon Group Shot will take place on the large set of steps to the right of the interior hallway (we haven't used these steps before):

Not only are these steps just as large as the other large steps (larger actually), there's also a LOT more room in front of them:

Here’s a few additional guidelines for next year’s photoshoots:

No store-bought "Rubies," "Halloween Express", "Legs Avenue," Etc. costumes are allowed. I don’t think that’s going to be a problem with this group here, lol. If you see a costumer in one of these costumes at the shoot, please bring them to my attention.

NO HORSEPLAY ON THE STEPS. I've seen pictures from 2011 of some costumers hanging themselves perilously off the sides of the steps - and this simply IS NOT ALLOWED. While it may seem like fun at the time, actions such as these run the very real risk of the Hilton a) kicking all of us off the steps immediately, b) even worse - not allowing us to utilize this location in the future and c) someone might actually get hurt. If you see this at the shoot, please bring it to my attention.

Questions regarding whether your character/group is part of the “Universe.” Please ask if you think there’s a question! (But please don’t nitpick on issues like this either, or try to make the argument that Marvel or DC made G.I. Joe/Transformers/whatever comics or that Disney owns Marvel, etc.) Here are a couple of examples to help explain: a couple of years ago a Thulsa Doom / Conan group asked to come and while Marvel did at one time in the past have a great Conan comic I unfortunately had to turn them down. Thulsa Doom isn’t a superhero or villain, and the Conan characters aren’t a part of what most people would typically consider the "Regular" Marvel Universe. There have also been questions in the past regarding the characters from “Kick Ass,” and while Kick Ass is a Marvel Icons comic, those characters never interact with and seem to exist outside of the rest of the Marvel Universe.

Those are just a couple of examples, and please know that this isn’t meant to single anyone out or scare anyone off, so if you have any questions about you of your characters’ group, please feel free to ask!

(Optional) Please feel free to post pictures of the costume you plan on wearing here in the thread. If you’ve already got it made and have some pictures, we’d love to see what you’re bringing!

Want to know what other Superhero-themed photoshoots will be going on at DragonCon? Here’s a link to The SCF’s Master Photoshoot Spreadsheet (always a WIP, so keep checking back!):


Questions? Comments? Please let us know! Thank you in advance to everyone for your participation and I look forward to seeing you all then! I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!

Co-Admin of The SCF

NEXT: The return of Marvel Vs. DC (well, sort of)!
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The Return of Marvel Vs. DC![

NOTE: This post only applies to the "Comics-Canon" Large Group photoshoot.

Every year, I get asked to resurrect the Marvel Vs. DC photoshoot (which I nixed way back in 2009). And.....I always steadfastly refuse. I had multiple, multiple reasons for going to separate photoshoots, and I'd like to think that separating the Universes into 2 different photoshoots has worked out ...rather well. The Marvel and DC Universe photoshoots are obviously going to remain on separate days - so how are we going to do Marvel Vs. DC again you might ask? The answer is:


Here's the plan. I hope you get as excited about this as I am!

I think just about everyone is familiar with Alex Ross's JUSTICE series. If not, here's the cover that will kind of give you an idea of what we'll be going for in 2012:

You'll notice in the layout above that the characters are staggered, and are seemingly on steps. The Thunderbolts group from D*C 2010 illustrates the type of setup and spacing we'll be going for perfectly:

What we're going to do is utilize the bottom first half of the largest steps and quickly rotate out groups of about 20-24 characters.

Kind of like this, but with fewer characters and more evenly spaced out like the Thunderbolts above:

Each day, using blue painter's tape, we will have blue "X's" marked for where each character will stand. We'll also have centrally-located "X's" where our principal photographers will set up their tripods - so they get the same shots every time. We'll also have Official Photographers without tripods taking smaller "individual" photos of the costumers in each small group. We'll also have a long blue line for all of the other photographers to keep behind of. While the prior group is up on the steps getting photographed, we will have one volunteer "assembling" each group on more blue "X's" behind the blue photographers line .

To sum up the order of this shoot:

1. Group 1 goes to marks in painter's tape
2. Official photographers with their cameras on tripods take two shots of the people on the marks, group 1 leaves
4. Group 2 goes to marks
5. Photographers take shots
6. Proceed until everyone / all groups have been accommodated

Each small group will go through just 2 QUICK shots on the steps:

1) Straight Ahead: posed action shot!

2) VS: If it's Marvel, "attacking" to the Right, if it's DC, "attacking to the "Left."

After the photoshoot in post production, we will digitally "Stitch" all these images together. We hope that these seamlessly merged shots will become the largest, most-detailed, more-of-everyone's-costume-seen group photos EVER.

Continued Next Post.
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Here's the basic idea, (but imagine this image about twice this size and, again, utilizing the above Thunderbolts' layout and spacing):

Our goal will be to eventually produce 4 GIANT digitally "stitched" photos:

1) A Giant "Marvel Universe" stitched shot (Straight Ahead action shots)

2) A Giant "DC Universe" stitched shot (Straight Ahead action shots)

3) A SUPER-Giant "Marvel and DC Universes side-by-side" stitched shot (putting 1) and 2) together)

4) A SUPER-Giant "Marvel Vs. DC" stitched shot (VS. shots)

This digital plan has several additional benefits. By separating into smaller groups and staggering costumers on the stairs:
  • More of each person's costume will be seen.
  • There will be more room to breath and frankly people can look more heroic (more action!) and not like they're stuck in an elevator.
  • Fewer people in each shot (as opposed to 200+ all at once) means fewer people making unintentionally bad faces - we can ensure that everyone is looking towards the camera.
  • With the magic of digital, we also won't have tiny costumers in the back at the top of the steps - everyone will be on relatively the same "plane" so to speak.
  • Also, we can put in a better backdrop digitally.

Bottom Line: We'll be MUCH more likely to get a GREAT shot of EVERYONE.

Yay digital!

I am very excited by the prospect and potential (nerd-gasm) that these shots represent. Literally, nothing like this has ever been done before, and certainly not to this scale.

After these smaller groups shots are taken, we will still be getting all the Comics-Canon costumers up on the steps for several big group photos!

(I promise, we'll keep the large group pictures short like we did this last year, and limited to just a few quick shots.) We'll still be getting a few big group photos for a couple of very good reasons:

1) Frankly, it will take some time to produce the giant stitched photos. The big group shots with everyone will provide us with some "instant gratification" while we're waiting on those images to be re-worked digitally.

2) DragonCon really likes our big group pictures! The Large Group Pictures have become one of the most-frequently used "faces" of the Con.

In 2010, DragonCon used our 2009 picture as the example for their "Best In Show" contest:

In 2011, our 2010 image was used to represent DragonCon for the cover of Atlanta Now magazine:

& DragonCon used one of our large 2011 group image for their Post-DragonCon "Thank You" Newsletter:

I'd like to personally thank one of our Official Photographers - and *DragonCon Employee*, Grace Moss, for taking these pictures and helping get us selected to represent DragonCon time and time again! I'd like to continue to provide Grace and DragonCon with big group pictures like this of all of you so they will (hopefully) continue to choose us as one of the "faces of DragonCon" in the future.

Again: Questions? Comments? Please let us know! Thank you in advance to everyone for your participation and I look forward to seeing you all then!

Co-Admin of The SCF

(Special Thanks goes to Brian Wilder (Pyynk) and Joy for their help in preparing this thread!)
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Hey Allen, will there be a Marvel VS Capcom sub-group during the Marvel shoot or would that make things too complicated?
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As I also wrote on The SCF, this idea will need to be separate from this photoshoot. Sorry my friend.

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Missed last year, but I'll be back (with the wife) for 2012. We're still deciding what we're doing DC wise (leaning towards the Gotham side of things, but that could change), but we're currently leaning towards Black Widow and Hawkeye for the Marvel side of things (Movie versions of both, although the wife will be rocking the comics style stingers). I assume that movieverse is considered canon/Ultimate at this point, but that's what we're planning for the Marvel shoot. Looking forward to it.
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Glad to have you both! (Movie costumes aren't Comic versions, so they will be included in the Non-Comics-Canon large group shoot.)
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Are you signing up 2 people SilentCat?
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