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Unread 03-29-2015, 02:29 PM   #1
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Lifestyle Change - 20 lbs in around 2 months

It's really great that cosplay.com has a fitness and health section! The resources have been really awesome to help me start trying to plan for better living.

I'm a little under 5' and 143 lbs, but I've been feeling really terrible (in the sense that I don't feel energetic and healthy). For the past five+ years I was about 117-120 lbs but gained a lot of weight when I moved due to terrible eating habits before I had my own place to cook my meals. I had gotten my diet back on track to how I had been eating for the past couple years, which was fine for just maintaining my current weight with my limited exercise, but I still felt like it was lacking a lot of foods I should be eating regularly (fruits, more vegetables, etc). I want to cut out chips and other snacky junk foods entirely that I have been too reliant on when packing lunches for work and replace them with fruit, fruit smoothies, home made trail mix, snack-friendly veggies, etc. I have read a lot about the idea of eating more meals a day/more snacks and having the three main meals of the day much smaller. I don't eat a lot in one sitting, but I find myself very hungry inbetween meals so I thought that sounded really great. I am lucky that at my work I am allowed to eat snacks at my desk so I can easily keep up with the small snacks every four or whatever hours. I have already been using My Fitness Pal for some time now to track what I eat.

I have an incredible lack of exercise and it definitely shows, I feel very out of shape and I want to get back in shape so that three flights of stairs or running short distances don't leave me winded. I've read a lot of the topics and they talk about exercise, but not much on frequency. If I am looking to drop close to 20 lbs in about 2 months, how frequently should I try and work out? I have one day a week where I have access to a gym and three other days a week where I typically have free time that I could use to exercise at home (I have no work out equipment but obviously that still leaves the ability for many types of exercise routines and running when the weather is nice). My roommate suggested every other day, one day to work out and one day to rest. Has anyone used any of the workout routines on Youtube and would recommend any to try out? Starting up exercise is really the hardest part for me.. I get discouraged from being so winded so easily.. but giving myself the deadline of the con to help keep this weight goal in mind is a big boost of motivation. I realized how serious it was to me when the weather started getting warm enough to wear shorts - and saw that none of my shorts fit me anymore when they had fit just fine (and some were even too big) last summer.
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A healthy rate of weight loss is 2 pounds a week at most. So in theory you could lose 16 pounds in two months if you really try, but gradual progress is important for most people to stay healthy and to keep weight off. One day at the gym most likely will not help you to lose the weight at the rate you want.

What my weekly schedule is consists of
5 times of yoga for 30-60 Mins
kickboxing an hour at the gym (about 300-500 calories)
Running a half hour 3 times a week (700 calories total)
and I do squats, pushups, and thigh work outs for about a half hour most days

Except for kickboxing, those are things you can do on non gym days

The idea is that you just need to exercise/cut out 3500 calories a week to lose a pound
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First off, congrats on eating healthier! That's probably the most important part of healthy living.

One thing you could do is try to work standing. Depending how much time you spend around your desk this could boost your calorie expenditure by bit.

I went from ~220 lbs at 5' 9" to ~180 lbs in about the span of 5 months.

Initially, for about the 1st two months, I exercised 3 times a week, but at the apex I was exercising 8 times a week (sometimes once in the morning and night) doing cardio about 5x a week and resistance training with a little cardio 3x a week.

Omarisuf has some workouts for men and women on different youtube channels. I'll warn you now, most of them are resistance focused and less cardio-based, but he's also very knowledgeable on fitness and pretty good at motivation. From what you are saying though, you might benefit from some resistance training as its difficult to get winded from it.

Every other day sounds great place to start.
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Firstly the heavy you are the faster you'll lose. So the first maybe 5-10lbs should melt off just by starting to workout but then the closer to your body's maintenance weight the harder it'll be for the weight to come off. That's when you'll have to up your workout intensity and reign in your diet a little more.

I lost about 20lbs from January to March/April but I was also gaining muscle mass and averaged working out 5 days/wk. I would suggest you start with 3 days/wk then up it to 5 closer to the con. Cardio and max effort bodyweight exercises are great. By putting on alittle muscle you'll burn more cal by just being alive. My favorite at home workout is 10min of as many rounds of 5pullups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats. You can scale the pull-ups down to sit-ups or dumbbell rows if need be. Another fun one is run the length of your block then jump rope/jumping jacks then push-ups or squats for 15min. Or 10-9-8..-1 of push-ups, squats,sit-ups this is spicy but effective.
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You are maintaining that weight. You need just a change of exercise and diet and you'll get to your desired weight.
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