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Freckles with Lolita

Hello there,
I am relatively new to the Lolita fashion, and I've been looking through a lot of pictures of many different styles of loli. However, I can't help but notice they seem to all have flawless skin! My face is covered in freckles! Do you think it might still work? What are your opinions on freckles in Lolita?
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No. If you have freckles or even a hint at a blemish on your skin you can not wear lolita. If you do the loli-police will give you a ticket or possibly confiscate your petticoat and brand depending on the severity.

XD All kidding aside it is no big deal. You're probably looking at pictures of models who are most likely photoshopped or have makeup caked on their face. If you are insecure about your freckles by all means cover them up if you like, but don't do it just because others don't like them or don't have them. Use it to your advantage if your comfortable with them. I think freckles can be ultra cute on some girls honestly!
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You have to remember they are photographs skin is not flawless I think it's kinda creepy when people have no pores. A picture can be more than deceiving.

Freckles + Country Lolita or Sweet Lolita styles <3 I think would look extra cute
I think because they are trying [too hard] to look like a doll. Having non-porcelain looking skin makes you look more real and approachable ... IMO
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I think freckles with Lolita would be adorable, but if you don't like them, you can always use a concealer and foundation to cover them up! And I'm sure that 99 percent of the time, a combination of makeup and sometimes Photoshop is what makes those people's skin look so flawless.
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I have to agree! Country/Sweet Lolita would be so adorable with freckles. ^.^
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Aha... That's good to hear, I feel a little better about it now. You see, my freckles seem to make my face look dirty to me. Other people don't think so, it's only me who does. I guess Ill just have to work on that... Thank you!
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