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Unread 03-02-2015, 08:58 PM   #376
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From someone who has crossplayed a lot of male characters more than female I can tell you what I believe my top three thoughts are to concealing the feminine qualities so more of the masculine shows in dominant proportions.

1. The Character: Who are you cosplaying and what do they wear? Will you be needing a to wear anything to condense the size of your hips and or bust? If you're crossplaying someone that exposes more of their skin you're going to have to get creative. You could use gauze or make up prosthetic to your advantage so long as you're giving the depth and perception. Another option would to be working out. Toning yourself naturally.

2. Posing: Just as people on the thread of suggested when you turn your body to pose you have to keep in mind what you're wearing. If you want it to be "believable" to the photography you'll focus on shots that don't expose too much of the areas you are avoiding to show. Some photographs that end to do well are from the facial to front body contour. (if you're not focally addressing the eye to the hips ) when you turn. Remember to keep yourself in the moment. I wouldn't try to do much action shots that require you to do so much body movement if you're bigger busted.

3. Own It: You crossplayed that character for reason. What was it? Get into the mood, set the tone. If you don't or can't feel comfortable within your element of fun then you're going have a hard time convincing the camera you are. Sometimes people forget that it helps to be "In the Zone" for their photoshoot. What characteristics for traits does the character portray via props that you use to hide those curves? Work with the materials to add to your advantage while still keeping it believable.

Ultimately crossplay and cosplaying is for everyone. Have fun! I've been surprised that some of the shots I've taken in my adventures have been all naturally due to the silly things my friends or the photographer has done (good mistakes?) Sometimes things happen on the whim. Goodluck and I hope that this information helped a little. I look forward to seeing your crossplays.

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One thing I did for my Ed Elric cosplay was that I made the crotch seam on the pants extra low
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Does anyone know a way to minimize hips and butt? (It's fat, not bone. Would be worn under everyday jeans and t-shirt.)

This seems good, but it's out of my budget:

What fabric should you use and does anyone have a sewing pattern? How effective would sports compression shorts be?

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delaware movers
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Does anyone have advice for padding in a body suit/unitard? Not sure if this has already been discussed, but 11 pages is a lot to sift through.
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