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Milky Bubbles
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Did You Ever Join Your Local Anime Club?

Local can refer to your high school's club, your university's club, or anything of the sort!

We can discuss:
-The cringe-worthy things that occurred/occur in your anime club!
-Awesome things you all did together!
-Or a mix of it all!

My high school's anime club was...something else to say the least but we did go to Animazement together back in 2008, I think, so that was awesome!
It also sparked my annual Animazement plans~
Overall it was a really fun time because most of the people that were in the anime club were friends I had known for a very long time so it wasn't too uncomfortable until the first year/freshman babies started joining before I graduated.

But on the to more...embarrassing things that I can talk about!

We had one member whom's name I can't even remember(which is likely for the best) but she was the "cat girl" of the school.
Not "cat girl" as in she just wore cat ears around campus, she literally always pretended that she was a cat girl that you'd see in an anime.
She looooooved getting up on the tables while we were all meeting(we would gather and play video games or watch stuff together, which was fun!) and she would --I shit you not, pounce on people.
Not gently falling on someone.
She would full-body pounce, or...excuse me... *Ahem* "Glomp" on people while screeching: "Nya~"

She was super nice from what I can remember and I even encountered her at our graduation, met her parents, took a picture with her and everything! I am glad that she grew up so much and changed but thinking back on the things that happened...hoo boy, anime club was a mess.

So please, tell me tales of your anime club experiences!
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I joined our high school anime club and I think it had either just recently been formed or at least not been around very long. To be fair it was actually referred to as "manga club" rather than "anime," possibly because it was hosted in the library. We never really did anything, just hung out after school and shared AMVs or manga we liked. We were all a little cringey but those are pretty much the only people I still have some kind of contact with outside of high school any more, to varying degrees.

We didn't have a literal catgirl like you but we did have a bit of a bunnygirl. I guess rabbits were kind of her motif or something, though I don't recall her ever wearing anything that would have made that obvious. I think she did get a little possessive when I (the artist of the group) drew both myself and her with different styles of rabbit ears. There's also the girl who was really into pandas, to the point she's been wearing the same panda-plush purse since at least high school and brings it everywhere, even to a wedding...

As for our accomplishments we actually did make a small comic but it was just random stuff and only a few pages long. I created avatars for everyone to use in the comic and at least the one for my boyfriend was memorable enough it gets brought up occasionally as an in-joke. One of the older members went on to either found or help with founding a local con that's been growing ever since. I attended one of if not the first years of it as what was probably my first con experience but unfortunately since it's across the state I haven't been able to go back since. They run other anime-related events throughout the year to drum up excitement and funds.

Yeah it was kind of a dumb club but I don't regret being a part of it as it was one of the only ways I made friends in high school. I kind of wonder if the club continued after we left?
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The high school anime club was a mess. Really don't like to talk about that one, or recall it at all.

My local library had a baller anime club though. That club set up convention carpools, participated in the nearby city's culture festivals, helped run screening events and book drives at the library... sure, there were definitely some hardcore weebs around, but people in general were more mellow and really just wanted to hang out.
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We used to have an anime club at the local college. I would always attend after school or work. I'll be honest if it weren't for that club I wouldn't have ever been introduced to going to cons or cosplaying. In the club, we would usually either stream anime, play video games, tabletop games, card games, DnD, MnM, draw, learn japanese watch Youtube poops, ect. Plus the college would help us attend Ohayocon every winter and hire a greyhound bus for the group. Unfortunately the club went under due to power struggles between group leaders and drama among members.
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Ninja for Hire
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My high school didn't have an anime club, we had a "Japan club" that focused on Japanese culture in general and anime was really only viewed in the form of Ghibli movies or something like that. I was part of it for all four years of high school and was vice president during my senior year. Some members would organize group memberships for Katsucon but I didn't go because to me it was pointless if I couldn't skip school to attend on Friday.

We'd do things like origami, lessons on Japanese slang, video game days, whatever ideas we could think of. We'd also have a fundraiser that involved borrowing the other classrooms in the hallway to host video games and anime, that was probably the highlight of the year!

I have no idea how it's holding up these days, it's been years since I graduated and I didn't really have a chance to go back and visit. It was one of the highlights of my school week though
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Lost Cause
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Yeah, I joined the one at uni. First group of people knew in real life that I really felt comfortable coming out to.
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Otaku Gunso
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Actually I used to run an anime club. I ran it for about 4 years and discontinued it because the attendees got too young and I was about 20 at that time.
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